In this episode, I interview Hani Mourra, Founder of Easy Online Video Tips and Software Engineer. He speaks about the latest innovations in video marketing.

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Vickie: I’m very excited, I’m very excited to be here today with Mr. Hani Mourra. Welcome, Hani.

Hani: Thank you very much. Thanks for having me, Vickie.

Vickie: So excited for today’s interview.  Now, Hani Mourra is an online video marketing coach.  He’s a software engineer and father of two beautiful girls, which I can attest to.  I see gorgeous pictures of them all the time.

He’s passionate about showing small business owners how easy video marketing can be, and how to use video to rank on top of google and generate really targeted leads, which I think is really important.  That’s why I’ve brought Hani here today.

So, how are you, Hani?  I’m doing well, I’m doing well, Vickie.  How are you?  Wonderful, I’m doing great, thank you.

Hani: I’m so excited to be here with you.

Vickie: Tell me a little bit about your industry background.

Hani: Sure.  Basically from the beginning of time, well, high school, I guess, I love video.  I always loved video. Making videos, there’s something about video that just gets me excited.  Creating something from nothing.  Just with a camera – it’s always gotten me excited.

Any high school project we had back in high school I would always try to incorporate a video component and we didn’t have all the great tools like we have now.  It was more difficult.

Anyway, I love video.  Maybe around 2005 I started on kind of a part time basis my own little video production company, focusing on the editing part mostly.  I got involved in the editing.  I did kind of small ads for companies.  I did some local training for internal purposes like companies who wanted to train their staff so I helped them with some training videos.  I even edited a wedding, kind of a random request, but I did that, as well.  So any chance I got to do some editing I loved doing it, I enjoyed it and that’s how I kind of got started.

And then around 2009, around August, I had a good friend of mine who got into blogging and online, he said, you know you have a passion for video, why don’t you just teach people, you have this knack for teaching people how to do things. The way you teach is very simple, very clear, so I said ok.  Let’s give it a shot.

So I got my blog, called it Easy Online Video Tips, and that’s what it was.  Just giving tips out to people on how to do things the simple way with video.  And as a result of that I got some coaching, part-time coaching for people who kind of came across my site and what I noticed is that people who wanted help alot were coming to me for technical help, not alot of the marketing side.  And so more of the technical side, which is great because I enjoy technical stuff.  I have an engineering background.  I like to solve problems in a very simple way so I kind of focused more initially on more of the technical side.

And as I learned more as just sort of being out there marketing my own blog, I kind of moved into how powerful video is for driving traffic to your website. So I started teaching a little bit more about that and coaching a little bit more on that. So that’s kind of me in a nutshell.

Vickie: Interesting, well, you mentioned, you touched upon two interesting things I just want to go back to.  So you said that high school you had alot of projects on video and you incorporated it into your projects.  I was interested to know what kind of background do you have in actually filming, like what did you use to film these projects, how were you doing that?

Hani: Oh that was a long time ago.  We just had those camcorders, whatever we had.  Editing was very primitive.  I remember having a VCR here and trying to dub another tape.  The editing wasn’t even done on the computer in some cases.

Vickie: Were you splicing?

Hani: Yeah, playing from here, recording it, I can’t even wrap my head around how complicated it was compared to how easy it is now, to put together a nice video. Decent video, very quickly and get it all up and get it out to the masses.  The world has just changed so fast.

Vickie: And you are very technical, I know that.  So you said that you have an engineering background, also?

Hani: Yeah, I actually went to a University up here in Canada.  I’m up in the Toronto area.  I went to an engineering school, electrical engineering, computer engineering degree, specializing in software development.  Nothing to do with video, but video was always my passion.

I like doing, I like reading about it, I was always interested in the lighting, microphones, just, it’s exciting for me.  I enjoy everything to do with video and now the world has changed and YouTube, it’s a powerful tool for your business, so I incorporated that into my business, as kind of using video, not for fun, but for getting traffic, getting targeted traffic.

Vickie: Right, for a purpose, and I will say that your videos are fun, so maybe not your intentional like primary purpose for fun for doing it yourself because you’re trying to drive traffic but again with the viewers you want to make those videos fun, so I think you do a real great job with that.

Hani: Thank you, thank you, I like to have fun with it and I also encourage people to have fun with it because it can be a little technical when you’re first getting started but if you think of it as a fun project, fun activity, you will be more motivated to go ahead and do it.

Vickie: Absolutely, and I want you to tell me a little bit more about your business.

Hani: Sure, so 2009 my blog started, got more into the coaching.  I enjoyed it but alot of the coachin requests were focused on the technical side, and it was very hard to kind of talk, walk through alot of technical stuff on a one and one basis via skype or anything like that so then I started looking at online training courses.  If there was a common problem, I would create maybe a video or two, a series of videos on how to solve those problems.

And I experimented a little bit, I had this one course way back in the day.  It might even still be available, I don’t even remember any more.  It’s about how to get good powerpoint presentations from powerpoint as videos,.  It’s an easy way, walking through the steps.  I had it as a request from one of my clients and I made a video for him and he said why don’t you sell this to other people.  And I said, hey let’s give it a shot.

I experimented with it and I enjoyed making online courses but it wasn’t quite the exact fit for me.

Vickie: Okay, so you actually help businesses get their videos out on the internet and get them in front of eyeballs to get more traffic.  And you’re really great with the technical aspect.  I know that because, I’ll tell you a secret.  Before this call, actually, Hani was very generous in helping me and my mom, who is also my business partner, get a video up on my website, so he really really is a genius when it comes to the technical side of getting the videos to work.  Because let’s face it, you could have the best video in the world, but unless it works, you know, it really doesn’t matter how great it is.

So tell me a little bit about how you got so passionate about the technical side of these videos.

Hani: I guess ever since I was a kid, solving complicated problems in an easy way was always my thing.  Break it down, simplify the problem and solve it a chunk at a time.  I think that’s why I went into engineering. Engineering is all about solving problems.

And I think it’s very important for businesses to have help like that to solve the problems of getting their visual content in front of an audience.

Vickie: One of the reasons that I came to know you is because I was part of Reel Marketing Insider, right, a training with James Wedmore, phenomenal, and you were starting Simple Video Press, this project that you had.  I was proud enough to raise my hand and say, “I wanna be on the beta test group.  Sign me up.”  Because I had a need for getting that video up from YouTube on my blog.  Taking that extra step out of the mix. So you do a great job with that and make it really super simple for businesses like myself to get that content up into your blog or on your video site whatever it is.  So tell me a little bit more about Simple Video Press.

Hani: I’ll start out by telling you why I created it and kind of how it came about is solving problems was kind of my thing and coaching and training was I enjoyed it but it wasn’t quite there, and then one day it hit me.  I’m a software engineer, I learned how to develop software. Why don’t I build tools to help people instead of teaching with video, why don’t I build tools.  I have a skill I’m excited about, so let’s combine software and video and build some tools and that’s kind of how.

The first tool, actually, Simple Video Press, came about because I needed this tool.

Vickie: Ok, so it was your own need.

Hani: It was my own need.  I wanted to publish videos.  I was publishing videos every month or so and I found myself, you know, it’s quite a bit of effort to get the video up and optimized and we’ll talk a little bit about optimization and stuff, but there’s work involved and once you get it up there you’re like “Ugh, I’m relieved.”  But you’re not done because part of the marketing that you want to do is not to only get it on YouTube, you want to promote it through your website or your blog and you want to drive the traffic to your blog, not to YouTube.  And we’ll talk a little bit more about that.

But I found that one step, once the video is on YouTube, there’s a manual effort of copying and pasting the title and embed code and it took a few minutes but I always found that step got delayed.  It took me a long time to kind of have the motivation.  I feel like I stop at YouTube, but it took me some time to get this on my site and e-mail people on my newsletter so I found that was kind of like a slow point in my workflow.

Vickie: I totally agree.  I know all about embedding those codes.

Hani: It’s simple but there’s something about it that I get stuck on that.

But now with Simple Video Press you don’t have to worry about it, you upload it on YouTube, and then within an hour, it shows up on your blog, whether it’s draft or published, you can decide, and it’s ready to go.

So I solved my own problem when I started Simple Video Press.  And I’m happy to see that people feel the same way.  If I have this problem, I may not be the only one.  Maybe other people have this problem.

Vickie: I can attest to that.  And just go back a little bit to talk about the idea of Simple Video Press being a WordPress plugin for your WordPress blog.

Hani: Yes.

Vickie: Ok, which my website is WordPress based, so therefore it works excellently.  It pulls in a video that you post on YouTube as a draft.  Like you can set it to go in as a draft or you can set it to automatically push to post regularly.  But if you do video marketing, sometimes you don’t want it to automatically post because there are some other edits that you need to do, maybe in the description, maybe in the title, whatever it may be.  So I just wanted to hear a little more about that.

Hani: Yeah, actually when I first came up with the concept, it was only draft. I never had the publish feature because Google and YouTube’s search engine algorithms keep changing and it was always a question do you want to have the exact same description from YouTube show up exactly, copy and paste, from YouTube onto your wordpress site on the new page yoou have. So initially it was draft and some people asked for autopublish so we added that but really the draft, in my personal opinion, you should keep it in draft, add your own kind of unique content, a new paragraph, a few sentences, and then hit the publish button.

Hani: Right, a small one.

A small one.  But what I did was, we figured out a way, if Simple Video Press makes the post for you , it’s created by you, if you share that page you’re gonna get the best of both worlds.  You’re gonna get all the links below it linked to your site, which is what you want to drive the traffic to your site, but instead of the thumbnail, you actually get the YouTube video, playing right inside of Facebook.

Vickie: So that’s if you share it from your blog, you mean?

Hani: Yes, if I liked the post and copied and pasted it into my status update, or if you have any Facebook share buttons on your blog, and someone shares, the actualy video will play in the Facebook timeline.

Vickie: OK, so if you use the share button for Facebook in your blog, not an external share like if I was in Hootsuite, which is another social media platform, if I did it externally, it wouldn’t do that?

Hani: It might because the code is built into your WordPress site.  The plug-in has a special code so that anyone who puts that link on Facebook is gonna play the video.

Vickie: OK, I wasn’t even aware of that.  I think that’s phenomenal.  That’s great!  That’s a total added benefit to make your visual even bigger.  It’s all about competition for eyeballs.  So why not make the most of it.

Hani: Especially on Facebook.  If people see a video, the tendency is to click.  If they see a thumbnail, it’s just gonna go down the feed and no one will notice it.  You get more engagement, people notice it more.  You’re gonna get more views because when you play the video, it still counts as a view on YouTube.  It’s like someone playing the video direct on YouTube.

Vickie: So even if they played it off of YouTube, it counts as a view on YouTube?

Hani: Yes, because it’s basically embedding the YouTube video directly on Facebook.

Vickie: OK

Hani: You’re getting all the glory of views whether they’re watching on YouTube or Facebook or your blog, you’re still getting the count.  It counts towards how many views on YouTube, which is also a factor in search engine ranking.

Vickie: Absolutely, and I also know that Google Plus, obviously Google – everybody knows that they own YouTube.  The integration with Google Plus was seamless but Facebook was a little more difficult.  You seem to have taken care of that with SVP.

Hani: Yeah, it handles it automatically and I think not a lot of people know about that feature and I plan on making people more aware of the hidden features.  I personally came up with these ideas.  I like this feature, people should know about it.  Even if they don’t use it, they should know about it, they may find ways to take advantage of it.

Vickie: Absolutely.  Sounds like you can definitely send out an announcement about that.  Maybe a press release – sounds great.

Hani: I’m definitely going to let people who are using it know about the other hidden features that are available in the software.

Vickie: The reason I wanted to have you on today Hani was because I really believe in your product.  I think you solved the problem of making it easy for business owners to include that visual content and video is phenomenal.  It is so totally important.  The more you have on YouTube, the more visible you are on Google.  It’s a circle.  So I think your service is really valuable.  I think your knowledge is phenomenal.  I wanted to have you speak a little bit, as the expert,  about what is the most important thing for business about online marketing and if that’s video, if you believe it is, then you can speak on that.  What is the most important thing about online marketing for business today?

Hani: That’s a great question. And to me it boils down to targeted traffic.  You want to get people coming to your site but you don’t want anybody coming, you want the right people coming to your site.  So you want targeted traffic coming to your site.  My blog has been around for some time now and the number 2 or number 3 source of traffic is still YouTube.  Even now, I don’t publish as regularly as I used to in the past on my blog, but videos are still there.  Videos from 4, 5 years ago are still there and still generating traffic.  So the idea is to get targeted, the right people on your site.  That’s what online marketing is all about.  That’s the first step.  I use YouTube, I highly believe in YouTube.  As you mentioned before, Google owns it and Google favors videos and when you do a search for whatever you’re searching for you typically see at least one video show up on the first page of Google.  So I definitely think YouTube is a great way to get that targeted traffic.  And I can talk a little bit more about some small tips to help people figure out how to get that targeted traffic.

Vickie: Yes! Sure!

Hani: You post a video and anybody can watch it or nobody can watch it.  How do you increase your chances of getting the right people on it.  It all boils down to having the right keywords.

Vickie: And also, I would say because I know what you do, I would say it’s not just your keywords, but it’s about really really good content. And that you have. So if people aren’t familiar with your blog, tell me a little bit more about that and what kind of video content do you produce because it’s not only about the keywords.  I want to give you credit where credit’s due now.  You produce really good content, so tell me a little bit more about your blog.

Hani: You’re absolutely right. Content is king.  People always say the cliche, content is king.  The content can be text, it can be video, but what you want to do, what your objective is is to give away as much value to the person visiting your site as possible. So you want to teach on a trick, you want to save them time, you want to solve one of their pain points, one of their problems.  You want to build that trusting relationship.

Let me kind of start again.  Let me tell you, like, for my site, for example.

Vickie: Ok.

Hani: You don’t want to sell or market anything on social media sites.  You don’t want to sell anything on YouTube, Facebook, you don’t even want to sell directly on your web page.

Vickie: Ok.

Hani: You want people to come in and get to know you.  You want them to know what you’re all about, what your business is all about and once they build that trust.  And you build that trust by creating content.

So a brand new visitor visits my site.  They don’t know who I am, they kind of stumbled across on a search engine or through a referral or whatever. They have no idea who I am. They start watching my videos and they decide.  First they see me. Video is powerful because they get to see me as a person, how I talk, how I explain things. And if they resonate with that and they like my style, they might watch a few more videos. So most of my videos are training.  Kind of tips.  Here’s how you do this, here’s how you do that. So and there’s no charge, there’s no nothing, no opt-in.

Vickie: Well, what are they tips on?

Hani: They’re tips on, like tech tips, like on video like some microphone recommendation and some tools that you can use to automate and to convert video.  Just common problems.

Vickie: It’s all video, though, that’s your niche, right?  Online marketing videos. That’s my niche, correct.

Hani: So my focus is how to use video to get more traffic to your site.  So my tips are related to video marketing and kind of tech tips related to video.

Vickie: Absolutely. And what is the site?  What is your YouTube channel?

Hani: My YouTube channel, I think it’s under my name actually, so it’s  But my blog, which is kind of my biggest, it’s kind of my main hub right now, it’s



Vickie: Oh, that’s great.


Hani: Easy to remember.


Easy to remember.


Hani: I like the name easy online video tips, I’m all about easy and keeping it simple and I kind of kept that theme. When I came up with the Simple Video Press, same theme. Simplicity.  Because it’s not that hard once you do it once.  Initially when you first get started you might be intimidated by video.


Vickie: Yes.


Hani: I need a camera, I need a microphone, I need lights, script, you get overwhelmed.


Vickie: It can definitely be overwhelming and when I work with clients for online marketing coaching, not just video, alot of visual content, photographs, images, that kind of stuff.  But it’s always SEO and YouTube obviously is great for that but I want to talk to you a little bit about how businesses can create content using their smartphone because this is something that I’ve been doing.  I’ve been using the iPhone 5s to shoot alot of my high definition excellent quality videos.  Super simple.  And I just wanted to find out what your thoughts were on using smartphones.


Hani: We are so lucky these days to have such powerful tools. Smartphones are so powerful.  The cameras are amazing for a very small device that you carry in your pocket, everywhere you go, you’re already carrying the camera with you.  It’s just a fantastic way to get videos done without all the technology the cameras and etcetera.


Vickie: Right.


Hani: And I think the quality is amazing and also very easy to use.  Great apps on your android phones or iPhones. They make it very very simple, but even more important, I think it’s amazing to incorporate a mix, so, you know you have alot of videos shot in the studio, in your office, or like an interview like we’re doing now, but then you mix it up.



If you’re out somewhere, interviewing, talking to a client in person or maybe on vacation, you come up with a great idea, people want to see, they want to see you.  They want to see what you’re all about.  It’s not about all business, all a big front, a big production, they want to see almost like behind the scenes in a way, and people are, they’re intrigued by that.  They want to see what Vickie does on a day to day basis.  You’re on vacation, you shoot a video.  They want to know kind of both sides.  The business side and almost like personal side.  A different angle, a different perspective to get to know you as a person because they’re gonna be working with you.



Vickie: Yes, absolutely, and I just want to share you do that, you put your money where your mouth is because you certainly do that yourself, and you do your tip videos, but you also share stuff about you.  You share alot of content about your daughters who you’re quite proud of. They are so absolutely beautiful. They really are.  And it’s interesting for me to see that beyond just your just the smart Hani Mourra, brilliant Hani Mourra that I know.  It makes you real.  I mean people do business with people.  Like you.  Let’s face it.  We need the technical skills.  Like if we can’t do something ourselves, we’re gonna have to go to somebody to provide it for us.  But we want to do business with people that we think are authentic, that we believe in, so yes, you do that totally.



Vickie: Give me a tip that you would have to show somebody how easy it really is to use your smartphone to produce a video.



Hani: Sure, yeah.  I shot one of my latest videos, which I’m gonna admit, I’ve been a little bit more focused on the software in this past year, but my last video, I think, most recent video, was about a year ago.  I was on vacation and I don’t know I just got this urge to we were in Mexico and it took about a half an hour.  I came, I stepped out on the balcony on a sunny day, and I just recorded the video.  I had my phone, I recorded it and I tied it to my vacation, so we were having a problem with our vacation. The weather, we had all my cousins and the kids were there and the weather the first day or two was raining, all day long.  And the kids were going nuts because they wanted to go swimming and we didn’t know what to do.



So anyway, when I shot the video, I kind of tied it to my vacation, I said you know, if you’re stuck with your video marketing and why don’t you stop, take a break, look at the big picture.  Figure out where you’re stuck and try to solve the problem.  I can’t remember exactly how I tied it but I made it tied to my vacation.  And it served two purposes.  People knew I was on vacation, I was taking a break.  You know, I’m human, too, right? We’re all human.



Vickie: Sure.



Hani: It was a nice background, a sunny day, people like to see that.  Especially in the winter time kind of where we live, it’s really a rough winter.  And I still gave a valid point.  I gave some value to someone listening.  Some encouragement, some tips on how to kind of overcome how you struggle.  If you have a struggle with video.



Actually another example is I went for a jog about again, a year ago.



Vickie: For a job or a jog?



Hani: A jog.  I went for a jog.  I don’t run.  I don’t easily run.



Last year for whatever reason I got inspired to go out in January.  It was a cold day, a snowy day. I went for a run.  I wasn’t prepared.



Vickie: Ok.



Hani: And I just didn’t have my hat on, I didn’t have anything.  I just went out and started running.  No gloves, and then I turned around, I came back in, and I’m like, and then I’m like I gotta get prepared. So I put the hat on and everything, went out for a run. And as I was running, again I just started thinking, you know what, this is a good lesson I learned here, you know, be prepared when you’re doing something new. And pace yourself, because I was excited, I ran, ran ran, I didn’t pace myself.  As soon as I got back I made a video.  Outside, in the snow and I said you know what, two things I learned from running, could be applied to video marketing.



Vickie: I’m glad that you mentioned that, because again, you help people with tips ok on how to get better at video marketing.  But it’s also important to think of the other types of content that you can produce that are helpful to people.  How to be more productive.  How to be better at some skill beyond the video marketing because we do other things and they help us be better people because at the end of the day, we’re all doing this to live the life we want to live right?  Not to be the best video marketers and that’s the be all end all.  So I think that was an excellent point you touched upon.  So if a business is looking for another idea for video content to produce, think of other things that are happening in your life that you might want to share with someone about how you got better at something or you realized something.



Hani: Exactly.  As long as it’s some kind of value.  Like you said, it doesn’t have to be exactly to your target customer. As long as you’re offering value.  People will see another side of you.  People will learn more about you as a person.  So I think smartphones are a blessing.




Vickie: That’s great.



Hani: The smartphone is a great great tool.  Easy to use and you built that trust.  See it from a different angle, which builds that trust.



Vickie: And what do you think about using playlists for that?

Like say you do produce different types of content, would you use a playlist for a certain type of content. Do you use playlists at all?


Hani: I don’t.  I haven’t taken the time to do that.  I mean, it’s a good idea, if you want to segment your different types of videos on YouTube.



Vickie: Ok, but you do it on your blog.  Because I know you have different categories.



Hani: Yes, I have different categories on my blog for how to tips, or I forget exactly the categories.  It helps kind of break down what someone is looking for a tip versus maybe a tool versus something else.  Yeah, it’s good to have a little bit of categories.  But you don’t want to have too many because you still want to make sure that you stay focused. Your objective is to get people value on a particular subject that you’re an expert in or a field that you’re an expert in.  You don’t wanna kind of have categories that go too far outside of that scope.  But it’s good to have a few categories to help people navigate your site a little bit better.  Yeah.



Vickie: Absolutely.  Anything to make it easier for people to find, you’re gonna get these (points to eyes).  Talk to me a little bit Hani about social media.  I know you’re a fanatic, you’re all over the place. Tell me a little bit more about your favorite places to be in social media.



Hani: Yeah, I spend alot of time on Facebook.  More recently than before, and I just use it for more personal stuff.  I used to promote alot of my own blog posts and I do on Facebook. But now Facebook is more like a social place. So I try to give it like an 80 20 maybe.  80 percent of the time it’s just pictures of me, my daughters, what I’m up to, going for a run, a beautiful day in the park.  And photos are good because photos grab people’s attention.



Vickie: Ok.



Hani: So on Facebook I do alot less on the business marketing, but still get people to get to know me a little bit better once they’re on my Facebook.  That’s my personal Facebook.


I have a fan page as well.


I am your friend on Facebook.


Vickie: I am so lucky.

I think that’s great.



Hani: Facebook is great.  I find that the fan page, you know you gotta pick and choose, because there’s only so much time that you can, you don’t want to spread yourself too thing, otherwise you don’t have a good…It’s not a good use of your time.



Vickie: Right, especially, if you’re just one person doing it and you’re a one man show, it’s really difficult to be everywhere, to run yourself thin, so I think you do a great job in focusing on what you’re excellent at and what you have the most time for, what you’re passionate about and that’s really helping people with online marketing, so I thank you for that.



Hani: Yeah.  So Facebook, Twitter I hardly use, very little do I use it and YouTube, obviously it’s kind of my number one place in terms of posting my videos.



Vickie: Yes.



Hani: So I keep it simple.  You can take it as far as you want but I always recommend back to my simple, simple focus.  Start simple, have a system that works. Upload a video to YouTube, put it on your blog, share the blog post on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn.  And then that’s it.



Vickie: Very easy.



Hani: It really does. Simple Video Press was like phenomenal because it really answered the problem of gee, like I’m a one woman show, trying to do everything without the assistance of a virtual assistant because I’m trying to do it myself for now. For now.  And it’s really difficult to be everywhere so it’s great when you have a process, put it on YouTube, which can also push it out to Google+, Facebook and Twitter.  Puts it to the blog, you can also share it from there on autopost.  It’s great.  So I’m glad.  I’m really glad that you have Simple Video Press for us business owners who are just looking for that solution.



Vickie: I want to ask you do you have any extra things coming up on your plate?  Any upcoming projects that you’d like to share with us today?



Hani: Actually I do.  I do but before I get into that I just wanna follow up on the social media, just to kind of give people a bigger picture so they don’t get too bogged down about Twitter, how much, what’s the length of the twitter post.



Vickie: Yeah.



Hani: Just kind of the big picture thing.  Basically you need to make sure treat social media, even YouTube as a source of traffic.  Right?  And the big picture is you want to get traffic from YouTube,Twitter, Facebook, to your site. On your site the main objective is to get people to sign up for your newsletter.  That should be the objective.



If you don’t want to sell anything, you want them to sign up for your newsletter which solidifies your relationship.



So they commit the next step, you know you don’t date someone then you marry them, you’ve got to date them and then you marry them after. So the first step is start dating and you enter the newsletter, you get them to sign up for your newsletter. And typically you’ll want to incentivize that by giving them free training or free videos, etc.


And videos are always perceived as high value so if you offer someone free videos, they’ll be more motivated to leave their email.  Once they have the newsletter, you continue to offer value.  You keep in touch with them every week, every two weeks, all your latest blog posts, all your latest tips.



And then down the road you can incorporate a little bit of soft selling.  So if you have a product and that you released or a service that you want to offer, then you can introduce that just to the people who are on your mailing list.  Those are the people who are interested in you and in your services.



That’s kind of the flow, I wanted to make sure we capture and if there’s one tip you want to take away from this interview, it’s to understand that process.



Vickie: Right, it’s a whole process and it’s driving the traffic but collecting those leads before they go.  You know because at the end of the day you really need to know who you can contact when you’ve got that next big project coming down the pike where you want to share that and maybe sell it.



Hani: Exactly.  Yeah, so that’s my…it’s not a video marketing tips but that’s kind of the online marketing, the simplest way to look at it is how you drive them through.



Vickie: Brilliant.



Hani: If that’s one tip you walk away with I think that’s a good one for your audience, whoever is watching this, to really think like that. Don’t think traffic to my site and then sell, sell, sell, sell.  You don’t want to be that aggressive sales person.  You want to build that relationship by giving great content on your site, giving better content for free on your newsletter and then once they’re in your newsletter, try to offer your services or products.



Vickie: Yes, absolutely, and that soft sell message is excellent to think of when you’re in social media.  Because that’s also like a playground.  Nobody is selling at the playground, right?



Hani: Exactly.



Vickie: Yeah, absolutely.  I think that’s great.



Vickie: So you have any upcoming projects that you would like to share with us today?



Hani: Yeah, I don’t want to talk too much about it because it’s not really on.  But I really want to…I’m all about simplicity and automation. So how Simple Video Press was born and so I’m looking to do something very similar to Simple Video Press but focus more on the podcasting world.



Vickie: Excellent, so to kind of automate some of those podcasts.



Hani: I was helping a few people launch their podcasts, focusing on the technical side and video editing and I know alot of steps involved in getting podcasts, especially when you have a video component, we do a video, and then you get the audio portion, you know I can’t solve all the problems, I’d love to solve all the problems with one amazing product but I’m gonna start off.  I have something that just is gonna start this week.  I kind of nailed down the scope of the project.


I’m gonna start working on this tool.  Solve one problem.



That is phenomenal.



Hani: So podcasting is something that if you’re not doing, it may or may not make sense for your business but it’s becoming a very popular topic.



Vickie: Yes, I thinks that’s so excellent, it’s very timely.  This is actually going to live on my podcast as well – Smarter Online Marketing.  This is going to be featured, first we have to see what the length of it is, I want it to be good for the listener.  Maybe we’ll split it into two pieces, but I am putting this podcast on my blog as well so I have the Simple Video Press but I also have a Blubrry plug-in.  Are you familiar with Blubrry?



Hani: Yes, yep



Vickie: OK, so I use that, it gives me a nice player  from Libsyn, which hosts my podcasts, on the blog.  So that would be phenomenal if you could make it like a one stop shop – is that what you’re planning on doing?



Hani: Yes, yeah



Vickie: Am I supposed to be quiet about that?



Hani: No, not really, I just – you got the idea.  I probably have to hit you up to be a beta tester again.



Vickie: Woo woo – you can hit me up anytime about that, that’s fantastic!



Hani: Alright! Awesome, awesome.  So that’s it, software solving problems, automating, simplifying, it’s kind of what I’ve been focusing on, I really enjoy doing and I’m excited for that new tool.



Vickie: That’s so great.  Thank you so much Hani.  I want to leave you with one more question.  Do you have time for one more question?



Hani: Of course.



Vickie: This wasn’t actually on our list to prepare you.  I just want to see what you have to say, it’ll be really from your heart.  I like to leave my audience with words of inspiration from my guests.  So what is something that truly inspires you, for you and your business?



Hani: For my business.  What inspires me is seeing results and seeing people who take the product and services and apply them and use them and they come back to me and say “that was awesome” or “that saved me a lot of time”  or “that saved me a lot of money” – that is what I work for.  I want people to get the most they can out of whatever product or services I am offering.  And if you keep that as your purpose in business – money is one thing, of course you want to make money in business.  But if your purpose is to make people’s lives easier or better, whatever that means, it means different things for different businesses, but if you make people’s lives better, you focus on making your product the best possible, that what drives me and if that drives you, you’re going to have amazing products and amazing services.  People are gonna love you and you gotta feel fulfilled in your life and your business.  So that’s my tip.



Vickie: That’s great.  And you keep inspiring me Hani and more power to you.  Thank you so much for today’s video and if you want to hear this podcast you can check out Smarter Online Marketing podcasts at  It’s also on Stitcher.  Go to my website at  And Hani, I would like to share your website one more time.



Hani: Yeah, it’s



Vickie: Excellent, thank you so much for today’s episode.  Thank you Hani.



Hani: Thanks for your time.



Vickie: Bye.