LinkedIn | 5 Key Strategies to Build Your Personal Brand

5 key strategies to help you build your online personal brand on LinkedIn. Using SEO and some other tips to optimize your LinkedIn presence, check out these 5 tips.


In this episode, I share my 5 key strategies to help you build your online personal brand on LinkedIn.  Using SEO and some other tips to optimize your LinkedIn presence, check out these 5 tips.

In today’s post, I will share with you 5 strategies that I’ve used personally to build my personal brand on LinkedIn.

#1 – Be personal.  Don’t forget that although it’s the web, these are still people out there looking for information about you.  It’s not a computer. Never, never, use in your invitation, “I would like you to join my professional network on LinkedIn.”  Because that’s just a standard filled-in piece of copy that LinkedIn includes automatically for all of their LinkedIn invitations.  So if you want to stand out for your own personal brand, make sure that you’re personal.  Make sure that you tweak and customize your invitation.

#2 – Share in LinkedIn groups.  With groups, you want your content to get seen.  Groups are a really a perfect way to do that.  If you provide valuable content, a 2-3 sentence summary, and something to just open a conversation, you’re good to go.  Now groups are a powerful vehicle for that.  A lot of people are at least in one group.  81% of LinkedIn users.  Now you’re saying how many groups can I belong to?  Well, at the time of this podcast, you can join up to 50 groups.  I belong to 50 groups, and from time to time, I will change them up.

#3 – Build brand associations.  Connect with your colleagues, your classmates, even people that you want to be associated with that you might not be all that familiar with.  If you connect with them, because you’re part of a group, if you’re part of a group that you belong to, you also have the right to connect with them.  In that way you’re associating yourself with that brand because you both joined a particular group on LinkedIn.

#4 – Build a distinctive profile headline.  Just like a title is the most important part of an article or blog post that you’re going to promote online because it’s the first thing anyone sees, just like that, when you write your LinkedIn profile, your headline for your LinkedIn profile, it’s the most important part.  It’s the first thing that anyone sees.

#5 – Stay visible with status updates.  Every time you update that status update, the home page of all of your connections is going to get a ping with your status update.  Status updates are also distributed to your network via email when LinkedIn sends your weekly network update.  Now that’s going to depend on if people are subscribing to weekly updates, or daily.  You know, the frequency.


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