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Periscopes, Presentations, Podcasting – 3 Critical Things I Learned as a Jazz Vocalist

Live streaming on Periscope is just like performing in front of a live audience. The only difference is that your performance is going over a wi-fi connection instead of face to face. Podcasting is somewhat different in that the audio is probably edited in some capacity, but it is your performance that is being heard by many listeners upon download, so there is somewhat of a delay that provides some forgiveness to the podcaster. And presentations, well they can be live or they can be pre-recorded as a webinar or even a YouTube video, that can still be edited.

For seven years, I was a jazz vocalist that managed my own seven piece band. I booked our group regularly, not only clubs, but performing arts centers, in addition to all the other tasks involved in managing a working band, including publicity, song selection, CD production and so on. I can tell you the reason that our venues and audiences kept getting bigger and bigger.

There are three critical things you can start incorporating into your own routine do to ensure that your performance is always at its best:

1. Always Have a Set List

Having an outline will make it easier for you to project with confidence. Not only should you know the parts and pieces that make up every individual song (or slide or point you want to cover in your live stream), but you should know the order of the songs that you want to present.

For me, I needed to mix up the songs whether they were ballads, more uptempo, or had a particular story that made sense at a certain point in the show.

Make sure you have a set list, or a general outline of the topics you want to cover, so your brain is not focused on remembering what comes next. Your scope, podcast, or presentation will be much more natural and allow you to focus on the most important thing – your knowledge and area of expertise.

2. Tailor Your Messaging

Before you even prepare a presentation, you should consider what type of audience you want to package it for. It is a younger audience? More of a male or female demo? What is the location you will be performing at? Is it more of an educational experience for a younger or older audience?

Once you’ve determined the audience that you want to present your material to, it will be much easier to speak more naturally to them. For a live stream, it can be the most difficult to do, but if you focus on the hashtags and keywords that you should promote your live event or podcast to, that audience will come and find you.

When I was a performer, I had different show packages that I would offer. For my senior audiences in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, I was booked regularly because I really could connect with my audiences, sharing stories about the performers within my show banter that would bring back wonderful memories for my audience members. For a live performance in front of a younger crowd, they would require a little more emphasis on the music and I could improvise a little bit more than an older audience who was more comfortable with a melody line they could recognize. The same definitely applies for your own shows, whether or not it’s music, it’s still a show with the end participant being your audience. Know what resonates. Without an audience, it’s just practice.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Which brings me to my final element, the very important element of practice making perfect. Once you have your set list, and have tailored your message, you should have a pretty good idea of all of the elements in your show package. Now you should make an effort to set aside time to practice and refine your craft, making sure that you not only have the confidence in your knowledge, but also the ease in presenting, two different skills, but the presentation depends on your confidence, not just knowledge.

Always make sure to get feedback from your audience and apply it to your next presentation. This way when you practice, your set (your presentation!) will go smoothly. And remember what I learned as a jazz vocalist…

Your next performance is always your best one.

And if you’re on Periscope, follow me @vickiesic. I’m getting ready for my next scope…on Periscope SEO!

Happy live streaming!

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