5 Simple Facebook Tricks that will Save YouTime

In this podcast episode, I share 5 secret tricks that will save you time and make you a Facebook Power User in no time!

In this episode, I give you 5 secret Facebook tricks that will make you a Facebook Power User for your business or brand,saving you time and money!

Save time and schedule your Facebook posts.

 1. Schedule Posts

Schedule Your Facebook Posts

Schedule Facebook posts.  Want to make sure your posts go live even when you’re offline? Use Facebook’s scheduling tool and set a publishing time for your posts. Click on the clock icon in the status line field and take it from there.


2. Save Posts for Later

Facebook Save for Later

If there’s anything on Facebook you want to save for later, click the little arrow in the top-right of any post.


Did you ever want to read a link that a friend shared on Facebook, but didn’t have the time at that particular moment? Then, when you finally do have a moment, you either forgot about it, or it has been buried under so much other junk that it’s not even worth searching for? We’ve all been there. That’s why you should get acquainted with Facebook’s “Save for Later” function.

If there’s anything you want to save for later, click the little arrow in the top-right of any post. Then click the Save “[name of story]” button from the pull-down. This will send the link to your Saved folder. “Where’s your Saved folder,” you ask? Good question! You actually won’t see it until you save something for the first time. Then you will see a little “saved” ribbon in your left-hand favorites bar. Click that and you will find all your favorite stories. Also works with any video your friends posted.

NOTE:  The Save for Later function is only available for your personal account at this time, so subscribe to things of interest and save it for later for your Facebook business.


3. Edit Your Published Comments

Edit Facebook Posts

Edit your posts really easily with the Facbook pencil icon!

Edit Facebook comments

Have you ever typed a typo in a Facebook post and clicked post too quickly?  Thankfully, Facebook lets users edit their comments quite easily. All you need to do is roll over the comment, click on the pencil icon and edit away!

4. Discover Messages that Facebook Hides

Discover Facebook Hidden Messages

Find hidden messages by looking in your “Facebook other” folder.


Find hidden messages

Not many people know that Facebook messages get split into two folders: Messages and Other. If you haven’t looked into the Other folder before, you probably missed some messages you didn’t want to miss.

Look in your “other” folder to find messages from people you are not connected to on Facebook, who want to contact you.


5. Auto post from WordPress to Facebook Business page

Autopost Your blog with networkedblogs

Automatically post your latest WordPress blog post to a Facebook fan page.


You can auto post from your WordPress blog to Facebook using NetworkedBlogs.  With this application, you can automatically post your latest WordPress blog post to a Facebook fan page.

Add the NetworkedBlogs application on your Facebook account (you can do this by searching for “NetworkedBlogs” and then add the application through there).

  1. Follow the steps to add the application successfully to your account.
  2. After you add it in, go to the Application (through your Facebook profile’s sidebar) and find the “Register a Blog” button on the top of the NetworkedBlogs application.
  3. Fill your Blog Name, URL, and other details in.
  4. Follow the steps to successfully validate the blog and to confirm that you are the author of the blog.
  5. If everything is successful, you should be able to see your blog’s feed on the NetworkedBlogs application page

From now on, every time you publish a post on your WordPress blog, it will also be published to your blog’s fan page’s wall automatically.


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