Setting goals.  It’s not something that everybody likes to do and of course not something that everybody feels they should need to be doing.  But I’ve found that regularly setting goals and adapting them as I accomplish them, or adapting them to make them more achievable or relevant to me at the time, seems to be the key to achieving more success each year.

I didn’t just make this up, either, I’ve learned from the best experts who have trained me to do a lot of my online marketing creations.  I am not a goal expert by any means.  I know what works for me and it’s been working over and over again so that each year I’m able to accomplish new and amazing goals that I never thought I’d be able to accomplish.  I’ve learned tricks along the way from them that I’d adapted to make my own tools that I want to share with you today.

Goals Should be S-M-A-R-T

Your goals should be SMART.  I always remembered this, and I don’t remember where I learned this from.  But your goals should be very…




Realistic and


In other words, in the goal-setting process, make sure that you’re being SMART about it.  When you do that, and you’re very specific with your goals, and you set a length of time that you want to accomplish that.  You really have a purpose.  You don’t set vague objectives like I want to be happy this year.  That’s not a true goal.  You’re never going to achieve that.  If you do, it might be by change or by luck.  It’s not specific enough.

You need to set goals so that you always want more.  Every time I set a goal it’s going to be something that I can accomplish.  I can achieve it.  And then I set up my next goal.  So when I wanted to set up my video channel, my YouTube channel, I had to learn how to do that.

1.    The Goal-Setting Worksheet

Here is a sample goal sheet you can work with to set your own goals that you want to achieve.

So it will be one month, then the next row will be 3 months, then 6 months, then a year, 5 years out.  However you want to do it.  But this is pretty much what I do.  I have 1 month, 6 months, a year, 5 years, but you can do it however you want.  Pretty much you divide your life areas and then you put certain areas and what you want to accomplish in a certain time frame.

Download your worksheet here: Goal-Setting-Worksheet-Vickie-Siculiano-Say-WOW-Marketing


2.    The Mind Map or Process Map

The 2nd tool I want to share with you is a mind map, or process man.  Mind maps are so much fun for me because it’s a real visual and I completely love visual marketing.

A mind map works really well because you can sketch out rather than just write out in a list or a workbook of what you want to accomplish and you just of sketch out your processes.

This mind map is one that I created because I wanted to accomplish clarity.  I had all of these processes going on to create content.  I wanted to create content for my website and perhaps you do, too.  I’m sure that you do for your business.  If you want to be seen on the internet I’m a big proponent of creating content because it helps you to build brand awareness.

goal setting mind map - Vickie Siculiano of Say WOW Marketing

When I sketched this mind map out I was at a diner.  I just sketched out all the different processes and I needed to see all of the things that I was doing so that I could gain clarity and get more clarity on what I needed to accomplish.  Really giving yourself a visual representation of all of the stuff that you create let’s you step back and take a look at the big picture, whether it’s the processes or whether it’s the actual pieces of content that you create.  Lay it out and see what holes are there, like swiss cheese, and what you need to focus on for next year’s goals and accomplishing so that you can maintain your own brand.

Is there something missing in your processes that you need to do more of?

The specific purpose of this mind map is to help you with achieving your goals because if you have a lot of these different processes going on in your life and you can never gain clarity on what it is that you want to accomplish or even how all of those processes work together, how can you even go forward and accomplish a new goal?

Let me give you some examples.  On this mind map, I laid out some of the web content that I have and I kind of fanned out from that the different types of web content that I create.  So it looks like in the middle is the hub of a wheel which says website content.  From there it fans out to About me, images on my website, transcriptions, testimonials, anything that I create on my website I wanted to see all of the different pieces.  So if there was something missing, it would become very apparent to me on this clarity mind map.  I knew if I needed to fill in anything.  If anything was missing, hey, that’s a new goal that I might need to set for 2015.

I realized that one of the processes missing for me was my online platform, a course, so that’s a new goal I’ve set for myself in 2015.

I wrote a book, my first book.  Of course I finished that and I didn’t need to accomplish that anymore, but now the first book I wrote is done.  Now maybe I’ll think of moving onto my next book.  The mind map will get you to be able to look at all of the things that you do and see where you are lacking or where you excel and need to do more of.  It will really open your eyes as to what should be most important to you in setting your goals.

3.    Checklists

My third secret tool is checklists.  I use checklists all the time  If I didn’t have a way to check off things that I’ve accomplished during the day then I can’t even say that I would get through a day.  How could you not get through a day, and get through a year?  It’s not going to happen.  You need to get control of all of the tasks you need to accomplish.

One of the tools that I use is an app that’s totally free.  It’s on my smartphone.  It’s called Wunderlist.  It’s a great tool.  You can also collaborate and share your list with other people.  People accomplish tasks that need to be accomplished, yeah, you can use it for grocery lists, but I have different checklists.  When you do that, you can have just one list after another – it doesn’t just have to be your grocery items.  I have videos that I want to make, podcast ideas that I have, anything that I want to get out.  I just categorize them.  If you’re having someone collaborate with you, it’s great because you can share those items and when they want to add a new item or you do, you can add an item, you can take it off.

Those three tools are my secret tools to accomplishing my goals.  Without mind maps, process maps, whatever you call them, setting goals with goal worksheets and also checklists, that’s what’s going to really help you be better prepared and make an amazing year of 2015.

Some of my Achievement Gurus

Michael Hyatt, http://MichaelHyatt.com who is a thought leader in leadership, in intentional leadership.  He’s got a great podcast he’s hosting with Michelle Cushatt.  This is Your Life is one of my absolute favorite podcasts.  I’ve done some amazing things in 2014 and I have some great thought leadership to thank for helping me with all of that, including Michael Hyatt.

Marie Forleo interviewed Danielle LaPorte who is the author and creator of the Desire Map.  She wrote this book and created this method of attaining her goals in a very spiritual way.   Check out the interview here.  Both of them are amazing thought leaders in goal setting and real amazing ideas.

My Wish For You

I hope that these tools help you in accomplishing your own amazing goals for 2015….and beyond!  Do you have any questions or thoughts about achieving your own goals?  Any resources you’d like to share?  One thing I’d like to know is…

What is your major goal for 2015 that you want to accomplish?


Check out Episode #57:

In this episode, I show you three tools that I use to accomplish my goals, and I share them with you so that you can accomplish your amazing goals for 2015.  I have used these techniques successfully year after year and each year I accomplish more and more.  Maybe now you can do the same with these great tools and techniques, too.


  • The 3 essential tools I use to accomplish my goals successfully.
  • How you can make your own goal setting worksheet.
  • How you can make your own mind map or process map.
  • A totally free organization app for your helping with your goals.
  • My favorite resources for inspiration with goal setting.






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My Goal Setting worksheet

My visual mind map tool

Michael Hyatt –http://michaelhyatt.com
Marie Forleo –http://marieforleo.com
Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map –http://DanielleLaporte.com
VIDEO: Marie Forleo on goal setting, with Danielle LaPorte – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ch_ny_6vu90
Amy Porterfield, Facebook Influence –http://fbinfluence.com
Lewis Howes. LinkedIn Influence –http://linkedinfluence.com
James Wedmore – YouTube Marketing – http://jameswedmore.com
Kris Gilberton – Podcast School –http://podcastschool.com


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