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110 5 Predictions for Online Marketing in 2016

There is no question that social media and how we use the internet will continue to evolve over time, nut 2016 will be more social and interactive than ever before.

There is no question that social media and how we use the internet will continue to evolve over time, nut 2016 will be more social and interactive than ever before. Here are my 5 predictions for 2016.

There is no question that online marketing continues to dominate the way that business owners are reaching out to potential customers over more traditional methods such as direct mail and cold calling. The landscape for online marketing continues to shift focus as consumers are finding new and easier ways to stay connected, and search for things that they need on the internet.

So it would stand to reason that major changes to the online marketing scene will continue to be made to quench the ever growing thirst for information and social connectivity in 2016. Based on the flow of changes we’ve seen in 2015, here are 5 of my online marketing predictions for 2016:

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096 – What’s all the Blab About? Blab 101

 blab 101

Today  I’m excited to talk about a new platform called Blab. Now, there’s one platform coming out after the other, and it’s a little overwhelming to think that you have to touch upon all of these platforms, especially for your business or if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re just trying to make a name for yourself out there in online marketing. It’s tough.

What is Blab? Blab really combines Google Hangouts with the Periscope functions of being able to have commentary from viewers who are watching you live. It’s a live group video chat.

A little history. It was founded by the creators of Bebo, which was like this original social media platform even before Facebook. They founded it and then it was bought by AOL and then they bought it back for like a billion dollars and then they grew it into this platform that we know it as today. Will not be there tomorrow the same as it is now. It’s still in a beta version, They’re testing it out. They’re really doing a great job of kind of crowd sourcing the ideas for what people really want out of this platform so they can mold it into what we all want it to be. Okay, so that’s a little bit of the history of it.

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095 – Periscope and SEO – How to Search Engine Optimize Your Brand

Periscope and SEO - How to Search Engine Optimize Your Brand

Periscope and SEO – How to Search Engine Optimize Your Brand

Today, I’m just going to go through some quick tips with you on how you can search engine optimize your efforts  on Periscope just like I’m doing myself. These were some tips that I think will really, really work nicely for you.

1) Download the Periscope app (pretty obvious!)- You’ve got to get the Periscope app to be able to broadcast from wherever you are. I think that it’s going to be a real success for brands out there wanting to do online marketing.

2) Autosave your scopes – make sure on your settings in the Periscope app that you check off you want your scopes to be auto saved. Not everybody realizes that. What happens is you have this content that you’re doing and you want to make sure that you have this video so that you can use it for other things like perhaps your blog. You need to auto save your scopes. Otherwise, you’re just throwing your content away.

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Episode 94 – Periscopes, Presentations and Podcasting: 3 Things I Learned as a Jazz Vocalist

Periscopes, Presentations, Podcasting - Lessons Learned as a Jazz Vocalist - Vickie Siculiano

Periscopes, Presentations, Podcasting – 3 Critical Things I Learned as a Jazz Vocalist

Live streaming on Periscope is just like performing in front of a live audience. The only difference is that your performance is going over a wi-fi connection instead of face to face. Podcasting is somewhat different in that the audio is probably edited in some capacity, but it is your performance that is being heard by many listeners upon download, so there is somewhat of a delay that provides some forgiveness to the podcaster. And presentations, well they can be live or they can be pre-recorded as a webinar or even a YouTube video, that can still be edited.

For seven years, I was a jazz vocalist that managed my own seven piece band. I booked our group regularly, not only clubs, but performing arts centers, in addition to all the other tasks involved in managing a working band, including publicity, song selection, CD production and so on. I can tell you the reason that our venues and audiences kept getting bigger and bigger.

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Episode 93 – Periscope – How to Set up your Scope Like a Pro


Periscope is the hottest way to broadcast live online and engage your audience.  It is also a way to captivate a completely new audience, authentically.

With Periscope, the world seems more flat (as Thomas Friedman would say), connecting us with others throughout the world on a variety of topics, live.  Even bands are connecting with audiences and sharing their music on Periscope (definitely check out @Rush on their 40th anniversary tour, they do an amazing job, in landscape format so you can experience parts and pieces as if you were really there).

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