Instagram for Business

In this video, I interview Sue B. Zimmerman, Instagram Marketing expert.   This is question 1 – How to Use Instagram for Business



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Vickie: So excited everyone. Today I’m here with Sue B. Zimmerman, known as an Instagram Expert. She’s phenomenal. She just wrapped up a Creative Live course and she is better known as InstaGalLive. You can check her out. #instagallive on Instagram. I’m so happy to have her here today. How are you Sue?

Sue B. Zimmerman: I’m great – I’m outside, I’m doing this great interview, I’m excited to do this, so let’s get at it!

Vickie: Great! Thank you so much for being here. I’m so excited to have you as an Expert interview for my new book and we’re also going to be featuring this as a podcast and a video on YouTube. So we’re ready to get started, are you?

Sue B. Zimmerman: Yeah, definitely.

Vickie: Great. So what can you tell me about Instagram and why small businesses and entrepreneurs should be on the platform.

Sue B. Zimmerman: OK, I always say if you are in business and you have a pulse, you absolutely should be on Instagram. And the reason I say that is because I am a small business owner. I also have a small retail store on Cape Cod and I have learned from experience of using all the different social media platforms that Instagram is the one where you can tell your visual story very easily, very quickly and get insanely amazing results meaning engagements, attracting your ideal follower and converting them into a paying client or customer.

Vickie: Great – and how easy is it for someone to get started?

Sue B. Zimmerman: Honestly, it’s just downloading the free app. And you really have to put together a visual strategy before you just jump in. I teach that and I coach that. Initially, a lot of business owners are on Instagram personally and they don’t understand the value and the impact it could have on a business and once I get through teaching and coaching, they understand that they should probably convert it just to a hyper-focused visual content strategy on their personal account or open up a featured account and a featured account is one where you just simply feature the content that you are known as. So, for example, my The Instagram Expert account, which I have on Instagram, I only share tips tools and strategies on how to use Instagram to grow your brand. And that is one of my 6 different Instagram accounts.

Vickie: OK, so you have your main brand, but you have these different Instagram account to highlight different things.

Sue B. Zimmerman: Yes, so I have my personal account, Sue B. Zimmerman, and ironically enough, that account is where I have my most followers because I started that first. And then I realized from all of my research and teaching and, honestly, results that I was getting, that I really needed to extract out content from other areas that I had interest in. So my store on Cape Cod is called Sue B Do, s-u-e-b-d-o, so I created a suebdo.capecod account because anyone who loves the Cape, the Vineyard or Nantucket or quite frankly, New England, would be interested in following that account. But prior to setting that up, I had all that visual content in my Sue B Zimmerman account and it just got mishmashed with my dog and my kids and my vacation photos and it wasn’t a visual story that was compelling and interesting to look at when you went to my feed. Does that make sense?

Vickie: Yes, definitely. It didn’t really tell one cohesive story, it just kind of told ideas.

Sue B. Zimmerman: Right.