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Today  I’m excited to talk about a new platform called Blab. Now, there’s one platform coming out after the other, and it’s a little overwhelming to think that you have to touch upon all of these platforms, especially for your business or if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re just trying to make a name for yourself out there in online marketing. It’s tough.

What is Blab? Blab really combines Google Hangouts with the Periscope functions of being able to have commentary from viewers who are watching you live. It’s a live group video chat.

A little history. It was founded by the creators of Bebo, which was like this original social media platform even before Facebook. They founded it and then it was bought by AOL and then they bought it back for like a billion dollars and then they grew it into this platform that we know it as today. Will not be there tomorrow the same as it is now. It’s still in a beta version, They’re testing it out. They’re really doing a great job of kind of crowd sourcing the ideas for what people really want out of this platform so they can mold it into what we all want it to be. Okay, so that’s a little bit of the history of it.

How do you get the app?  Right now the app is for iPhone. You can download the Blab app and you can start blabbing right away or watch other Blabs. You can just see what people are talking about and join in, kind of see what people are doing, to see what you want to and what you don’t want to do. They’re trying to get people to tag stuff so that you have tags associated with your Blabs, and you can search for other people’s Blabs. Tags like hashtags on Twitter, they work really wonderfully for you to be able to search for conversations. There’s a search bar at the top that you can search for keywords or any users names that you think might interest you. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, just click on the Subscribe button below the Blab. if you subscribe to the Blab, you’re going to be emailed a link when that replay’s up and running.

Android user?  There will be an app coming in the near future for Android. They won’t be able to survive without it, but for now if you want to use the platform on your Android device, you would just have to go through the Chrome browser,

One really great thing that I love about Blab is that there are replays available. If you want people to continue to see you and you want to build your SEO, I’m a big, big proponent of using that content for something else. There are replays of Blabs, which is good for people who didn’t see the Blab before. Blab stitches together recorded Blabs for the host, and they allow you to see the replays.

Don’t forget to repurpose your Blab – you can download it. You can embed it. It’s really, really great. If you have a blog that you want people to see your Blab on, you can just host it on your website, on your WordPress site, whatever it is, and you can feature it there. You can also share them in social media. Blab makes it super, super easy to make things shareable. You can see who’s viewing your Blab. Especially if you want to grow your audience, it’s nice to see who’s there.

Up to 4 people can be actively in the Blab on screen.  When one leaves, you can see the blank space where you can jump in. You can also see the little icons of the participants and you can click on them, read their bio and even follow them.  Very social!

Remember the Periscope hearts?  On Blab there’s a “feeling” emoji – 2 hands up – to show the speaker you’re feeling them and appreciating their comments. Instant feedback!

So now you have this new platform. See what people are doing, how people are talking and getting together all over the world. It’s really important to see what people are doing in the space and especially to learn from others. It’s completely what’s necessary in online marketing. If your business that doesn’t really sit in online marketing but you use online marketing to help your business, I want you to learn from others that are using the platform  and think of how you might be able to integrate this with your business model.  Have fun with it!



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