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097 4 BIG Podcasting Mistakes I Made During Pregnancy and as a New Mom

097 4 BIG Podcasting Mistakes I Made During Pregnancy and as a New Mom

Being pregnant and then being a new mom isn’t easy – let alone keeping up a podcast, and an online presence.  Find out how you can avoid 4 big mistakes I made.  Hint:  It has to do with building your online presence.

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE podcasting.  I love the flow of words right into the mic that comes from my brain to share my thoughts with you.  It’s a sharing of content like no other, and I want to always keep podcasting for you to share my tips and thoughts with you in online marketing, social media, SEO, and especially visual marketing.  Anything that will help you get in front of a potential audience, and therefore potential customers.

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074 5 Favorite Productivity Apps That I Can’t Live Without!

5 Favorite Productivity Apps I Can't Live Without
Apps are the ultimate in helping you to be more productive with your mobile device. In this episode I share my 5 favorite productivity apps with you.
I love my apps.  I love to be mobile.
My apps make me more productive and make my life easier and more enjoyable. I get more done with my apps in my life.
I love to use my apps not just for work and building my businessand being productive which is what I’m going to show you today.
In this episode, I share my 5 favorite productivity apps with you that I can’t live without.  All are available on iPhone, Android and Windows phones.  Enjoy!

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Episode #21 Work Flow Management for Business, with Vickie Siculiano

Workflow management is necessary for every business.  In this episode, I share with you how I use work flow management and optimizing processes for my business, and discuss how it affects every area of your business.  Before you can bring on anyone on board to help you, you have to get the kinks out first.

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The Social Media Project Manager Movie- How U Can Manage Your Teams and Projects

Found this insightful presentation that ties together social media and project management. For anyone that is putting together a social media marketing campaign (which is a project in itself!), you need to always monitor and control throughout the process, and us project managers have tools to help with the methodology to track time and budget. But, a HUGE component of the process is communication. Especially if your team is using social media, what better way than to keep the lines open with all the valuable tools out there, that are ever-changing.

However, a knowledge area of project management that cannot be ignored ESPECIALLY in social media, is RISK management – not just relating to brand management, and using a monitoring service to do just that (or on your own), but with the technology becoming outdated and replaced. What are you gonna do?

A social media project manager HAS to stay on top of technologies to be successful. And that is why I share this communication with you today, because slideshare is a really neat way to do it.

Sometimes there is something that you just want to share, ’nuff said.