Episode 93 – Periscope – How to Set up your Scope Like a Pro


Periscope is the hottest way to broadcast live online and engage your audience.  It is also a way to captivate a completely new audience, authentically.

With Periscope, the world seems more flat (as Thomas Friedman would say), connecting us with others throughout the world on a variety of topics, live.  Even bands are connecting with audiences and sharing their music on Periscope (definitely check out @Rush on their 40th anniversary tour, they do an amazing job, in landscape format so you can experience parts and pieces as if you were really there).

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077 How to Create an Awesome Online Media Kit

How to Create An Awesome Online Media Kit

An online media kit is the perfect opportunity to convey all the important information about yourself and your accolades to get the media to get the word out about you. Make it easy with an online media kit.

In this episode, I show you the elements needed for a successful online media kit and some super examples to get you started.

The Internet is 24/7 so that means that your online media kit has to sit somewhere online. It has to have all the meat and potatoes, all the stuff that somebody could be looking for because if they don’t find it, they’re not going to come back to see if you have it tomorrow.

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076 5 Ways to Optimize and SEO Your Twitter Account

In this episode I show you 5 simple ways to not only optimize the content you share on Twitter, but how to SEO your Twitter profile to be found by tweeps who are looking for your content!

5 Ways to Optimize and SEO Your Twitter Account Vickie iculiano

There are simple ways to not only optimize the content you create on Twitter, but also SEO your Twitter profile. Here’s How.

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