102 1 second everyday - my new favorite app and why

What would you do if I told you that this post would be devoted to enhancing your life, and improving the way you capture your world with your smartphone? Not just photographs, but actual video clips of every day of your life.

Yes, my purpose is to share with you smarter ways of online marketing, but not everyone is capturing precious moments of their lives, even capturing priceless moments for their businesses. People want to connect with you – the person behind the brand. And I’m going to tell you a little known app (believe me, that will change soon.) that will enhance your life by giving you the tools to do just that.

One Second Everyday, invented by Cesar Kuriyama, is available for 1SE – iOS and Android devices.

Here’s a preview of the incredible app. Incredible because it makes your life super easy to capture and create this type of content!

The app allows you to see a calendar, noting a day yellow when a movie is available on your smartphone from that day, and black when nothing is available. You can import photos and movies when none is available, and you can use the slider at the bottom of the screen when you see a clip that you want to capture just a second of. If you don’t like the one you chose, you can easily start over again.

I remember seeing the app in use in the movie Chef, with John Favreau, where his son captures a second every day with the app. When he shows his father the movie, he is so touched. It’s like the kid became the social media guru of the food truck team. The movie is aweswome, but here is a link to that video for you:

The app was featured on ABC7 news the other day, and it inspired me to start my own 1SE video, capturing one second day for my son, born on May 28, 2015. I have tons of photos, but I had to dig for the videos. Now it will become second nature to me to pick up my iPhone 6s to capture not only beautiful photographs (including monthly birthday photos), but also video, which is just as easy.

The app makes your life super simple and all you have to do is select the second you want, and presto.

Here is a sneak peek into my son Sean’s creation, only ⅓ of the way done, but you can already see how big he’s getting…I’m so glad I have this app to make it super simple for me to capture and document my world.

The business implications are endless, especially if you want to capture seconds at an event, making a visual collage, or even something seasonal, you could capture a particular theme at a certain time of year.The possibilities are really endless, and the tools of production are greatly democratized. We not only have powerful smartphone cameras (my iPhone 6S capture 4K video now, and the images are incredible), but we have powerful mobile photo editors, and now video editors, which is what 1 Second Everyday is only $1.99 in the App Store.

To see and hear the Ted Talk by 1 Second Everyday Inventor, Cesar Kuriyama, here’s the video:

You can also hope on a crowd sourced 1 Second Everyday Video by submitting your creation. Don’t forget to follow 1SE on Facebook – 1 Second Everyday, too.

Let me know if you see the possibilities for you with this ingenious app. I hope it improves your life and gives you a creative outlet to capture your world. Please share your thoughts.