Matthew Sweetwood Interview Part 6 – Benefits of Camera and Lens Rentals Unique Photo

In this video:
An interview with Matthew Sweetwood, President of Unique Photo. Matthew goes in depth about the lens and camera rental program at Unique Photo, and what the major benefits are to renting camera lenses and camera are versus purchasing them.

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Vickie:     Okay. Interesting. One thing that I just want to share with people, one of the ways that I was really able to find out what worked for me with this kind of camera, the DSLR, it’s a Canon T4I was instead of investing in this really big lenses to see if I was happy with the lens, if it will serve me well. Should I get a wide angle, should I get a macro. I was able to go to Unique Photo and rent the lenses before I actually invested in them. It was so worth it for me.

Matthew:    Absolutely. The expensive the fast last. Those lenses are several thousand dollars. Sometimes you only need them a few times a year. Renting is extremely economical. Our renting program, we have the largest rental program in New Jersey, one of the largest in the country. The reason why people like it is it give you a whole variety. I think we have a several thousand products in there. Okay. Maybe we have a thousand products in there.

You have an actual disposal. You can rent them anytime you want, try them, you need a fisheye lens, you want a fast telephoto lens. Those lens could be a few thousand dollars, you can rent it for a few dollars. You have access to it and you can try it. Actually, we have a program where if you rent it and then you decide you want to buy it, we apply part of the rental to the buy, it’s a really, really good program. It’s one of our fastest growing programs. It’s one of our largest programs.

Highly recommended for businesses. Particularly when you have a particular application, you need a lens, come in. You can reserve it right online, and come in and grab it.

Vickie:     Absolutely. If you just have a need maybe for something over a weekend, you just take it, you can get the three day rental. It’s just a nice to just have something at your disposal without having to sink in all of your dollars and invest it in this product.

Matthew:    [crosstalk 33:04] For example, let’s say you came to me and you said, “Okay. I’m going to shoot my friends a party over the weekend, or I’m going to shoot the wedding or something.” You’re capable of doing that now. I wouldn’t go with the T4I. It’s not super strong in low light. It’s a medium level camera. You can come in and rent a 1DX. It’s an $8,000 camera and you can be a pro shooter for the weekend and get a pro camera for a small amount of money. You already have the lenses. You don’t even have to rent lenses. You can actually rent the camera body.

Vickie:     It’s interchangeable with that particular camera?

Matthew:    Right, because you have Canon lenses. You can come in and rent a 5D Mark III. Let’s say you wanted to do an event, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the T4I for low light event kind of thing. I would say, “Hey. You should be using a 5D Mark III. Come in and rent the 5D Mark III. You already have the lenses. You don’t even have to rent the lenses. You’ve already got them. You can just take your lenses, borrow the body for the weekend, rent it for the weekend and shoot.”

That’s a really, really good technique too. In many cases, for businesses, renting really is the way to go on this all the time. They don’t always have the latest camera available to them, we have really good technical support here, we’ll help you along a little bit. We’ll be able to show you how to use the stuff. To me that really is a smart thing to do. It’s a great point.

Vickie:     Absolutely.