7 Secrets to LinkedIn Success

LinkedIn is an awesome platform for you to build your brand. I’m talking about your personal brand, which means you as a person, but also your company, your business, maybe that you work for, and everything that you believe in, and everything that you stand for. Gives you a really, really beautiful plate to serve everything that you want to be serving to people who want to learn more about you.

It’s just fascinating to see how many people have really upped their game on LinkedIn as LIONs, which they’re known as, which are LinkedIn Open Networkers. I’m a LinkedIn Open Networker and I have about 1,400 connections, a little bit more. I just love connecting with people because the more people that you connect with, the more opportunities are available for you, because you’ll be served up in search when somebody’s searching for you, for your industry, or what it is that you do.


Make sure you’re using your industry keywords for your expertise in your headline and also all of your past work experience.You want to come up in SEO search, so you want make sure that your headline has what it is what you do and what it is that people will be searching for when they’re looking for the expertise that you have and you’ve worked so hard for. Make sure that it’s in your LinkedIn headline, what you do and all of your past experience that has to do with that industry experience as well.   SEO is going to be crucial, very, very, important.  Making sure that in all of your past experience and your description for what you did at each of those positions that you’ve had have that term in it as well.

Linkedin Headline Vickie Siculiano

Make sure your headline keywords tell what it is that you do so that you can be found in a search


Build up that summary with your contact info. It’s a great spot for it. You can do a little summary about yourself, but also how people can contact you. You could put your email, your phone number. This is something that people really overlook. They just include a short, little blurb summary about everything that you’ve done before and that’s it. Make sure that you put your contact info, especially if you’re a smaller business and you want people to be contacting you maybe by phone, or you want them to check out your website, you could totally build it up in your summary.


Upload  rich media to your entire profile. By rich media, I mean more than just text and putting in descriptions for everything that you have done. The words, in other words. If you look below at the bottom of each of your pieces of your profile, you’ll see that you can add media. You can add documents, photographs, links, videos, and presentations. This is a new feature that they have. Before, you could just add the media in the summary section, which is up to five only.  Now you can add even more.  This is a great way to really have your profile pop above the rest of the people who are just doing text profiles on LinkedIn. It’s super important to make sure that you grab as many eyeballs and keep as much attention as you can out there on LinkedIn. Upload your media to your entire profile. If you’ve done a pdf of maybe some article that you’ve been featured in, that’ll be awesome to include in the section of your profile that’s most relevant. Create a pdf, upload it, boom, it’s going to really grab some attention.

linkedin add rich media

Add documents, photographs, links, videos, and presentations to enrich your profile.


I’m a content monster, I’m always creating content, repurposing it, I love it, it’s just a creative thing that I love to do.  You want to make sure of repurposing if you’re blogging, but also try to repurpose everything that you create for some other purpose. SlideShare is really great way to do this. A few years back, LinkedIn purchased SlideShare, so it’s really tightly integrated with LinkedIn now. If you do a SlideShare presentation, make sure that you integrate it with your profile.


If you blog, then you currently could include that in your blog on LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives you a blog that you include text in. You can also include a 698 x 400 pixel image for. At the top of the blog post on LinkedIn, when you upload that picture, it’s going to really nice, sweet, and sexy on your profile. Not everybody’s doing it right now, so it’s a great way to jump on and come up in the updates for your contact on LinkedIn.I have a couple of blogs. Right now I have my blog on Say WOW Marketing, which I use for my show notes for my podcast, but also I have a restaurant marketing blog that I’m building up again. It’s on my website right now at  saywowmarketing.com/restaurant.

linkedin add your blog

Include your blog on your LinkedIn profile with a 698 x 400 pixel image at the top for added eye appeal


From time to time update your headline. You can easily just switch some words around.  Make it fresh. You can include some new key words.  Just make sure that you get those updates in your news feed so that people will be seeing you. It’s kind of like a ping. You want to just include your newest, latest, and greatest information to your profile. Don’t just discount it and say, “Oh, now I did this and I’m not going to include in on my LinkedIn profile. I’ll get to it at some point.” Updates are valuable because you will always be top of mind.


If you look on the right of the screen when you’re viewing your profile, you will see your profile strength. It’s a circle and it says what level you’re at.  Right now I’m at an all-star because I’ve updated most of the sections of my profile and I’m always updating it. I’ve added a background picture. There’s a lot of things that you can do to LinkedIn.

linkedin profile strength

Keep adding to your profile and you’ll raise your Profile Strength and pop up in more feeds

LinkedIn really, really has changed. They’re becoming more of a visual platform. I think it’s great because visual marketing is so crucial now to every business, so you’re getting a really highly visual platform to use. Take advantage of it. That profile strength on the right is going to show you how much of your profile is completed. The more you complete your profile, the more you’re  going to be popping up in people’s feeds.

LinkedIn Top Profile Views

Checkout industry Top Profile Views and look at their profiles

On the left side of the desktop screen, you can add sections to your profile.  There’s a lot of stuff. You can take advantage of publications, like the book that I wrote. I put that up there too.  “The Direction of the Media Profession” was an article that I wrote in the International Journal of Media Management.  It’s included in my profile. You can include all your courses, your languages. There’s a ton of stuff here. Totally take advantage of it.

At the top of your profile, go to the sections that it says that you have. Then you can click on “view more.” Add a section to your profile. I’m just looking at some of the pieces that I haven’t included in my own. If you’ve added these already, you won’t see these pop up. They want you to add as much experience as you have. They want to get people more engaged and involved with LinkedIn.

You can include volunteering experience, opportunities, organizations, certifications, honors and awards, that’s an awesome thing to include, test scores. If you’re an inventor, you can showcase your innovation and expertise with patents .  Don’t forget causes you care about and supported organizations.  I totally love this one -“Projects” that you work on. This will help show your skills, experience, and people that you’ve worked with.  Those are just some of the sections that you can add to your profile and you can reorder them by clicking and dragging.

linkedin add sections

The more sections you complete, the stronger – and more visible – your profile

There’s just so much that you can do with LinkedIn. I just gave you seven things today to just take a look at, to see if you can beef up your LinkedIn profile. If you have a special way that you like to beef up your LinkedIn profile, or if you have a story about how you found an opportunity on LinkedIn, and I totally have. It was a way that I found jobs in the past. Just by being found on there, I’ve been contacted. It’s a great way to improve your brand recognition – I highly recommend it.


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