109 5 Ways I Stay Productive During the Holiday Madness

The holidays are fast approaching and I couldn’t survive without my apps that keep me super productive. Here are my five favorites.

It’s not that easy to just sit down anymore to write a blog post, let alone record a podcast.  So I thought first things first, let’s start with the blog post, and then build a podcast for tomorrow morning.

As a new mom, it’s really difficult to find the time to squeeze in an ounce of free thought, let alone planning for content for Say WOW Marketing.  I have thoughts that run around in my brain like popcorn, waiting to be freed and get marked down somewhere.  Lately, Siri and I have been best friends.

1. Siri Reminders

Every time I have something to do, instead of opening up the reminders app to put a reminder to do something, I have the Hey Siri setting on in my iPhone 6s.  It’s a new feature that allows you to be hands free and remind you to do something.  I have found myself in situations where it would be impossible to grab my iPhone and put a reminder in.  So, from across the room, I say “Hey Siri,” and she asks me (I have it set to an Australian female voice, for some strange reason – it amuses me), what I would like her to do.  I tell her to remind me to do whatever the task may be, at a particular time, or over a particular time period.  She’s awesome.  And when she just doesn’t understand me, I laugh, and then laugh again when the reminder pops up – no use correcting it.  I think the best was when I asked her to remind me to buy double stick tape, and it became “doubles dictate.”  It’s quite a treat.  Definitely check it out.  And if you don’t have an iPhone, I’m sure there is some comparable app or capability that your smartphone can have.  Don’t have a smartphone?  What can I say.  I can’t live without mine.

2.  Wunderlist lists

Wunderlist is just an awesome app.  It’s free, and it makes your life so much easier by allowing you to compile lists for whatever you need to accomplish.  You can have different types of lists, and then just keep checking off things from that list and then adding new things.  I have lists for just about every store I shop at in town, including Office Depot, Home Depot and Cosco.  I just keep using the same lists as a placeholder for me to just put on whatever items I need from that store.  And I do it all voice activated.  Plus, you can have lists for your different types of content, like I have ones for my podcasts, video and blog ideas.  The possibilities are endless, and you can collaborate on lists, too, and share them.  A total life saver.  I’d never remember what I need to get done or need to pick up without it.

3.   Going mobile

I recently got a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.  It really have been a lifesaver for me in that I am not tied to a desk to produce content that I need for my website, and for projects I’m working on.  Visit http://saywowbaby.com to see what I’ve been up to lately, and all consumed with.  There are apps on the device I’m not used to just yet, as I’m switching over from my iPad, with a logitech wireless keyboard that I’m using right now.  My Surface is involved in a pretty big Amazon cloud backup right now and I want to make sure it runs smoothly.

I don’t use my iPad as much as I used to since I got the surface.  I was using my iPad before as more of a laptop, and using Google Drive for all of my text content creation and saving of audio and video content, but now I’m going to be migrating more to the Surface, which is more like a laptop, just as thin as a tablet.  It’s pretty wild, but very high tech and I love it.

4.  Keeping super organized

I can’t tell you how many times I used to search for a photo or document and wasn’t able to find it other than with the search tool.  And that was only sometimes that I would be able to find it, as my storage devices and options increased, and storage accounts increased online, including Google Drive among various email accounts, and platforms.  It was getting ridiculous.  So now I am consolidating my digital assets, and backing everything up to a storage service.  I’m still narrowing it down to just one, but I don’t ever want to be stuck again paying 3 grand to restore a mirrored storage device.  Don’t think that just because it’s mirrored, it’s saving a copy.  We thought it was, and the whole thing went.  Luckily most of the data was able to be restored.  I’m keeping it in triplicate now.

5.  Don’t ask for perfection

I just don’t have time to be a perfectionist now.  And this is a perfect example of how you try to make everything perfect and people just don’t expect it.  They want great content, but sometimes are just not looking for what YOU think it perfect.  Let’s face it, this blog post was written by me at 11:49pm, the only time I have when my son is sleeping as well as everyone in this house.  Yeah, I might be able to think with a clearer mind in the morning, but without me actually putting my fingers to this keyboard on Google Drive, waiting for a better time to write, this post never would have happened.  And my popcorn ideas would be *poof*, a distant memory.

So I encourage you during these hectic holiday times, as you get ready to spend time with your loved ones, don’t forget the person that matters most to your brand is YOU.  Don’t be a perfectionist, and make it super easy for you to share what you’ve got to say.  Just keep it super organized as possible to make it easier for you to find what you need, and keep it mobile.  You want to be productive, don’t keep it on your desktop.  Keep it attached to your brand – YOU, wherever and whenever that might be.  Have a good holiday if I don’t get to write and podcast before then.  But know that I am listening to you, and appreciate your e-mails and comments on my YouTube videos.  If you have any questions you’d like answered, I appreciate the fuel that keeps me going! Take care!

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Have a very happy holiday – from our family to yours!