5 Ways Micro-Video Can Rock Your Social Media

5 Ways Micro-Video Can Rock Your Social Media

What is Micro-video?

A microvideo can be a short video, a stop-and-start video strung together to be one seamless video (Instagram does this), or multiple photos put together into a video clip slideshow.  Typically, they’re made with a smartphone – simple to shoot, edit and share.

Micro-video became very popular in 2013, and continues to grow in popularity with apps like Instagram and Vine. It is a quick way to share an engaging piece of visual content, sort of like a mini-movie. Especially as social media feeds become even more cluttered with not only regular social media posting, but advertisements thrown in there, as well.

We have to do whatever it takes to keep the attention of our fans and followers, and micro-video is a great way to do this, since the average person just doesn’t take the time. Most businesses share photos and posts, but there is another way to capture your audience’s attention, so the next time you reach for your smartphone camera, bring something to life through video. Truth is, it’s very simple to do. Remember to keep them entertaining and informative.

5 Types of Micro-Video You Can Create for Your Social Media

1. Events
Not everyone can attend an event that your business might be hosting, or perhaps you are attending an event that someone can not be privy to. This is a perfect opportunity to just capture a quick video.

Here is an example of a quick video I created with the Flipagram app. I was presenting on social media, so I was able to string together photos from the event taken for me from the audience. I just added music, and then it became a pretty engaging piece of content that lives on to this day, as I’m able to now embed it right here from Instagram, just one of the social media sites it was shared on.

New #video created with @flipagram. #ecievent #socialmedia presentation and #tradeshow performance!

A video posted by ExhibitCraft (@exhibitcraft) on

2. Product/Service Give a sneak peak at a product that you haven’t yet debuted or a current product for which you want to generate interest. Seeing a quick clip is all the taste that someone will need to peak their interest to find out more.  Don’t forget a call to action where to find out more information!

GoPro is an excellent example of how to infuse excitement into a brand through video.  They want you to imagine the possibilities that exist when using their camera.  You could take it on an underwater dive with the dolphins or on a motorcross, and immediately be able to share it in social media and generate excitement for your product.

 3.  Product Demo / Utility You can easy share a photo of your product or service in social media, but showing utility and how someone would actually use it is a little more in depth.  That’s where how-to videos come in, or perhaps a demo of your product, where someone might not be familiar with how to use it. When you talk about your product, people get it immediately – you’ve got value.  The problem is, you can’t possibly walk each and every one of your customers through it. With a product demo video,  you can the best features and unique selling point in an entertaining and very engaging way.  Even more, social media makes it really easy for fans to share with their friends!

Groupon is a great example of how to create engaging product demo microvideos.

What Is Groupon? from Brad Chmielewski on Vimeo.

4. Behind the scenes
Most businesses take consumer-facing photos that their customers are already familiar with.  Not many produce video, either, and that’s where you have an opportunity.

You’re always out and about as the voice of your brand, so you should be the eyes behind the scenes for your customers. Give your customers (and potential customers) a look behind the scenes to show all of the work put into your products or services. It adds authenticity and value to your product or service.

Another great example of a brand using micro video content is Jet Pilot. The clothing and watersports brand use short clip, popular on Instagram, showing behind the scenes clips of their products being used – emphasis on action!

. Men's Winter Range, NOW ONLINE! JETPILOT.COM.AU @wilson_mx @__lukewilson15 @geran14

A video posted by Jetpilot Company (@jetpilotcompany) on


5. Contests

You can use microvideo to get people excited about your brand, and super engaged sharing the microvideo content with their friends. Rather than producing microvideo yourself (even though you can use it to announce the contest), you can also seek microvideos from your audience.

The Doritos SuperBowl microvideo contest asks fans to create a 30 second Doritos video commercial, which they will air during the next SuperBowl.

Here is a link to an article about the USC graduate who won the contest last year.  You can see his 30 second video there.

These 5 simple ideas can be used to start your own microvideo campaigns.  Pick one or all, your brand will be super engaging with your audience.  Microvideo is on the rise with the use of smartphones.