I use both Google Drive and Evernote to capture and organize my thoughts on the fly.  See how this mom uses them both.

Note: This is just a quick blog post before I run out, not a sexy post with a video and a podcast attached with a slick graphic.  Sometimes you’ve just got to speak from the heart…

Just a quick blog post to capture some thoughts that float around in my head like popcorn before I start my day.  It’s not easy to find the time as a mom of a 16 month old, who woke up tonight with teething pain, and just wouldn’t get back to sleep.  Well, neither could I.

Start of a New Day

So rather than try in vain to go back to sleep tossing and turning, I decided to get up, put on my gym clothes and get ready to head out the door for my 5 am workout.  Each day with a toddler is something new and you never know when your night’s sleep will be interrupted.  But at least I know I can count on the gym to get my body as strong as it can be for a little guy who since he learned to walk, has not stopped getting into everything.  Each day is a new discovery, not only for my son, but for finding something else that just hasn’t been childproofed yet.

What also keeps my sanity in an ever-changing day-to-day basis is my Google Drive.  I am typing this in a new document in my Blog folder, and then I just might pick it up in my SUV, if the gym just isn’t open yet.  As a mompreneur, you just have to be ready when the opportunity strikes to capture those daily thoughts and keep them organized.  I used to swear by spiral notebooks, but I have amassed a ton of them and I never know where that gem of a thought is to go back to.

On Organization

The only way I have found to organize my web of thoughts is by keeping them organized completely mobile.  I use Evernote, too, but I use it for different reasons.  I have different notebooks organized by different categories.  Some are to keep my online course notes for courses I have taken, some of them are to keep journals of my health and wellness. For me, Evernote is used to keep more personal notes on my agenda, and I prefer to use Google Drive for text that I need to jot down somewhere.

I have used Evernote for that in the past, or at least I’ve tried to, but the tablet version just wonked out on me sometimes.  Not sure why, but it was just easier to capture on my phone with voice to text.  This blog post I am typing on a Surface tablet at my dining room table, and as soon as I type it, it’s saved onto Google drive, without even saving it myself.

It’s pretty important to me to keep my thoughts and ideas organized because they will be gone once I get back from the gym.

Your Thoughts?

How do you like to keep your thoughts organized?  Do you prefer to go mobile?  Do you prefer pen to paper?  Please share your thoughts below!