Create videos for your business with Instagram

Learn all about videos for your business you can create with Instagram in Question 4 of my Sue B. Zimmerman Interview. Use them for your visual content marketing and SEO.


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Vickie: One thing that I want to also touch upon is your use of videos. You do a phenomenal job of creating this visual stories with your photographs and you will have your hash tag, love the one right behind you and you could see mine right behind me too, my Say Wow license plate. I want to talk a little bit about video because you gave me some tools that have changed my business approach to Instagram. I just want to talk to you a little bit about the videos that you create on Instagram because people may not be aware that you can also do that.

Sue B. Zimmerman:  A lot of people aren’t aware, you’re right about that. Right within the app, you can do stop and go videos and I absolutely love using it especially at my store when I’m trying to tell a story with my customers that are shopping. I might get someone give me a little testimonial and then go over to the product and then back to someone walking out of the door of the store. Some little story of what just happened. Right in the app, you can quickly and easily create a stop and go video. You can also edit it to take back if you don’t like what you just recorded. We demonstrated this on CreativeLive which was really fun and you only have 15 seconds. Quite frankly, everyone has 15 seconds to watch a video. People don’t always have two to five minutes to watch a Youtube video. When they’re scrolling through Instagram, they see that it’s a video because the little white camera is on the upper right hand corner. People are there for a break, for visual entertainment, so a 15 second video is something they can digest. That is the first form of video that I would suggest trying and checking out.

Secondly, I love Flipagram. I love Flipagram because you basically upload photos that you’ve taken and then you tell a story. In addition on the cover photo of Flipagram, you can have a title. It’s like again, having a photo album with a title of that album and people watch it. Depending on how many images you upload to the Flipagram, it goes slower or faster and again, you have 15 seconds. Having more than 15 images, they going to flip faster than a second per image. What I love about Flipagram is that you can upload your music, so you get the energy of music as the background to listening to this little ditty of your video story.

The third app of course, for me used to be PicPlayPost which took me a while to do all the editing in that. I still like the app but now, I’ve converted to Videohance because I think it’s even that much better and does virtually the same things but with more enhancements and transitions and all kinds of cool things.

Vickie: Excellent.