In this episode I show you 5 simple ways to not only optimize the content you share on Twitter, but how to SEO your Twitter profile to be found by tweeps who are looking for your content!

5 Ways to Optimize and SEO Your Twitter Account Vickie iculiano

There are simple ways to not only optimize the content you create on Twitter, but also SEO your Twitter profile. Here’s How.

I’m big on optimization. I believe that we should all make the most use of every effort that we can. You want to be efficient. You want to be effective. You don’t want to just get out there on Twitter and tweet like all those tweets that you see flooding your feed. You want to make sure that you’re getting found and you are getting heard.

It’s not as easy as it was in the old days when there weren’t as many people on Twitter. Back then you could just hang out and easily meet people kind of like an online cocktail party. Now you can still mix and mingle with some influencers out there especially in social media because they have got the game handled, but it’s getting a lot bigger out there. There’s a lot more content and the saturation is getting crazy. You want to make sure that, in order to win that race, you can influence others just the same. You have got to do some optimization of your Twitter account.

So I am going to give you five tips today and within those five tips I am going to dig a little deeper.

1) Mixing up your tweets. I know that you want to get out there and share content, maybe you have an aggregator already. I used to use Google reader but they did away with that. And then it moved over to Feedly. There are a lot of great aggregators out there that can get a lot of content for you, like Alltop. I’m going to share some of the links with you at So not to worry, just let me go over my tips with you today.
You want to mix up those tweets, meaning that you are not just going to be like a robot. You’re getting this content and you’re sharing it out, especially if you have a share button on the website, you open it up and it’s easy enough to click on the share button and then you can share it with Facebook Twitter whatever social media platform you’re using. But if you think about it, everybody else is doing just the same. So instead of being just like a robot, mix it up. All right? Mix your tweets, keep it real. And on your Twitter account, when someone goes to look you up, they are going to see a mixture of real tweets like a conversation you might have with someone else, like you put the @ sign and you put their name and then a comment to them and then other tweets that you have. So you’re mixing it up and you’re not being a robot you’re mixing a few human tweets in there. Be engaging and interactive and there’s also definitely an entertainment factor when it comes to Twitter. So if you want to join that conversation, keep it real, talk about your favorite stuff, your favorite band, something that you ate today, even share a picture of it if you want. But keep it inside your business content that you can make sure that you’re building your brand and your presence but it also shows something that makes you real. So mix up your tweets. Don’t always just share content, share your own self.

2) Include an image with your tweet. I’m doing this very often lately, especially since I’m sharing my podcast links and my show notes on Twitter. If I can I will always include a graphic that I create on Canva. There are many online tools that are going to make it easy for you to create a simple graphic so that you can grab the attention of the Twitteratti , Tweeps, if you like to call them that. A picture is really worth 1000 words and your image is going to grab their attention a lot quicker than just another tweet that’s flowing through their news feed.

Now the tool that I prefer to use is Canva . They really have this great template at the very top when you open up a free account and it’s called a Twitter post. They give you a standard size for it. All you have to do is just add a couple of elements, some text. I’ll give you a link to a video that I created on that. It’s really simple and your tweet is really going to stand out. I recommend that you share your link for your post either on Twitter itself or you can use HootSuite. I think the Buffer app will also do it. If you do it this way, you’re not going to take up any extra characters in the tweet. Otherwise you are going to have the image link in the tweet. But if you do it directly through Twitter or those other places that I shared with you, it won’t. So you’ll be having the added benefit of having an image and some visual marketing in your tweets. And that will really help you optimize and stand out.

3) Structure. This is the magic piece here. All tweets aren’t really the same but if you’re going to dissect it, you’re going to see a blueprint for some best practices. No one size fits all for Twitter, especially if you’re sharing some others content, it’s best to include a headline or a phrase, a link and then a hashtag. Now including this hashtag is going to get influencers to notice you in those niche circles. So for people that are following certain hashtags, your tweet is going to get noticed by them. It would not pop up in their stream, their feed, however it is that they’re receiving their Twitter content. So make sure that you are structuring your tweets. You’ve got a headline, you’ve got a link, and then you’ve got a hashtag. Those are really the magic three for your structure, as I like to call it.

4) Retweets. Your retweets are going to help you optimize your profile because you are going to get others’ great content and go going to keep building your brand . You’re not always creating your own content, spinning your wheels. You’re finding great stuff from other great people including other great influencers. It’s a really good form of flattery, especially if you want to have a reason to connect with these people.

Now I’m going to go a little deeper,  so here are a few ways to make your retweets more strategic. Do not just hit the RT button on Twitter or HootSuite. Let me say that again. Do not just hit the RT on Twitter or, on Hootsuite, the bottom button to do that. Your comment is going to be a little work but the extra effort is going to go a long way, especially if you want to get a person who shares great stuff to notice you. You can also put your own comment or headline link that the person who you are sourcing has shared, but if you put your own comment and then you take a little extra effort to share the content of the tweet and put your own comment and just source them, that’s really good.

Now little birdie told me that you can also get indexed by Google by re-tweeting a very popular tweet that you want your name to be associated with. So take note of how you are re-tweeting and my tip for you here is don’t just do the blank retweet and just retweet someone stuff. They are going to see that you did because they are going to get a notification that you did share their content but if there’s no thought or comment into it then how are they going to know that you even read it? Or even took an interest in it? Or had a comment or thought about it? So it’s really about building relationships and engaging with these people. Take some extra effort to restructure the tweet instead of just a blank RT. If you just want to re-tweet and it’s easier for you, it’s kind of the only time that you have available, then just put a comment at the end. You can put a pipe, on my keyboard it’s the shift key and the forward slash key. You can put a bracket, whatever it is, but you can always in the tweet with your own personal comment. And that’s a really great way to show somebody, that you valued what they had to say and had a comment about it. That little feedback is going to really help optimize your Twitter account and make it more effective for you because you’re building those relationships. And also just remember that Google is going to index you if you tag onto a popular tweet, if you want your name to be associated with it, then you RT.

5) SEO and optimizing your profiles, especially Twitter, because Twitter is so highly indexed on Google. You really have to take advantage of it. I’ve given video tutorials on how to SEO your profile and your images. I’ll give you the link for that in the show notes, so don’t worry about that. But it’s really going to get you to stand out if you optimize your Twitter profile because it’s going to go further than just the people seeing your profile up. Your search engines are going to pick up on it. So never just include that default egg as your image. Just do a makeover with just these couple of tips here, you’re going to get more benefit on Twitter with the simple things.

    • SEO your title, which is your username on Twitter. Now your name on your user settings and your profile name are going to be the title tags for your profile that you want. You want Twitter to see that. You’re going to include that in your profile so you might as well include keywords in that username if possible.
    • Make sure to include your file name and your name as an alt tag when it comes to your profile image. Use a branded image of course. One of you if your Twitter account is a person, not just a brand. If it’s your name that your Twitter account, use your own name as your alt tag. Twitter is going to automatically use your name in the profile settings as the alt tag for your profile image.
    • Include keywords in your bio. It would be a total throw away to not include keywords. If you couldn’t include keywords in your username, make sure to include them in the beginning because that’s a lot heavier value with SEO and services like clout that are going to pull your Twitter bio as your default clout profile description. There are Twitter search engines that use the keywords in your bio to serve up to people are looking for certain types of people maybe for Twitter content or maybe just looking up users with certain keywords in their profile. Don’t forget hashtags and links or other Twitter handles that you may have one other accounts.

So those are my five Twitter tips for you today on optimizing your Twitter account. We’ll go over them again.
1) Mix up your tweets and keep it real.
2) Include an image with your tweet.
3) Structure – the magic three, your headline or phrase a link and then a hashtag.
4) Retweets and the way to be strategic about them, not just doing the click of a retweet button but taking a little more time on that.
5) Optimizing (SEO) your Twitter profile with a file name and other tips that I gave you like including keywords in your bio. These are really really going to help you. Okay?




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