About Vickie Siculiano


“You get one chance to make a first impression –

Make ’em say WOW!”

Vickie Siculiano


I am passionate about online marketing, particularly social media and content management. I specialize in helping you have more impact with your photo and video content to get your more customers.  My internet marketing background includes SEO, Social Media, E-mail Marketing and PR. I am also a photographer. As a former jazz vocalist, I always remember “When the curtains go up, you get one chance to make ’em say WOW!”

With a Masters Degree in Arts Management, I “get” the business of “audience.” I specialized in Marketing, with MBA classes in Marketing Research and Internet Marketing, and developed solid skills in understanding audiences, and engaging them on the Internet. I guess I’ve been marketing since I set up my first iced tea stand when I was 7!  I’ve been helping others market their businesses and themselves for over 15 years.

I LOVE social media outlets (twitter, blogging…) where I can help others to learn more about social media marketing and strategy, while I continue to learn from others. My photography background adds another layer to my toolset – love making videos!

It’s all about audience!



Social Media Strategy, Marketing Research, Marketing Campaigns, SEO, Promotion, Copywriting, Advertising, Branding, problem-solving to deliver exceptional value!
Audience, Marketing, Value – make ’em say WOW!