4 Ways to Use Smartphone Video for your Business

4 Ways to Use Smartphone Video for Business

You’re probably already using your smartphone to capture still pictures of your world, but smartphone video is an even more powerful tool to evoke emotion and life from your smartphone.  In fact, it’s using the same smartphone camera, just a different mode – video.  And video will take your marketing and branding to a whole new level.

In Part 1 of this 3 part series, I showed you the 6 business photos your business needs.

Part 2 looked at how to take the perfect marketing selfie that you can use for marketing and promotional purposes.

In this final part of the series, I will share with you 4 very strong reasons that you need to get out of just camera mode on your phone and start cranking out some killer video on your smartphone.

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104 Slideshare: 5 Simple Strategies to Make Your Presentation Go Viral

Slideshare: 5 Simple Strategies to Make Your Presentation Go Viral

Amongst the thousands of presentations on slideshare, it IS possible for yours to be irresistibly engaging.  In order to do this, you have to understand viewer behavior and the need for powerful visuals and great content.  Here are just 5 of those simple strategies you can start implementing today to make your own presentations go viral.

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101 5 Ways Micro-Video Can Rock Your Social Media

5 Ways Micro-Video Can Rock Your Social Media

5 Ways Micro-Video Can Rock Your Social Media

What is Micro-video?

A microvideo can be a short video, a stop-and-start video strung together to be one seamless video (Instagram does this), or multiple photos put together into a video clip slideshow.  Typically, they’re made with a smartphone – simple to shoot, edit and share.

Micro-video became very popular in 2013, and continues to grow in popularity with apps like Instagram and Vine. It is a quick way to share an engaging piece of visual content, sort of like a mini-movie. Especially as social media feeds become even more cluttered with not only regular social media posting, but advertisements thrown in there, as well.

We have to do whatever it takes to keep the attention of our fans and followers, and micro-video is a great way to do this, since the average person just doesn’t take the time. Most businesses share photos and posts, but there is another way to capture your audience’s attention, so the next time you reach for your smartphone camera, bring something to life through video. Truth is, it’s very simple to do. Remember to keep them entertaining and informative.

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Episode 94 – Periscopes, Presentations and Podcasting: 3 Things I Learned as a Jazz Vocalist

Periscopes, Presentations, Podcasting - Lessons Learned as a Jazz Vocalist - Vickie Siculiano

Periscopes, Presentations, Podcasting – 3 Critical Things I Learned as a Jazz Vocalist

Live streaming on Periscope is just like performing in front of a live audience. The only difference is that your performance is going over a wi-fi connection instead of face to face. Podcasting is somewhat different in that the audio is probably edited in some capacity, but it is your performance that is being heard by many listeners upon download, so there is somewhat of a delay that provides some forgiveness to the podcaster. And presentations, well they can be live or they can be pre-recorded as a webinar or even a YouTube video, that can still be edited.

For seven years, I was a jazz vocalist that managed my own seven piece band. I booked our group regularly, not only clubs, but performing arts centers, in addition to all the other tasks involved in managing a working band, including publicity, song selection, CD production and so on. I can tell you the reason that our venues and audiences kept getting bigger and bigger.

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Episode 93 – Periscope – How to Set up your Scope Like a Pro


Periscope is the hottest way to broadcast live online and engage your audience.  It is also a way to captivate a completely new audience, authentically.

With Periscope, the world seems more flat (as Thomas Friedman would say), connecting us with others throughout the world on a variety of topics, live.  Even bands are connecting with audiences and sharing their music on Periscope (definitely check out @Rush on their 40th anniversary tour, they do an amazing job, in landscape format so you can experience parts and pieces as if you were really there).

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