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In this episode, I show you how easy it is to how you can use your smartphone to take the 6 photos your business needs for visual marketing online for your business.

First I must tell you about my new love – the Panasonic Lumix G7 mirrorless camera.  You can just send the pictures over to your smartphone right away. It’s super easy. You share these pictures immediately via Wi-Fi to your camera. You could also use your smartphone to do remote shooting with the features and controls in the smartphone app. That’s a total improvement to smartphone photography.

Today I want to talk about the 6 must-have photos for your business and how you can use your smartphone to take them.

1) Product / Service photos.

The first type of photo that you must have for your business are your product, your service photos. Now those can be either your new products and services or ways that you can show utility for your products and services. It’s going to add more value for a potential customer who wants to see how your product or service is going to benefit them before they make their purchase decision.

2) Celebrations/ Important Events

They’re really the perfect opportunity to share what other people really can’t experience if they weren’t there. When you have an opportunity to take a quick photo or even a video, you’re going to share something with them that makes them feel special, that they were able to get a sneak, peek at.  Just remember if you have other people in your photos at your business location, you always want to make sure to get a business consent to use their photos.

3) Behind the Scenes

You have a lot of consumer-facing photos that people are already familiar with, but if you can be the eyes and ears behind the scenes for your customers then you can give them a potential look at all the work that you put into your products and services, giving you a little bit more authenticity and value to your products and services as opposed to somebody that does not.

4) Staff and Team members

Everybody loves to see a human face behind a brand to make them authentic. I know I’m this way. You want to do business with people that you like and that you are connected to as opposed to just some vague business entity. Also, if you have somebody that is easily recognizable from the photos, it’s going to help you form a stronger connection between you and your customers, which is awesome.

5) Business Location

If you have an office building or a location that maybe you are next to a certain recognizable landmark and you want to take a picture for somebody to see how to get to your business location, you can shoot a picture with your smartphone. You can also use that on your website to show people what to look for, where it is, what they visually should see. If it’s easily recognizable visually then you’re going to get more traffic to your business location. It’s not something that you might have thought of before, but certainly your physical location is very, very important to market your business.

6) Before and After

If there’s some change that’s shown by your service that you can provide then take a before before you even touch anything then take an after picture.

In my book, Visual Marketing Secrets: How to Use Smartphone Photography to Engage Online and Attract More Customers, you have an example of this adorable little dog. I’m not sure if it’s a Shih Tzu or what kind of a dog it is, but you have a before and an after picture. This dog has a real scruffy look before, he needed a real haircut. Then after, this dog has his head cocked to the side like Nipper from Victrola. I think that’s Victrola. It was a little dog and he was just cocking his head to the side.  He looks adorbs. He has his hair all coiffed and cut now. You have a before and an after picture. “Look, this was the dog that came to me before,” click, snap of the smartphone, and then you have, “This is what this dog looks like after.”


It’s really amazing to me that now you can really take these pictures yourself whether you use your smartphone or you use another camera to share the pictures with your smartphone. You can certainly hire a professional photographer to do it for you, but people are so forgiving now in social media that they know that you don’t have to be a professional photographer, but they really, really appreciate when you share some photos with them that they wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else. If you capture their attention, they’re all the more appreciative for it.


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