Are you working hard to develop lots of online marketing content?

Do you want to get a stronghold on what types of content are best received by your audience?

Well, you don’t have to keep churning out that amazing content over and over again if it will fall on deaf ears.  But how will you know what is working?

In this article I’ll share how you can use web analytics to optimize your online marketing to make your online efforts even more successful.

How to Use Analytics to Optimize Your Online Marketing

Sometimes we just produce content and keep producing the same stuff over and over, not looking to see if anybody’s really engaging with it, really liking it, commenting on it.  I want to make sure that you have the tools that you need to manage your website and your social media.

Facebook Insights (Analytics)


Learn what gets the most engagement from your social media posts with Facebook Insights

By now you’re probably already familiar with your page activity and you know when you post something, you take a look to see if anybody liked it, commented on it, even shared it.  And shares are what we really want to get with social media.  Because when we share in social media, your reach improves drastically.  And it’s all about the audience and improving the eyeballs that are actually sinking into the content that you’re working so hard to create.  Or the content that you’re finding and you want to share.

If you understand your insights on Facebook, you’ll be ahead of the game.

At the top of your Facebook business page, there’ll be activities, insights and your settings.  I’m going to talk to you about what I think are the most important pieces that you should be looking at for your business so you can keep improving your online marketing.

On the page, you can see how many page likes you have and the percentage from last week.  Now it’s really important to know that you don’t have to take Facebook’s offer of just comparing this week to last week.  If you click on the little right carat symbol, you can change the length of time that you want to take a look at, so that’s really helpful.   Don’t just think that you only have to see this week compared to last week, click open that carat so that you can see a longer time span.  Maybe a year out, you can see if you have more engagement in the summer or maybe the winter.  Maybe you’re a cyclical business at certain times of the year, so you’ll know at what times of the year you really need to pay attention to the content that you’re putting out there.

So we’ve got page likes, overall you can see how your page likes have grown.  That’s interesting to me to see from last year when I started this Facebook page, how it’s grown in percentage.  And of course when people like your posts, it’s going to reach more people because their friends are going to see what they like and they’re sharing.  And engagement, of course, is the key.  You want likes, shares and comments.  Shares, most of all, because people are valuing it enough to take it beyond your page and bring it into their world.  That’s really important to know that you can see likes, post reach and engagement.

Another thing that’s important to look at in your Facebook analytics is your recent posts and you can see individually how many people it reached and what the content of it was.  You can see a real spike on it in different posts.  Now I’ll tell you we had Thanksgiving last month, it just passed.  Even though it had nothing to do with online marketing, or any podcast that I was doing, it was something that everybody experiences.  Everybody loves a post for the holidays.  And my posts for the holidays are so crucial.  I will never not share a holiday post.  Not just because I want it to reach more people but hey I want to wish everybody a happy holiday.  Those posts are always very engaging, I recommend that you do them.  And your analytics will show you exactly why you need to do that.



Hoostuite analytics reports are available for free for your social media platforms.

Now Twitter, the platform, doesn’t have any specific analytics that they will provide for you.  They just basically want to provide a platform where you can keep tweeting out and connecting with more people and obviously growing the platform.  If you want to get analytics, I’m going to show you a nice shortcut for that, Hootsuite.

You can have for a free account, up to three different social media platforms that you can use. Your analytics are provided in the little Hootsuite Stat icon that’s called analytics.  You’ll get free analytics from Hootsuite that are nice if you click on each of your individual social media profiles.

You can get a Facebook overview, you can get LinkedIn page insights and you can also get Google Analytics if you connect it.  It requires points which you can upgrade to.  You can also get stats on your click through rates for your shortened URLs that you share on Hootsuite.



Audience engagement reports will help you understand how people are viewing your videos.

Now not everybody knows that you can access YouTube analytics so I’m going to show you the quickest way to do it.  When you do it, you go to your channel.  You go to the top, and it’ll show you how many subscribers you have, how many views you have and to the right of that, you have something called the Video Manager.  It’s that that you want to click on.  You go to the left, and you click on Analytics and that’s where it’s going to open up a whole bunch of different options that you can look at.  You’ll be amazed at some of the stuff you’ll find.

And because I absolutely love doing my YouTube analytics on a regular basis, it really helps me create my videos.  Not just the types of videos that it shows me are the most popular from the ones I’ve created before.  Like I can see my top 10 videos of all time on the dashboard, like the overview.  It’ll show me the top 10 videos of all time.  And of course it’ll show me all of the content that’s I’ve created.

And what you should look for and you should do, too is look at your top 10 videos.  Look for a thread, like what are your most common keywords.  Now for me, my most popular keywords have to do with podcasting.  As well, if I look over all time, my social media videos have been very popular.  Now, I haven’t produced any videos recently with social media in the title or even the description.  And from looking at these analytics, it showed me that I was overlooking that.  So I’m sure that you might be overlooking something, too.

When you look at these analytics, you’re going to really see it and it’s going to really pop out to you.  So if you look at nothing else, take a look at the overview at the top.  If you have no other time, look at your overview.  You can search for content, you can look at locations and the nice thing is with most of these reports that are provided to you free.  It’s usually in the upper right, it says “download report” or “download cvs” which you can download directly to Excel.

It just shows me that if I want to broaden my audience and I’m trying to show you this so you can do the same for your online marketing.  You take a look at these analytics and you can see if there’s something that you want to try to accomplish that you’re just not going.

One more thing that I want to talk about on YouTube is that you can go to your engagement reports to really see how people are viewing each one of your videos.  You can see a graph and you’ll see throughout the video and you’ll watch it live as you go through the video and your video is playing, it’ll show you exactly where your viewership is dropping off.  And the one thing you’ll see is the longer your video, the more people are going to drop off.  People will not give you more than 2 minutes of their time.  If it’s something really rare that they can’t get somewhere else, maybe they’ll stay a few more minutes longer.  Rarely people will watch a video for more than 2 minutes.  If you need to get in front of people’s eyeballs and you really want them to stay and watch your video.  Not just look at a picture, a picture is really quick, boom.  I can see if.  If you have a few things to say about it, that’s fine.

But if I’m investing my time, and I’m going to let you keep my eyeballs for more than 2 minutes, then it better be worth it.  They’ll be very critical as they watch the video, and I highly recommend that you do this.  I used to see in the beginning when I was recording videos, if I was babbling like too much in the beginning, I would see a drop off like boom, after I would be babbling too much.  It’s really interesting to watch those graphs.

Instagram Analytics


Just one of the free Instagram Analytics reports available for your visual marketing efforts.

There was just a news report, where Instagram passed Twitter for the most users.  Twitter has 200 million in March, and in November, Instagram surpassed them at 300 million users.  That tells you a lot about visual marketing and how powerful Instagram is.  Now if you want to get Instagram analytics you can do that.  It’s paid.  There are businesses out there who will say ok, I’ll take your money and do your analytics for you.  You don’t have to do that, I just want to let you know that there are free Instagram analytics that you can look out there and find.  Just look for Instagram analytics.

I can see my best post of 2014, tell me my number of posts, both videos and photos, and where my interaction came from.  Now it’s very interesting because here’s something that I found out that I wouldn’t know about if I hadn’t looked at the analytics for it.

Instagram analytics are available.  I got these for free.  You can also sign up to get a detailed Instagram report.  It’s powered by  That might be something you might want to check out.  It’s available for you.

Libsyn (Podcast Analytics)


Understand your most popular podcast posts with Libsyn analytics report.

Now we’re moving into Libsyn.  This is who hosts my podcast.

My total downloads it’s only showing me the last three months.  Now I don’t know that there’s a way to get beyond that.  But if I’m looking at the last three months, and that’s all I need, that’s fine.  If you’re looking at downloads per episode, that’s going to show you overall time.  Downloads you can see 10 days, 1 months, 3 months, 1 year and all time.  The last one that you can see are your daily totals.

There’s some really cool information here that you can get.  You can see some of the keywords in your titles.  And see which of those downloads are most popular.  Take a look and see if those correlate to those keywords that you’re using over and over again.  And if you’re not getting the engagement and downloads that you’re looking for, then maybe you need to start including some of the most popular content over and over.  Maybe see which ones are most popular and do more of them.  I see that I haven’t done social media in my podcasts, the same thing with my videos.  I’ll sit down, I’ll do a podcast, and I’ll do a video at the same time.  So sometimes the content will overlap, it will be very similar.  So I’m going to move more into the area of doing social media again.

Google Analytics


A multitude of reporting is available on Google Analytics for you to understand your website activity and behavior reports.

The last thing that I need to mention, Google Analytics.  A great tool for your website.  You can also track all of your social stuff and really gain a stronghold on your search engine optimization.  Because if you understand how you’re acquiring new web visitors through keywords and through diff places then you’ll be better off at controlling it in the future.

If you take a look at the demographics for your website, that’s really great, but one of the things that I always like to look at is where my web traffic is coming from.  I want to see the pie chart of direct traffic, referral traffic, organic traffic, where people come to me through my organic keywords, paid search, and e- mail.  My top referred is direct so I get a lot of visitors through direct traffic.  People coming directly to my website.  It’s pretty good, and I want to see more.  But at least I can understand that some of my efforts are really working.  The social is a piece of it, a little sliver, but it’s not as much as I would like, I would like to grow my social media presence a little more.  And with traffic, it’ll tell you how many sessions in the last month or however long it is you want to set the time limit for to track some information for you.

Taking a regular peek into your analytics will help you grow accustomed to learning what your audience wants to consume more of.  And it will help you create even more content that they will want to keep sinking their teeth into, coming back for more, which means audience growth and business growth for you!






The three most valuable elements that I use Facebook analytics for regularly.

How to get free Twitter analytics.

What YouTube analytics you should be viewing regularly to improve your content.

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