In this episode, I share 3 major Facebook updates for business, from the recent F8 Facebook developers conference, and what it means for your business.


3 Major Facebook Updates and What It Means For-Your-Business

3 Major Facebook Updates will have an Impact for Business – Major Changes Announced at Recent F8 Conference.

F8, what is that? It’s based on an important part of Facebook culture and the idea that we use eight hours outside of our normal work day to learn about new technologies, so that’s what the name is all about, in case you’re curious about that.

It’s just three updates that I want to share with you today to let you know what came out of the F8 conference for Facebook. F8, what is that? It’s based on an important part of Facebook culture and the idea that we use eight hours outside of our normal work day to learn about new technologies, so that’s what the name is all about, in case you’re curious about that.The conference that takes place annually. There were some announcements and some new tools for the platform features to help you grow as a business on Facebook. There are also a lot of features that are going to help users on mobile, making it much more robust and interesting, so keep a really engaged audience for all of their businesses that are on Facebook. So it’s really interesting to see how it’s turning around to benefit the businesses that are on Facebook. It’s not just to socially connect us anymore to give us another social platform to use.

So I’m going to share with you today just three of the Facebook announcements at F8 that your business should really know about. So we’re going to go right into it.

1) Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger App

Facebook Messenger App

If you’ve use the messenger app, you also have it on your desktop, you know what it is. You can message people privately and communicate with them beyond just the Facebook wall.  Messenger brings you together and connects with people very personally. Soon it’s going to connect businesses with their customers. And it’s really cool. Businesses are going to be able to send messages to their customers like order confirmations, shipping statuses and delivery notices. This is to customers who want to participate. As a customer you can also use messenger to reach out to businesses with questions you may have and get really really quick responses. It’s going to launch in the next couple of weeks. This is all going to be in That’s where the show notes will sit. I’m going to put some more information in that post for you including links. So if you want to check out more about messenger go to And all of the links for you to click on will be in my post.

Facebook messenger from business is really a way for Facebook to step up its e-commerce and advertising game and kind of give Google a run for its money as a go-between to businesses. This way you’re going to be able to create an environment for more creative communication. By using messenger as a platform, Facebook gets to play more in the local small business space. You can place an order if you connect your Facebook to your account on a business’ website and by doing that you’re giving the business permission to contact you that way. It will give you a really easy way to stay connected and the connection will happen off of Facebook on the website where you can make a purchase and then connect to Facebook and then they can use the messenger app with you.

It’s really unclear as of now what the financial model is for Facebook. The messenger for business sign-up form has a radio button for businesses. In the end maybe Facebook will become a subscription platform for businesses. I don’t know how this is going to pan out but definitely it’s part of the marketing and advertising strategy that’s going to really appeal to businesses.

So from the customer’s point of view you can track your purchases and communicate with the business. It’s really good for customers who don’t want to get tons of email. Like when you make a purchase you get a confirmation order email, when your item has been shipped, when returned items have been received. I think that people could be very happy with this update and your business could make good use of it, ultimately connecting you in another way to your customers.

2) Video Embeds Outside of Facebook.

Embed a Facebook video post outside of Facebook

Embed a Facebook video post outside of Facebook

This is really powerful because previously, if you uploaded a video to Facebook, the only way that you could share was to link it within Facebook. It just kind of stayed on Facebook and wasn’t able to be used anywhere else. This is really a strong attempt to make it more attractive to people to upload their videos to Facebook instead of YouTube because Google owns YouTube and it’s all about the Google game, you want to make sure that your ranking and you’re getting that engagement on YouTube so that you can be found on Google ultimately.  So now Facebook wants to be your source for everything whether or not you are actually on the physical platform. So at F8, they introduced the ability to embed Facebook videos on other websites. While you’ve been able to upload your videos to Facebook, embedding them anywhere was really nothing that you could do. It was just easier to turn to YouTube. Now you’ll just click on embed and they’ll give you a code just like what you get on YouTube and you paste that code into your blog and the Facebook hosted video should pop right up.

So it’s really clever, very smart for Facebook to do to get into the game. If you want to upload something to Facebook but you also wanted on your blog, it’s really one-stop. It’s  going to be really really important for you and I think while Google gives you extra credibility when you upload your video to YouTube, Facebook is also going to give you more credibility, I’m sure, when you upload your videos to Facebook and use them beyond there. So if you want to take advantage of getting seen in the Facebook newsfeed, I’m pretty sure that if you start embedding your Facebook videos beyond Facebook, you’re going to get a little bit extra newsfeed juice, I’m sure. It’s because of that Facebook algorithm. So take advantage of that, the new update for video embeds outside of Facebook.

3) Update to LiveRail. 

LiveRail Ad Platform

LiveRail Ad Platform

Now I want to give you a little background on this. Last year Facebook bought LiveRail.  LiveRail is an ad exchange that fills add space within apps and sites to the highest bidder, kind of like DoubleClick. So at F8 they announced two changes. They are going to support mobile display ads in addition to video. It’s going to allow you to tap into a pool of Facebook data to determine which ad is going to show. They didn’t let you do that before. Now Facebook is expanding LiveRail with support for nonvideo mobile ads.

I wanted to give this to you because I thought that it’s a very important update for businesses if advertising on mobile is something that you want to take advantage of.  In this way it’s going to give you better control, efficiency and better game across the video and mobile display format.

You may have a smaller business that doesn’t take advantage of this but I think that it’s very important for you to know that Facebook is getting more into the mobile ads display ads game. There a big competitor with Google so stay on top of that. There’s a lot more happening with Facebook on that front.



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