5 Ways to Keep Your Online Content Growing

You’ve got to make your content available 24/7 online. Here are 5 ways to build your brand and keep your online content growing.

Finding a sliver of my day as a new mom to sit down and do the things necessary to keep up my online content is a definite challenge. But there are some ways I’ve found it possible, and you can, too, if you just break it all down to the basic elements of what it is that you are producing. Here are my five must-haves to keep my online content growing.

1.  Journaling.

t doesn’t matter how you do it – if you prefer to write by pen and paper the old fashioned way, but to keep your online content growing, you’ve got to make your idea factory available 24/7 wherever you are. You never know when a thought is going to awaken. Some apps that I like to use are


Google Drive

OneDrive – For my PC-created blog posts, I start on my desktop with Word, and save it to my OneDrive, and then I can pick it up later on my iPhone wherever I am, if I haven’t finished yet.

Why is journaling so important? Because by journaling, this is where my idea factory generates ideas for me to create content. Sometimes the ideas aren’t even my own. I may have picked up an idea from someone else’s social media post, or an article I’ve written, but I start to write it down in my journal and then embellish upon it and write my own ideas and thoughts out.

On mobile, I can’t possibly type as fast as I can when I am at a standard keyboard, where I learned to type 90+ WPM. Often, I will use talk to text on my smartphone for journaling. Just note: Be careful when your auto correct is turned on – you can get some pretty interesting text translations of what you’ve said. Sometimes they’ve been so hilarious, I just post them in social media!

2.  Podcasting.

I started podcasting in November, 2014, so it’s been about a year and a half now, and I love the medium. I love the way that it’s easy to sit down in front of a microphone and record your voice, add an intro, outro, upload to Libsyn and voila, you’ve got another piece of content.

But beware: podcasting takes more than just that to make sure that your content sticks like glue to the internet for good SEO value. Without that text, and transcribing your podcasts, or at least blogging alongside it (which is what I’m able to do now), your podcasts aren’t really all that powerful in building an online presence.

People will listen to your podcast, and unless you drive that traffic somewhere, like your Facebook Page, or even better, your website, then that person that listened is not really helping grow your online presence.

3.  Video.

Now, I’ll be brutally honest. I haven’t had the time to produce video like I’ve wanted to since my son was born at the end of May in 2015. There are a lot of things that go into video production, if you produce videos the way that I want to be represented on YouTube. Now, you don’t have to make a whole big stink of a production, with lighting equipment, and audio equipment, but you do have to at least be able to produce good quality video and audio. I do it with my smartphone. I used an iPhone 5s for most of my video production from 2013-2015, and when I start my videos up again in 2016 (very soon!), it will be on my iPhone 6s, the latest in smartphone camera technology for iPhone.

Now, when I produce my video content, I am very careful to make sure it is branded. What does that mean? It means I am in the video somehow – you can see me opening up and introducing the video content, or showing how something is done. I see a lot of screen captures on the web, and yes, it is very easy to produce with screen capture software (I use Camtasia for my video editing and screen capture), but I will not be tempted to just rush and show someone how something is done without me being in the video to show them who is sharing that content with them.

Nobody remembers who produces a video as well as if they are in the video itself. It takes a few extra minutes to produce it yourself, or to just hire someone to do it for you (If you have the budget). But, right now, I’m all about DIY, so if I can’t be in it, I’d rather wait. Besides, the traction of the YouTube videos I produces even over two years ago are still being watches and still get me questions, which I can use for content for upcoming videos, and even podcast shoutouts now. See what I mean?

4.  Visual Marketing.

With today’s free online graphics tools, you don’t need to be a professional designer to have amazing graphics that will wow your audience. This visual content really supports your ideas by creating a strong visual to capture attention beyond just text.

We need text content, but we also need the visuals to break up content and make your content more memorable and powerful. Take your text content and see how you can spice it up and give it more impact with a powerful visual to magnify the effect that your content has.

Not only will you increase the SEO value of your text content by naming your visuals and graphics with file names that house your keywords, but you will add more impact visually to really drive your ideas home.

I recommend using Canva (http://canva.com) to create dramatic visuals that are already pre-designed, and you just customize them for your needs. I designed my own book cover with Canva (you can see the video here where I show you how easy it is, entitled “How to Design a Book Cover in 15 Minutes with Canva”)

5.  Blogging.

If you are creating all this awesome content, you should be housing it on your blog, giving you a reason to drive traffic there, beyond just the general stuff that you would drive your audience to on your website. Your blog is super important to make you an authority in the industry that you are in. take advantage of that by using your blog to show your stuff. Buy stuff, I mean all of the great content that you’ve created online.   You can use all of the above content, including embedding your YouTube videos on your blog, your visual marketing content on your blog. I even in bed my podcast player on my blog.

So these are just five ways that you can use to keep your online content growing. It’s much better to repurpose your content than to just create content and lose it forever. 2016 is a great time to make a fresh new start with your online content. Content is king!

What are your favorite ways to create online content?  Are there tools that you just can’t do without?  Post your comments and questions below, or join me on Facebook.


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