VIDEO: How to Create a Print Book Cover with Canva for Createspace

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In this video I show you step by step how to create your own book cover with Canva, a complete online design tool.  You can save hundreds of dollars on a designer, and do it yourself, or design a prototype for a designer – your choice.  Learn how with this short video guide.

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Hey, Vickie Siculiano here from I'm going to show you in this video today how you save hundreds of dollars and design your very own print book cover just like this using a free online tool called Canva. I'm going to show you the 12 steps that you need to do. I did it myself for my book and I'm going to walk you through those 12 steps.

We're going to go inside. And if you stick with me to the end of the video, I'm going to show you how you can snag some free content from this book on Visual Marketing Secrets. Ok, so nothing to be scared of. I'm going to show you how. Stay tuned.

Ok for your print book cover the first thing that you want to do is download the template. I used Createspace for my print book and it's fantastic. It's owned by Amazon and they integrate with it. I'm going to show you in a second how. You're going to download a book template from Createspace.

The easiest way to do this is to just go to book template and just do a search. I already did it for you. You download it as a png template or as a pdf. I downloaded it as a png template and then I upload it to Canva. And then I'm going to show you where it is on Canva. I created a space, I uploaded my print cover template. So now I have this template to build on.

The next thing that you have to do is to design a front cover and a back cover. Now I have another video that you can check out to show you how you can design that. There's a template that's already in Canva's home page. Check out my other video on that. But for this template, for the front and the back, I created a 2820x4500 canvas.

Here's the front book cover. That's what that looks like. I created a folder for my print cover elements, and that is simply the front and the back cover. There we've got my front cover and all of these individual elements I've built to become my print cover and my Kindle book cover.

See, I can click on each of those individually if I ever needed to change a font, text spacing, colors, whatever it is. So that's my front cover.

Then you have the back cover. You're going to be mostly moving the back cover around just to make sure that you're going to be within your template limits and to leave a space enough for your ISBN number. Let's go to the template for the book cover. I'm going to show you how this all works together.

Basically you have a front cover, you have a back cover and you also have a spine. But because my print cover has 148 pages and it's a relatively thin book, it had a .34" spine. So it was easier for me to create all of the spine elements directly on this template. So if I needed to adjust anything,I could move each individual piece over. That's how I did it, I created a separate piece for the spine.

Here's the back cover. Now once I create the back cover, I export it, save it as an image on my computer and then I upload it again. It sits in my uploads. Then I paste it here, in this template. The most important thing to know about using your book cover template is transparency. I usually switch it in on to 40. That's what worked perfectly for me. I could see in the background the orange bar that I had to stay within and also the bar code location so that my bar code came out perfectly. It didn't stand over any text.

My face was in a perfect location because before I had to keep modifying the image in my design, in my other design folder, because I was out of the box and it wouldn't look good for print. So you just keep making them transparent. You're happy with it, then you save that image and you export if. If you're not, you're going to have to keep modifying it in your other folder and then you're going to just upload it again and see if you're within those limits. You always play with this transparency.

You upload it, you make sure that it fits by changing the transparency. Once it is set, then you flip the transparency back to 100%. Then the next step is that you're going to print it out. So you export this, you download it. I'm not going to show you how to download. But you download this image.

Then when you have the image on your computer, you crop it and then you print it because otherwise when you print, you're going to be printing this small image on a page that is like this wide, and I think this image is 13" wide, so it makes it alot easier for you to see if it's going to work for you. You're going to see if you like the way the fonts look, if everything is crisp.

Always print it out. Then when you're fully satisfied, you export it. It's going to export as a png file and then you just convert it to a jpg or a pdf, whatever createspace is looking for. I believe I converted it to a jpg. And then you upload it to Createspace.

Then you're going to wait for this approval process with the suggestions that they give you. Order a proof. If you're happy, then you just order more copies. But the beautiful thing is when it's on Amazon, you have your book cover already uploaded, all of the information there.

And here, I'm going to show you this really cool thing. Here's the front, and here's the back. All of this was designed in Canva pretty easily and you just need to know how to use the tools. But they're all there for you and it really democratizes all the tools of production for us all.

I saved hundreds of dollars on a designer and I completely thought that I was going to need to hire a designer. But I ended up saving the money that I could have used on a designer and I just ordered more books. So that was awesome. And there you have it. There's your front book cover. I showed you how to use the template on Canva and check out my other video that shows you how to create the Kindle book cover if you need that. And I hope I answered your questions. If you have any more, please post them for me below this video. And thanks for watching.

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VIDEO: New Book on Smartphone Photography for Business by NJ Author Launches on Amazon

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New Book on Smartphone Photography for Business by NJ Author Launches on Amazon

“Visual Marketing Secrets” will Empower Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to Use Their Smartphones as a Powerful Visual Marketing Tool.

3d-book-cover-visual-marketing-secrets-standVisuals are in the forefront of marketing today. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and visuals are processed 60,000X faster there. (Source: Zabisco).    As most of us carry a smartphone, which can be a 24/7 visual marketing machine, a new guide to using smartphone photography for business is launching on on Tuesday, October 7, 2014.  Written by online marketing coach, speaker and author, Vickie Siculiano, the book features advice from Siculiano and a team of experts in the fields of photography, small business marketing, social media and video.

Visual Marketing Secrets™: How to Use Smartphone Photography to Engage Online and Attract More Customers is designed to empower reader on how to really capture the attention of their online audience using a smartphone, leading to more customers and engagement.

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9 Steps to Visual Marketing for A Book Launch with Canva! (+ free pdf!)


Yesterday, there was an article in the New York Times, Smartphone Photography Evolves With Camera Apps and Related Tools, and the timing could not have been more perfect. Some of the accessories shared in that article are in my book. The article is so timely because everyone has a smartphone and people want to get better at using them to take photographs. And one of the paragraphs opens

“SMARTPHONE cameras aren’t just for quick snaps and selfies anymore. Phone cameras have improved substantially in recent years, and apps both for phones and to support traditional cameras have proliferated.”

And my book description opens with:

“Everyone with a smartphone is familiar with the term “selfie,” but most people never thought of using their smartphone as a powerful visual marketing tool.”

Complete validation of the timeliness and importance of the book. And at 148 pages, I made sure to set the price as affordable, with just $3.99 for the ebook, and $18.61 for the softcover.

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Book Launch Coming – Visual Marketing and Smartphone Photography for Your Business

Visual-Marketing-Secrets-Smartphone-Photography-resize-1Your first book comes along once in a lifetime.  Visual Marketing Secrets™: How to Use Smartphone Photography to Engage Online and Attract More Customers is about to hit Amazon and a print version will also be available for purchase.  The book has 5 amazing experts who contributed their time and expertise in photography, social media (particularly Instagram), and smartphone video.  The book is a true reference guide for getting started with smartphone photography for business.

My Philosophy:

The reason I came out with the book is because I see an opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses to use photography to improve their visual marketing by creating engaging photos that tell their story.  All they need are the right tools, learning a few basic foundational principles of photography, learn how to master lighting for their photos, better control their smartphone cameras, know how to amplify it with social media, learn some powerful apps and accessories to go above and beyond, and when it’s all done, salvage their photo creations for amped up SEO.

I have used my smartphone for marketing businesses and clients for 7 years now, and in the book you’ll get to see some of the cool stuff I’ve done that have gotten major recognition to get media attention and even help to win a national award.  So, I wanted to put this book together to help other business owners and entrepreneurs take charge of their own visual marketing and be the master of their own visual storytelling with a device they’ve always got with them and are already using.  If only they could be a master at it each and every time.  Now you can.

 In the book, you will learn:

  • Tips from Professional Photographers to take your smartphone photography to the next level.
  • The formula to composing the perfect marketing photos including your marketing selfies.
  • The secret to using Instagram for your business.
  • The 5 key places you must share your smartphone photos online.
  • The 6 essential business photos you must have that you can take with your smartphone.
  • Expert-recommended easy-to-use apps to enhance your photos and create sensational videos
  • and much much more!

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VIDEO: 5 Favorite New Camera Features with iOS 8 – New Update!


NEW iOS 8 Camera Features

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I’m pretty excited about this video post and podcast on the major update to the camera app with the new iOS 8 for iPhone. Now, even if you don’t have an iPhone – maybe you’re an Android user or user of some other device, these updates will mean alot to your photography and especially your visual storytelling and visual marketing.

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