How to Create An Awesome Online Media Kit

An online media kit is the perfect opportunity to convey all the important information about yourself and your accolades to get the media to get the word out about you. Make it easy with an online media kit.

In this episode, I show you the elements needed for a successful online media kit and some super examples to get you started.

The Internet is 24/7 so that means that your online media kit has to sit somewhere online. It has to have all the meat and potatoes, all the stuff that somebody could be looking for because if they don’t find it, they’re not going to come back to see if you have it tomorrow.

You might be familiar with the old style tradeshowy kind of press kit that you need to hand out to the media or anybody that’s interested in learning more about you, your business or your brand. A few years back I was actually in a different career. I was a very successful jazz vocalist working a lot, I had a lot of dates set out during the year with my Quartet. . I had a physical press kit that I needed because I was going to a lot of trade shows and handing it out along with my demo CDs.  I also was mailing a lot of my material to performing arts centers and various venues with all of the information about my band and what I had done, the places I had performed, looking to get more gigs.  But I also had an online press kit (called an “electronic press kit” or EPK, back in the day…).  You need a press kit online – it really translates to showing your successes online.  Honestly, the Internet is a lot bigger now than it was then it was back in the early 90s when I started. So it’s really important to get your presence on the web the second somebody’s looking to find out about you.

If you’re launching something like a new product or a new book or if you have something new to tell people and you’re looking to get media appearances then certainly you would need to have your online media kit. I’m going to tell you how you can do just that and what kind of elements you need in your online media kit no matter what business you are in.

This online media kit is the place you’re going to want to send your partners to, people that are producing media.  If you want to get immediate appearance, maybe product reviewers for your new product whatever it may be, even your new restaurant, it certainly is necessary.  It’s something that I did when I got a Zagat review for restaurant that I was working with in social media and doing their online marketing.

You can also send your super super fans to it. It’s like a resource page that you are designing to give somebody all the tools that they need to do what they’re going to do to get the word out about you.

Here are some components that I would recommend your splitting into several pages on your website but all contained within the same tab on your website. You can call it Media Kit, Media, Online Press however you want to do it. I’ve seen it called a different number of things on different websites, you have to do what works for you.

First, you want to make sure that it’s clear what the page contains. So you need a headline, call it Media Kit, Online Press, whatever.

Secondly is a  table of contents. This is an overview of the page and a really quick way for visitors to navigate to the parts that are most relevant for him or her.

I’m going to give you an example here. Back in episode number 40, I interviewed Mike Michalowicz, New York Times best-selling author of The Pumpkin Plan, and he was having a book he was launching, Profit First. I needed to find out what media information he had available so that I could be prepared for our interview which is up on YouTube.(link below)  I was able to take questions and images from his media page. So it’s really making it a very easy resource for anybody that wants to get more information. There are author bios, radio television and podcast interview questions, it’s a great page. So you go to and that’s where he has all his stuff. Take a look at that I think it’s a great example, he does a great job.

Next, you want to include contact information. Make it really easy for anybody that wants to contact you, the media, your fans, people that are doing events, speaking engagements, whatever it may be.  It can be a very simple contact form or a place on the right side of your page telling them who to contact for media inquiries, event inquiries, social media post links and all other kinds of inquiries that people can ask for. You can even put your email address, make sure that you encode it so you don’t get a lot of spam.

Make sure that you include all the basic information about your new product. You don’t want to jam it up with your other copy on the rest of the media page. Give them some basic product info, don’t make them look for it.

Use sales copy if you want, about 100 words. You can have product specs if you need them and definitely photos. If it’s a book that you are launching and you want to share more information, you’ll need a 3-D photo that can show it in different angles. For my book that I was launching on Smartphone Photography, (link below), I made sure that I went to Fiverr and I asked someone that knew how to do it and had the resources and tools to create a 3-D book cover for me and it worked out beautifully. It cost me five bucks. There’s something called BoxShot 3-D, I think they’re up to version 4 now and you can create product shots that are really beautiful but it’s going to cost you about 200 bucks for the software. So five dollars or $200, for me I knew which one was the most affordable. So that’s what I did, I went to Fiverr and just looked up someone that could create a 3-D book cover for me. So you might want to think of that for whatever product you might have to create something for your media page if you need it.

Then there should be some basic information in trailers. I’ll give you another tool, Animoto. It’s a great tool to create a free video that has music and it’s really beautiful. I’m going to give you a link below to the Animoto video that I created for my book launch. It help me launch to bestseller status. So I’m telling you, you have photos and videos. Those are superbly important for your media page.

Include your full bio, you may also include a short version because they may want to include just a bio intro for the podcast or interview or whatever it may be.

Nice head shots, several of them for formal, casual, and action shots.

And definitely product endorsements by authority figures in your category. If you can’t get that look for people who have impressive credentials like media appearances on the radio, television, just be relevant to your professionals and fans.

And also include some interviewer resources. Make it easy for people, producers, media producers to book you. You want to include some talking points. Mike Michalowicz , on his website, it gives an excellent example of how to do this. There’s a bio with talking points; it’s a narrative but it kind of makes it easy for the interviewer to make it naturally sounding.

You can give a list of interview topics, different hooks, making it easy for producers to book you or feature you in their media and you want to provide a list of topics and angles for interviews. Make sure you make them relevant to what people are talking about and  keep it updated.

You can give sample interview questions. Michalowicz had it on his website and it was very helpful to me when I was putting together his interview. When you look at people who do it the right way, it gives you some excellent ideas.

You can also include some fan resources. It’s really great to have fans. As people vouch for you out there, turn them into brand ambassadors or evangelists for you. You can give them sample chapters in a PDF. You can use Scrib D, where fans can embed the sample chapters to their own blogs where they can share it with others.

You can also give them Twitter post samples, like 10 to 20 sample tweets, maybe a hashtag so you can track them all in one place.

And if you have an affiliate deal that you want to give, you might want to give people commission or something, you can have banner ads for your fans to put on their blogs or websites. You can look on Google for cheap banner ad design or something or, as I recommend, just go to Fiverr. Create ads for all the banner ad sizes, check it out and see what works for you. Then you can also offer some incentives. I know that Gary Vaynerchuk is a great example of that. (link below).  Give them tools, make them look like a superstar. It’s a win-win, right?.

Another great idea –  put media reactions on your page, kind of like a wall of fame. You can put your best customer reviews, any Facebook comments that you’ve gathered, screenshots of Google plus comments, Twitter, and also product or service reviews. Sharing endorsements and enthusiasm will spread the enthusiasm even more.

Another great resource for you is Joan Stewart, Publicity Hound. She has a great newsletter that I subscribe to and she always gives you some ideas in getting publicity for yourself, not just in traditional ways but also online. She brings it up to date. She had a post in her newsletter that triggered the idea for me to do something on online media kits.

Definitely check out this media kit,  It really helped this restaurant that I was working with. It got some notoriety in the industry. They were only seven years in existence and I wanted to get them this national award from the National Restaurant Association. In order to do that I wanted to get them a Zagat review and put them on the map. It worked but one of the things that I needed to do first was to  include a media kit which their website needed. It included their restaurant fact sheet, press releases, reviews and media appearances. Some of those appearances I got for them, but some were because they did so great and people really loved their food but the point is one piece of media led to another. It’s like a snowball effect.

There were the local traditional press releases that I sent out but I also sent out online releases which did lead to media appearances for them. Those press releases were crucial to getting them those media appearances. So don’t just think that just because you have a media kit on your website right now that the media is just going to come scrambling to you. You’re going to need to do some legwork and do some press releases to get the attention. We’ll do that maybe in another episode on press releases. I did some teaching on that in the past; I have a video on YouTube about that. I think that’s a great way to get some attention out there. One of the pieces in their media kit is an appearance I had gotten in Restaurant Business Magazine. It’s called  Marketing’s Grand Slams. (link below).

So it’s a combination of things. You’ve got an online media kit that’s always there for people to see what you’ve got to say for yourself, your brand, but you also want to drive traffic to see it. If you use social media, you’re ahead of the game. You want to use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus but you also might want to make a SlideShare presentation. That’s a great way to get some people interested in what you have to say and also it gives you another platform to have your content on and make you a superstar. Be sure to include, on a different PowerPoint slide, another piece of your media kit and you can build it out that way. It gives you another multimedia platform to use.

Your online media kit will get you noticed and pave the pathway for the media and public to reach out to you.  Twenty four hours a day online!



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