Your LinkedIn Profile 5 Secrets to Visual Marketing

Learn 5 secrets to make your LinkedIn profile really pop and stand out among the millions of YouTube users. I will show you how to use visual marketing to really catch your profile visitor’s eye.

In this episode, you will learn 5 secrets to make your LinkedIn profile really pop and stand out among the millions of YouTube users.  I will show you how to use visual marketing to really catch your profile visitor’s eye.

You’ll learn about optimizing your profile with:

1  .Your profile picture – This first piece of content that’s totally important to your profile is your profile picture.  It’s the first thing that people are going to see when they see your profile.   It’s a little image that’s 200×200 pixels.  It’s best to use that to optimize the image but you can test it out.  You can test it on your mobile device, you can upload images in the app.  You can also upload images on the web.  Usually when I play arouind with my LinkedIn profile, I tend not to use the app too much, I want to make sure that I’m doing it right.  I’m doing it in an abbreviated way on the app, which is more limited.  So, with your profile picture, you want to make sure that you’re using an image that is going to represent you professionally.  You don’t want to put a picture where you’re sitting at a bar or somewhere where you’re out with other people in the image.  Remember you have one chance to get a first impression.  You don’t get a second chance.  If you want to make ‘em say WOW upfront, you need to create a lasting impression.  So for your image, you want to make sure there’s something eye-catching in it, it’s a quality photo and you can hire a professional photographer but you don’t necessary need to.  But, remember that if you’re taking a photograph as a selfie – where people extend their arm and reverse the camera, that rear-facing camera to front-facing camera, you can do that if you don’t have the option of someone taking it for you with a more professional camera, a point and shoot, or DSLR.  It’s best to make sure that you focus on an image that’s going to be lasting.  An image doesn’t have to last over time, you can always refresh it and keep things new and keep people wanting to check it out so they can see what you have going on.
Also, any piece of content that I’m going to tell you about in this episode,  every time you do an update, it’s going to come up  as an update in your professional network. So everybody that you’re connected with on LinkedIn will see that you’ve updated your profile picture.  It goes right in front of them and usually people will say “Hmm, what kind of picture does she have, what’s going on now?” Whatever the case may be, always make sure it’s a professional image.  It doesn’t have to be in a stark business suit with 3 point lighting – a head light and a hair light – you don’t have to do that.  But take a look at some of the more professional photos and see how you can just fashion your image to look similar in terms of lighting, in terms of clothing,  and make sure that you’re well groomed.  If you’ve got a beard, make sure that it’s well trimmed and if you’re a lady,  make sure that your makeup is not overdone like you’re going on a glamour shot.  You want to show people what you look like and make them comfortable to know that that’s what they can expect when they meet you.

2. Using Multimedia – Number two is multimedia.  You can include multimedia on your profile, up to five pieces at one time.  You can include pdfs, you can include documents.  What I want to let you know is that you can include video on your profile.  It’s very nice because if you host your video on YouTube, there is a list of approved video providers.

You can include a link to your YouTube video and LinkedIn will include a thumbnail of that video, right into your LinkedIn profile.  You can have it in different places.  You can have it under the Summary, under your Experience.  Or, If you have a video that you were featured in, maybe have spoken, where you were working or what you were doing at that time, you can include a video at a specific point in your Timeline.

It’s really nice to include multimedia pieces.  Check out my video on including video in your LinkedIn profile to get that impact.

But it’s not only video, it’s other forms of multimedia.  And when you do things like this,  you really stand out among the crowd because most people have text.  LinkedIn is a text-based platform, other than an image, your profile picture, it’s mostly text that people are coming to read what you have to say – your experience, who you are, what it is that you do and how you help people.

3.  Slideshare Presentations – So that does it for one and two, now we’re going to go into three which is one of my favorites and something that I’m so happy to have been working with more and more lately since the turn of the new year- Slideshare Presentations.  These are Powerpoint presentations hosted on that is owned by LinkedIn now so you can bet that LinkedIn is going to do what they can to make sure that your Slideshare presentations are embedded into your profile.  You can add a Slideshare presentation just as I had shown you in the video How to Add Videos, with your

Slideshare presentations.  It’s the same kind of content that you can add in the same way – it’s a box with a little plus sign.  You can add the Slideshare presentations to your profile and you can also, when you’re on Slideshare and you upload it, click on the plus sign and it will automatically add it to your LinkedIn profile.  It’s really great and the nice thing is that if you focus on including some really really eye-catching visuals in your presentation (which you should be doing anyway to get an audience and to keep their attention) then those visuals are going to be seen in your profile and chances are people are going to want to see what you have to say but they love, love, love, visual representations of the same stuff that you’ve got to say.

Everybody’s got something to say on LinkedIn but not everybody has a visual way to represent it.  And because images are so crucial to getting that attention,  you really need to do what you can to include visual content and Slideshare is just that.  And that’s one of the reasons that LinkedIn purchased Slideshare.  It was first integrated in the beginning, but once they owned it and bought it, it is super-integrated and super easy to use.  I get a lot of attention and every time I post a new one, I always get likes on it from LinkedIn.

So that’s a great great way to include some visual content through Slideshare presentations.

4. Long Form posts – Number 4 are long form posts.  Long form posts are similar to blog posts off of LinkedIn but LinkedIn gives you a nice way to write a blog post, which they call “long form posts” – it’s the same thing – on their platform.  I just did a video on it, the link is in my show notes, episode 62.

I did a video on creating Social Media Graphics on Canva.  Canva is an online design tool that’s free and I fell in love with it because it’s so super easy to create your own graphic representation of what it is that you do. It’s easy to brand yourself and as you get more experience with creating your own visuals, you’ll start to look at other people’s visuals and see what you like so you can look at the tools on Canva and see how to do that yourself.  I’ve looked at some of the amazingly creative authors on Slideshare.  One of those is Guy Kawasaki – the brand evangelist for Canva – I looked at his tips and for his tip slides, I want to see how he put the number on each one, and how he made a band and made translucency, what kind of filters he used for the background.  As you get more comfortable with Canva, you’ll be doing that too.
I’m just letting you know of the tool you can use to build your Slideshare presentations so check out my video on Social Media graphics and how to create them on Canva.  It will give you some real good ideas on what you can create, especially for LinkIn because the long form post, just like a blog, has an image at the top of it.  Your image will appear as a thumbnail, right in your profile. The best thing to do is publish them regularly.  What’s going to happen is your network is going to receive an update that you published a post.  People like what you’ve got to say, especially if it’s got an attractive attached to it to open it up.  Always makes it all attractive when you set the table.  So, with long form posts, you’ve got a title, you’ve also got an html post that you write beneath.  What I usually do is I copy from my blog and paste it in.  If you have any multimedia in there that was posted on your blog website, you’re just going to have to upload those individual pieces into the post on LinkedIn. So you can make it a more visual post.  It doesn’t have to be just text.  You can put your all of your special html codes into LinkedIn and it will understand that.  When you embed a video in there, which is really nice and I’ve done – it’s on the upper right of the edit box for the post, just click on the button, you embed the link, and there it is.  You embed your video and you have an awesome looking blog post.  Now remember, if you publish your blog posts off of LinkedIn, your network won’t necessarily see them.  So this is a really nice way to get them in front of your network.  You can also post it to groups that you belong to, you can send these posts to people on LinkedIn.
Each piece of content that you create on LinkedIn is like a little mini advertisement for yourself.   It’s a chance for you to get in front of eyeballs and make them say WOW!<br />
So I really believe in developing your visual content to help you stand out above the crowd.


5.  Background Images – The last piece that I want to share with you today, I didn’t want to go on too long, about 15-20 minutes today,  the last piece is about background images.  This is something I found about recently, haven’t used it myself, I’m going to check into it a little bit more.  You actually have to ask for access to add background images, kind of like Twitter backgrounds, it kind of looks like that – I’ve actually seen it since I’ve been looking for them.  You can put a LinkedIn background behind your profile to make you stand out because it’s a visual.  If you’re a Premium member, this is available to you.  They recently introduced this.  They can add a customized LinkedIn background to your profile but it’s only for LinkedIn members.  They say it’s going to be rolled out to free account members, like myself, but in the meantime, you can request early access if you want to.

One person who I checked out, who speaks as an authority on this, is a woman named Donna Serdula and you can find her website at  She optimizes the text and stuff on LinkedIn profiles but she’s created these really cool templates for you to have a LinkedIn background.  So check out that website, I put that in the show notes.  That’s something that you can check out.  I haven’t used it myself but since this episode is discussing visual marketing pieces for your LinkedIn profile, it’s certainly worth mentioning.  It’s something you might want to do, maybe if you’re a LinkedIn Premium account member, this is available to you for free.  It’s not a necessity but it’s something that’s available to you so if you already paying for it, why not?<br />
So you’ve got your profile picture, your multimedia, your Slideshare presentations, long form posts and background images.<br />
And one other person that I want to give a shout-out to is Lewis Howes from The School of Greatness.  I took Lewis’ course Linked Influence and it was just phenomenal.  There are these awesome modules where you can learn about these elements on LinkedIn and it really helped me to optimize my profile as an online marketer and what I needed to do to update my title, and how I really needed to speak to that audience.  So it’s something you might want to check out too.  Again, check the Resources in the show notes.<br />
I’m having a ball in 2015 creating all this kind of content, especially visual marketing, something I really really wanted to do, more videos and definitely more Slideshare presentations.<br />
So if you have any questions, ideas for me, any content that you’d like to see created – something that would help you with online marketing and doing something smarter, definitely not harder, just drop me a line at  Check me out on YouTube, on Twitter @vickiesic and I hope to see you soon.  Thanks again for listening and I will see you next time.  Take care!




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