How to Get Started with Periscope for Business

Periscope a new technology that’s been around for a few months now really going to change the way that you communicate for your business with your audience. Potential customers, leads, even your community that you already have in social media gives you a new way to communicate with the through a live medium.

Periscope is a new technology that’s been around for a few months now but it’s a technology that’s really going to change the way that you communicate for your business with your audience.

Potential customers, leads, even your community that you already have in social media gives you a new way to communicate with the through a live medium.

Now what is Periscope? Periscope is this platform that’s operated on your mobile device.   They have an iPhone and an Android version. All you need to do is to just download the Periscope app to your phone and you just start recording.


Periscope It really gives you an opportunity to be authentic and build your human nature and show yourself as a person as opposed to a business. Now I’ve already been a proponent of social media because it gives you a way to communicate beyond just a website and a one way communication.

You can get feedback on your new products and services, you can see what’s trending and what’s really important in the minds of your audience members.

How to Tap Into Periscope for Business

Now I’m going to talk to you about how to tap into it. Just to get started. I’m a big proponent of doing things yourself. I’m an army of one. I get some help from my mom, who’s my business partner, but pretty much I’m the one that decides what needs to be done., what the crux of my content is going to be.

It’s always the people out there in my world, the world of online marketing and social media that always clue me into the better way of doing things. It’s all about optimization. So, Periscope seems like a really good way to reach a new audience, continue your social media communication but just build it in a different way.

With Periscope, you have a live broadcast and it’s kept for 24 hours on Periscope after that live broadcast. It will be available as a replay of the actual Periscope or scope as it’s also called that was featured where people could tune in and actually listen to live.

Live is always exciting.

Just like the show that we have on Channel 7 in the morning here in the Northeast, ABC News. After that we have Kelly and Michael. Which used to be Regis Philbin and Kathy Lee. Then it switched over to Kelly Ripa and then they just got Michael Strahan aboard. It’s Kelly and Michael Live. So the “live” aspect of it is very exciting for people.

Of course the networks know that because it helps them with their ratings. The idea that Periscope is live and it’s unedited, makes you so authentic. Authenticity for a brand is very important. So if you’re a business that wants to get started on Periscope and you have nowhere to start, I’m going to give you some tips that you need to know to get started on it, which is very simple, you’re just going to go along and you’re going to do your scopes.

How to Capture, Save and Repurpose

I’m going to show you how you can capture them and save them. The trick is to get people to share and embed your actual scopes. The trick to doing that is a website called Katch, If you go this the website, it integrates like a mashup between and Periscope, which is owned by Twitter. So it’s all integrated, it’s seamless, and the more that we go along in time, you’re going to see a lot more social networks just seaming together endlessly.

And we’re really at the start of it. This is just the beginning. I can see where it’s going to go. We’re going to have all kinds of media interconnected, a combination of all of these platforms. We’re seeing the true power they bring to consumers that they can capture live broadcasts wherever they are in the world. Meerkat came out for GoPro users, so you can see people snowboarding or doing any kind of outdoor activity on their GoPro, they would be able to broadcast it live on Meerkat.

Now Periscope allows the average consumer with a smartphone, not a GoPro, to do that, as well. And it also allows businesses to make use of it.

Some of my Faves to Follow on Periscope

Kim Garst

Now there are some leaders in the forefront on Periscope that I’m following and already learning a lot about Periscope, and I can see the implications for your business. So I want you to just take a look at what Kim Garst is doing on Periscope. She probably has the first course on Periscope for Business that I’ve seen out there.

I’m going to give you links in my show notes at She has a course on it already, so you can go and check that out. But she did a scope, caught it on, so all you have to do is look for the link in her tweets @kimgarst on Twitter, and then you can see the live broadcast as a replay. You can also share it with others and embed it.

That’s very relevant scope that I can recommend to you. If you want to get started with Periscope for your business. Take a look at it and what she’s doing, because she’s been on it a lot longer than I have. I’m just sharing this information with you because it’s totally new and I can see the implications for business with it as I’ve seen smartphone photography and smartphone videography for your business. It’s the same thing.

You’re using the same device. That’s how I know it’s going to be true to who you are and it’s going to be such a win-win situation to adopt for your business.

Pat Flynn

Another person who really moves me and gets my head thinking is Pat Flynn. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, #spi, he’s also got #askpat. He has two podcasts. Ask Pat is where you can ask any question you want with Speakpipe on his website, which he has integrated for people to record their messages to him and then he uses that on his podcast.

The thing that I love about Pat is that he shows you his workflow. Now when you’re doing any kind of online marketing, it can always get a little kinked up if you really don’t know they best way to do something. It’s always good to optimize your processes. Especially when you’re using a new platform for your business. You’re still learning a new platform but you’re also trying to optimize your processes and getting things done. Particularly in repurposing your content.

You don’t want to end up spinning your wheels if you’re adopting a new platform like Periscope. Now you’re going to do a scope, and then you’re going to try to transcribe it and then you’re going to put it on your website. You have all these different things that you have to do with a new platform to figure out how to integrate it with your repurposing mechanism for your business. Don’t get overwhelmed just get on Periscope and start doing these life scopes. I’m going to do mine after this podcast which airs on Tuesdays at 6am EST iTunes.

John Jantsch

Another shout out that I wanted to give was to John Jantsch, he is the founder of Duct Tape Marketing. He’s got some great content. I really recommend you follow him. He’s also got a good post about Periscope for business as well which also inspired me to record this podcast and also to get on that scope.

Why Periscope is different

Wherever you are in the world, you can hear my podcast. It’s not a live broadcast but it’s a podcast. That’s the difference between those two media. I get to do a little editing on my podcast. When you are on Periscope, it’s live – it is on edited, that’s it. When you are on YouTube and you should be on YouTube visual marketing for your business as well and I talk about that in some of my videos and the only more coming up soon as I am building my own life course right now – my first live course coming up – [you may edit]. Periscope is very true to who you are, and very authentic. That’s one of the reasons why I really love this platform.

Every platform is very different. If you use Slideshare for your business, you’ve got slides that you can edit, you can put in a slide linked to YouTube so you can have video in the Slideshare. It’s really exciting to see what the power of video can do for your business. A picture is a picture, it is a 2-D opportunity to tell someone about who you are and visually tell them a story. It’s a very powerful medium. If you frame what you are going to show somebody in a photograph and do it very smartly, even if it’s not with your smartphone – whatever it is, a point and shoot camera, a DSLR, a mirrorless camera which I am now shooting with, you want to make sure that the story you are telling is very relevant most importantly.

With Periscope, if you have your outline of what you want to come across to people with, that works so much better for me than people who script their whole spiel for talking on video. I am one who just writes an outline just like Pat Flynn, I saw his workflow and I am just so moved by him. On Periscope, if you look at #patscope, you’ll see some of the stuff he has going on. Always look to the leaders, don’t reinvent. He shows you his workflow and it’s very similar to mine where he has his system down and he writes bullet points and he just goes through them one by one so he can touch on every point that he wants to but not to script it.

Your scope has to be authentic and true to who you are. And most importantly, it has to add value.

If you know what your audience is looking for, you know what they are hungry for, what problems they have, so that you can provide them with solutions. That’s why you always have to ask, take surveys, send out tweets asking what is it that you want to hear. If you have an email list you can ask them as well.

What you can use your Scopes For

Now I want to talk to you about what you can use your Periscopes for. I told you this idea that you should be using Periscope for your business, but what the heck do you talk about? Maybe you don’t like to be on camera, maybe you don’t know what to talk about, how to do it, how to get the right sound, and there are so many things that you can scare yourself with, that you’ll never get anything done. So I recommend just getting on the platform is I’m going to do and I’ll be giving a shout out if you just keep your eye on my blog as to when that’s going to be.

With Periscope, you’re going to think of your business as an opportunity to show people what you have got to say. One of those things is your products and services. Quite simply, you could show somebody at your place of business what you have to offer. It’s I guess kind of the salesy kind of scope. Don’t get too salesy. Social media is kind of like an oasis, we don’t really want sales in there. We want to build a relationship. So don’t be too salesy. You can show people some interesting utility for your product or service that they may not have considered, a brand-new product or service that you’re very excited about. Show your unique selling point for it and it’s a win-win.

Another thing that I want to tell you that’s very exciting on Periscope that I’ve seen and I know you can use for your business is behind the scenes. I love these videos because you really don’t get to see people in their true environment. A lot of times they may just have a curtain behind them to just stage the set. I believe you should do that, you should always look behind you, when you’re in any kind of video platform because people’s eyes will wander. They will look at you but they will notice them in your mouth, they will notice what’s going on in the background, maybe you had the camera little too low. So always make sure that you test what people are going to see in the video before you record. That’s a tip on how to actually produce the Periscope. But I just want to let you know that people want to see you behind the scenes. That is huge.

And another one could be that you’re doing and every day activity that you do that nobody knows about. Maybe you want to have breakfast with your audience. Maybe you want to have them join you want a special breakfast that you cook up with that you are eating at a particular restaurant. Wherever you are, your smartphone is with you, so if you just start recording on this app, Periscope, that is totally free, you can start scoping.

So those are some tips that I wanted to give you to get started. I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much but there’s so much opportunity on Periscope it’s ridiculous.

On hashtags and

So make sure, that for your business, you grab your hashtag, which I did before I even did my first scope. I created the hashtag #Vickiescope so that’s my brand. Don’t worry about Siculiano and how you spell at, just look for the #Vickiescope in any time that I have a scope that hashtag will be used. I’m also going to be catching my scopes on . Go onto , link your twitter account there, as you should have with Periscope and then you’ll be able to catch your episodes beyond the 24 hours that Periscope will replay your video. You have to use #katch with each scope or if you auto allow them to pull your scopes that’s fine, because they are looking to pull in content.. Every social media platform wants to get content because the more content, the more users they are going to attract. Televisions look for the ratings because the more people they have viewing the more they can charge for advertising. Doesn’t matter if it’s on television or online, it’s all the same. They are looking to congregate a mass audience. They have the servers that going to host your videos. You could capture your videos with a video capture program but the quality of it is not as good as and you have to have someplace to host. Once you start doing the scopes and who knows how long they are going to be – you can do live Q &A with people who are on your broadcast, putting hearts and liking your broadcast as you go. There’s a lot of activity that goes on with it. So make sure you have another device to view it on, beyond your small smartphone. Use that to record. You can have your iPad open with the app too.

These are just some general tips that are beneficial, like crazy, for your business. I’ve been talking about smartphone photography and videography. I’m really very adept at it, I love technology – it doesn’t scare me at all and there’s always something new coming out so you always have to stay on top of it.

On Video Marketing

I think that Periscope is crucial for businesses because I think that video marketing will become more and more important as time goes on. I don’t think that YouTube is the be-all and end-all. I think it’s crucial for your business to be on YouTube because Google owns it and your videos that are on YouTube are going to be pulled up in the search engines with a thumbnail showing that you have a video up instead of just some text that is served to you by Google. It’s crucial so make sure you get on YouTube too.

With Periscope you also have an opportunity to be seen beyond YouTube and to really get out there. Make sure you use your hashtags for your business. If there are no hashtags and you go to search to see if your hashtag is there. If not, grab it. Just like twitter, if you didn’t grab your username upfront you probably missed out by now. I know that is where you can find the website for Periscope. They have a blog and some questions that people ask. It’s a good general website to get familiar with the platform.

If you want to sign up for my email list go to my and just sign up for my email. I’ll also send you a free download for some information on smartphone photography and visual marketing for your business.

So this is the next step. It’s video for your business but a different platform that’s really exciting because it’s live.

See me on Periscope, Live.

If you want to see me live you’re going to have to jump on my scope, Monday, August 3rd at 10am EST. You can check me out on Periscope I’m @vickiesic as I am on twitter.

Do you have any questions I can answer live on Periscope? I want to learn what’s most important to you in social media, visual marketing, and SEO and especially Periscope and smartphone photography and smartphone videography. I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you so much for your comments and suggestions.



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