10 Reasons I'm Rethinking My Business

The time comes when inspiration drives you to rethink your strategy, Here are my 10 reasons.

1. On Blogging

So I had to get back to basics when it comes to blogging.  What I would blog about, going back to the beginning for me – project management, digital food photography, I’ve had quite a few blogs.  And they all started with my writing.
Then as I developed my business, and learned how to grow an audience and reach other people, I started podcasting.  I absolutely loved it, but I forgot about the importance of blogging first.  For me, blogging helps me get my thoughts in order here first, come up with a cohesive theme and thought for the day.  It’s just a place for me to write about whatever inspires my soul.

2. On Inspiration

Being a new mom, inspiration doesn’t come that easily for me as it used to, as my thoughts are consumed throughout the day with my son, and making sure that he’s taken care of, whether it’s feeding time, changing time, bath time, play time, sleep time. Heck, there are a lot of different kinds of times.  So, the inspiration time for me comes very little in between that, as I’m often exhausted throughout the day to even think of myself, let along what I’m going to blog or podcast about.
Let me tell you what my inspiration of the day was yesterday.
Yesterday. I was able to take the baby, with my mom, and go to the local arboretum, Laurelwood,  It’s really beautiful there and all the Fall colors are in full bloom.  We first went to Packanack Lake, but there is no parking there for non-residents and we just went to the next best place, the Arboretum.  They have a small lake there, and it was really magnificent.  He woke up after a little nap so some of the shots were of him sleeping, but when he was up, he really enjoyed it.

3. On Video

And video?  If you have a separate studio space in your home, it’s pretty easy to just sit down in your space, and record a video.  I was loving video and seeing how my channel subscriptions were growing, comments flowers, and how my searches would be increasing.
My studio that I used to record video in, is pretty much a shambles, and in disarray.  All of the stuff that was in my old office, which is now a nursery, is now in here.  And at the point where he needed a closet, including the servers and modem, that all had to be rerouted through my attic into the closet in this space.  I don’t know when I’ll have the time to fix it up.  Without a studio space, it’s very difficult to have a place to record video on a regular basis.  So, video went out the window for me.

4. On Podcasting

Plus, I don’t have much time to get all dressed and made up for the camera, so podcasting was good for me.  It still is, and I love speaking to an audience and teaching.  What I’ve always done throughout my career is teach.  So, podcasting gets right to the heart and soul of your audience, without any video in the way, just your audio, right into the soul.  I love podcasting, I really do, but I miss the two way conversation I used to have with comments on YouTube, and when people could actually see me and have a conversation with me.
I did a recent podcast with a guest, Joan Conn, and it was great, but very hard to fit into my schedule, indeed.  She was great though, and we worked it out.  But I honestly can’t say when I would be able to have another guest on – all of my podcasts have to be with me only right now.

5. On Periscope and Blab

Recently, Periscope and then Blab became all the rage.  First Periscope came along and allowed you to have an interactive show with an audience, with only text questions and hearts flying at you – a very distracting experience, and nothing like live performance for sure.  But I wanted to try it, so I did two of them.  Then Blab came along and is now all the rage.  Social Media Examiner and Michael Stelzner host regular Blabs, as well as other experts on various topics.  The thing I like about Blab is that it’s live and in real time, and you can communicate with your audience, but it’s four squares on a screen, kind of like the Brady Bunch. Someone is going to come along and change the game.  Live streaming smartphone video is still in its infancy.

6. On Smarter Online Marketing

Every week, I commit to coming out with a weekly blog post and podcast about some topic that will help  you with smarter online marketing.  I search on the web for trending topics, and add my own two cents, and take on these issues, and I share them with my audience.  Social Media and Online Marketing is what I have been doing professionally for the past 15 years.  The scene has changed much within that time, and I love the arena because you always have to keep learning to keep a leg up on everything.

7. On Coaching

I love learning, but I love even more teaching people what I’ve learned.  I am a natural born teacher and I always knew that. There are so many topics that interest me and I’ve had quite a few different hats in my lifelong journey.  I’ve been a personal trainer when I lost a lot of weight and got myself in shape after a back injury.  So I studied, got certified (NASM), and worked in a gym environment before taking on personal clients, then starting my own business, Women’s Outdoor Workout (that’s where the first WOW came from!).  I’ve been an executive assistant, and often was brought in to coach the staff on how to do something (particularly on the PC).  I love love love coaching.  I really do.

8. On Audience

Now that my schedule is always up in the air, I strive to be there for my audience, but I think it’s time for me to reach my new audience.  I’ve been very inspired by the comments of others who have said my photos and videos of my son have left them in tears, they were so moving.  I have never gotten that kind of reaction before, and it is very inspiring to me.  I know that I could help others to do that, too.  If they only learned a little bit more about what their smartphones and a little imagination could do.

9. On New Projects

WIth the inspiration that I shared in the Inspiration section above, my trip to the arboretum, taking photos and video of the baby, I realized that I have a new life, and my life involves a new little person that really needs me.  He needs to be part of my project as he is a very special part of my life, this new little miracle.
In the early A.M., when I thought of this new business model, I realized it’s more of a B2C than a B2B.  And that’s OK with me.  I tried to fight it for a while now, but I can always be of help to businesses, but I’ll never have a chance to be a new mom again.  I am very lucky to have this little miracle here with me on earth, and I don’t want to miss out on one chance to share him with the world.  And I’m sure there are a lot of other new moms out there who feel the same, just don’t know how to go about it, when they’re trying to take care of all the other things that need taking care of.  Maybe even before they have to go back to work, as in a lot of cases.
Lucky for me, I don’t have a full time job to go back to anymore.  When I was all ready to go back, after having the baby, I was laid off.  That forced me to rethink my strategy in earning a living, although I always wanted to do coaching full time and make my money on the internet, as some of my heroes have done that continue to inspire me (John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield among others!).

10. On Inspiration and the Web

As I’ve shared in podcasts and videos before on what you should do for your business in social media, I grabbed my new business name accounts for my latest project (which I cannot reveal just yet, but it will be clear shortly).  I grabbed my facebook page name, twitter and instagram accounts, and got hold of the domain name I thought of at 4:30 in the morning yesterday, when I woke up.
I have a new fire in my belly again (and this one won’t take 9 months and make my clothes not fit!), and I’m really excited to have a little person inspire me so much, that I will soon be able to teach and inspire others once again.  Don’t ever let your dreams fade away, and if they take a new shape, still keep them growing, just mold them in a new way.  Don’t ever give up.
I hope this post inspired you in some way to follow your dream, and if in some way it takes a turn, just keep on pushing.
Stay tuned for my new project when I have it more presentable for you on the web.  You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!