Slideshare 5 Ways to Power Up Your Presence

Slideshare – 5 Ways to Power Up Your Presence

In this episode, I share 5 ways to power up your presence on Slideshare, one of the hottest social media platforms for professional presentations.  I’m in the top 5% of the most viewed presentations on Slideshare, so let me help you get noticed, too!

I love Slideshare. If you don’t know what Slideshare is, if you’ve never used it before, I’m sure you’ve seen a presentation. If you’ve seen a presentation, this is the online version of presentation powerhouse. It’s a great way to get what you have to say in a visual format, in a presentation up on line and in front of so many people. When Slideshare began, I think it was in 2006, October, they had a simple goal of just sharing knowledge online but since then, it’s really one of the largest communities for sharing presentations and other professional stuff besides presentations, like documents. It was founded in 2006 and LinkedIn bought it in 2012. So it took about 6 years for it to incubate and then LinkedIn really saw what its potential was.

Now the great thing about Slideshare is that, because LinkedIn owns it, you can really integrate it on your LinkedIn profile. Any presentations that you make, some infographics, your documents, videos, even webinars and pdfs can be integrated and shown on your profile.

There are about  60 million unique visitors a month and 250 million page views. That’s a lot so if you can just tap into a little bit of that, you can really really power up your presence.

There are different ways that you can benefit from Slideshare, not just by sharing and connecting with other people who put their presentations up there, but you can also discover and learn from other people – there are some top Slideshare authors – I don’t want to get into it too much right now because I really want to jump in to the 5 ways that I’m going to show you on how you can power up your presence.

  1. Use a remarkable Image


    Use a remarkable image to open your Slideshare presentation

    Open your presentation with a remarkable image.  Now, you can have just a plain slide if you want, with text.  That’s all well and good but most people have just regular text slides so should you be right next to someone else’s presentation when you can get so much more visual impact with an awesome image that’s getting people’s attention.

    I recently found out, I got an email from Slideshare, that I was in the top 5% of the most viewed presenters on Slideshare and that was awesome.  I had no idea.  I had been featured as a Featured Presentation on their website before and it got me even more views.


    Top 5 percent most viewed on slideshare

    Being top 5% on Slideshare is a great accomplishment and you can do it, too. Here’s how.

    One of the ways that I did that was by including an image that was very remarkable.  It was visual – I had included some of my own photos, my own photography.  I’ve included some images that I purchased from Canva that were super interesting, that you wanted to sink your teeth into.  I had an image on a slide that had cupcakes and it was on a presentation that on did on 10 essential social media graphics that you can create in under 15 minutes with Canva.

    So I included a graphic on the front that I got from Canva and I did a whole presentation on the graphics that you can create.  On that slide were cupcakes.  All throughout that presentation I wanted to include photos and imagery that you wanted to sink your teeth into so there were a lot of beautiful food photographs available on Canva and they were very affordable, only $1 each.  So I just grabbed them and I’ve gotten, to this day,  6,713 views.

    That’s not my number one most viewed presentations which was – ooh look at that, just hit 20,000 today – so it’s really great when you can see what the power of your first slide can do. That’s going to appear everywhere.  It’s going to be your thumbnail when you share it on Facebook, Google + or Pinterest.  If people search for you, your thumbnail is going to come up.  And, when you’re featured on the Slideshare home page, which I have been, it’s awesome.

    Your thumbnail is going to come up right there so make sure you spend the time to design your opening slide.  Find the right image that will grab attention and make them want to click through.  That’s what it’s all about, right?  You don’t want to have people looking at your opening slide and then just passing it by.  So take a look and double check how your image appears in different sizes, on different mobile devices so it looks awesome no matter how people are sharing it.

    I recommend Canva for my presentations, that’s my go-to tool.  There are other places where you can create presentations – I know that HAIKU Deck will help you put together different decks even if you’re on the go, on your iPad, but I prefer Canva.

    1. Keywords


    Using keywords will help your Slideshare presentations be found.

    Make sure you use your keywords – for SEO, Search Engine Optimization.  Make sure that you are including your keywords in your Slideshare presentation, amply describing what the content of that presentation is and what people can expect to gain from viewing it.  That’s the whole thing, you want people to click through and actually view your presentation.\

    So you’re going to increase your rankings dramatically when somebody’s doing a search and you are going to come up and people are going to click through.  So you want to draw that attention and get those conversions.  It’s something that you really need to take a look at.  In your file name for your presentation – you want to put your keywords in there.  Also, your URL slug, when you upload the name of your file, Slideshare makes that part of your URL slug.

    You’re going to definitely do better in the SERPS and get more traffic to your presentation if you use your keywords.  You should use your keywords in your profile on Slideshare, but that’s not what I’m really talking about today.  I want you to power up your presence by getting people to click through on those presentations that you worked so hard to make.  </p>

    1. Update Slideshare presentations

    edit your slideshare presentations

    Edit your Slideshare presentations to keep them fresh and relevant.

    Make sure that you update the existing Slideshare presentation decks that you have.  Once you start getting some presence on Slideshare and you have a volume of presentations that you’ve done before, don’t just think that that’s the be-all end-all, those presentations are there and they have to stay the way they are.

    reupload slideshare presentations

    Reupload Slideshare Presentations to keep them up to date.

    If you have an update to your presentation, maybe you put clickable links in there or maybe you want to upload the presentation again because you have a different slide or maybe a slide with a new call to action, or maybe you found a more impactful image and you want to do a test to see if people would click through on that presentation more than with the other slide that you had.  Don’t be shy – definitely update and improve your presentations.  It’s going to take a little time for the new file to go live – a few seconds or a few minutes.

    Definitely keep your presentations in top shape.  If your gut is telling you that you can do better, you should definitely update that presentation.

    1. Slideshare analytics

    slideshare analytics

    Use free Slideshare Analytics to learn more about what your audience finds most valuable.

    Use the Slideshare analytics that Slideshare gives you for free.  If you’re going to get something for free and it’s going to help you be better, then I definitely recommend you take a look at that.  Now I will tell you that Slideshare sent me that email of my being in the top 5% of the most viewed on Slideshare and it had a link in it.  It took me to my analytics so that I could see the viewership.

    I can see most of my viewers coming from a desktop and that’s important to me because it tells me that people are seeing my presentation on a big computer screen.  But not everybody has a big computer screen to see it on so it’s important to see how people are using Slideshare and the vehicle to view my presentation.  I get the most traffic from Slideshare – 64.4% of my traffic comes directly from Slideshare and that improves by sharing my Slideshares on LinkedIn, from wherever I am online but the direct sources 22.7% – that’s not as big as Slideshare.

    Being featured by Slideshare is I’m sure the number one way my views have grown.  So I highly recommend that you really improve the traffic to those Slideshare presentations so that people are going to take notice of it and then, in turn, Slideshare will take notice of it.  And then they will feed more people to it because they want to give credit to the great presentations that they have on Slideshare.  You work so hard – they want to give you credit.  They’re going to feature you in a certain category.  So that’s how I know that my Slideshare views are the number one source – that’s where I get my traffic from.

    Most of the people come from the US.  I also use 15 slides more than the average in 2014.  Stats.  So that works for me.  I’m not going to say that everybody has to include more slides but I’m telling you that I had a little bit more slides than the Slideshare average and my viewership was in the top 5%.  Whether or not that had a cause and effect, that’s up to you to be the judge.  I’m not sure but it’s definitely something to think about.

    1. 16 point font

    16 Point Font

    Use at least a 16 point font for your Slideshare presentations.

    Make sure that you use no less than a 16 point font.  It’s very important for you to understand that there are people who are viewing your presentation on a mobile device.  Not everyone is viewing it on a desktop.

    A lot of my views were on a desktop but you’re going to have people that are viewing it on a mobile and why make it smaller for them than they’re able to see on a mobile device.  You don’t know where they’re looking at it.

    You never know where somebody is actually seeing your website, which is why everybody makes their websites mobile-optimized if they can.  So using a font size that’s 16 points or higher is something that was recommended to me by Slideshare and I continue to do that to this day.  I also recommend that you don’t make it in a thin white because it’s not very easy to view on a mobile device.  I know, for myself,

    I’m not always in front of the desktop to take a look at other people’s presentations, I’m on the go – I might be on my couch, I might be out and about – so it’s always a good idea to think of your font sizes being viewable by most people.  If you want your viewership to go up, make sure that most people can see it.

    So those are my 5 tips for you today and if you have any questions about this, I’m going to be sharing some more tips with you in the near future.  I just wanted to make sure that you could digest all of these today.

    I love Slideshare and I was super excited to get that notification from Slideshare that my viewership was in the top 5 – that was awesome and I want to help you do the same.  If you feel that you have presentations that are going to get you some notice, then I want to help you make sure that those presentations get even more notice.

    If you have any questions, any ideas for me for upcoming podcasts or blog posts, maybe even a presentation or a video, I look forward to hearing from you.


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