Photography, Marketing and Social Media – Matthew Sweetwood, President of Unique Photo

In this video, Matthew discussed his philosophies about photography, marketing and social media.  This is truly one fascinating episode.

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Matthew:    Absolutely. Of course. The only thing good that’s really cool about photography is that it’s fun. It’s one of those hobbies or interest or occupations that’s actually fun. You’re capturing life. You’re capturing images. You’re capturing people. It’s really a fun thing.

Vickie:     Absolutely. Especially for businesses that I help. People just think that they have to take product shots or they have to take pictures of people in action. If they have a service based business, they have to show the people producing whatever it is. It’s also about the people behind the scenes and the team. I know that your team is excellent at social media. Always showing people behind the scenes, tell me a little bit about that and the other kind of photographs that you’re doing.

Matthew:    We’re really trying to keep it to the marketing area. Your marketing message has to carry itself through every aspect of your business. It’s not only outward marketing. You don’t have to market inwardly. You have to convince your staff. Your staff has to be completely on board with that. You want them to be projecting the same message. I can sit in the corner office here and have all sorts of ideas and ways I want customers to be treated or to create the image of our business.

If our employees, if our staff, if our members here don’t feel that way, they’re not going to really project that to the customer. I spent the significant amount of my time doing quality internal marketing. It sounds a little bit majoritive, but it’s not. It’s really communicating internal with the company message and getting everybody on board with that. By doing that, they then will project out the same message. It translates itself. When you’re in the store, you have a pretty uniformed experience no matter what sales person you walk up to.

From simply that wear a blue shirt, but it’s not just wearing a blue shirt. It’s the way they treat the customer. It’s the way they talk outwardly. It’s natural that the natural extension for that would be is their social media. When they talk about photography and when they reflect what goes on the company would reflect that also. We actually work directly and indirectly. Sometimes it’s direct, sometimes I’ll be like, “Here’s a really cool piece of information that we learned exclusively from the vendor. You send it out to you people and you say, “Hey. Send these out to your friends.” Then they become more authoritative.

They’re are sort of conveying this cutting edge message that we want from the company. You have a unified message out there. One of the most successful companies in the world and actually a company that reinvented itself is IBM. IBM said, “Hey. We have 400,000 employees. Imagine if we could get all of them or enough of them acting in unison in social media. We can own social media space. We can own some intellectual space out there. They’re actually a model company for doing that. Obviously we’re a smaller company. I try to match that model whenever possible to get your staff behind what you do.

Vickie:     I think it’s excellent. I think it truly.

Matthew:    You have the troops working for you. Let’s get the troops working. Today, a lot of times you’ll see an objection that well it’s my personal social media account. So what? It doesn’t really matter. You’re still in control of it. All we want you to do is sort of keep the conversation going. That is a very, very important part.

Vickie:     I’m glad that you’re so on to that, because a lot of companies think there’s so much red tape that they have to go through. They’re just kind of fearful that somebody’s going to say something that they won’t be able to retract out there in social media. You just kind of welcome it with open arms, because you’re so confident in what you’re offering. I think that’s really important in businesses to believe in.

Matthew:    There are some issues with that, but just remember it’s their personal account they’re sending out on. As the top executive I can sort of say, “Okay. I can be fearful. I can say something.” It’s ultimately their account. If they’re going to say something so provocative, that’s going to reflect itself in other ways. We just never had a problems. We have really good people working here. I’ll say that now. In bigger companies, they have guidelines and they will actually have written guidelines for what you can say about the company.

The interesting thing, I was just at a marketing conference where this topic was actually discussed in details. What’s really interesting is that the requirements for internal Twitter accounts, and Facebook accounts and so in is very strict. If you work for IBM let’s say, or you work for us and you’re twitting us the company, there’s very strict guideline for what you can say. Those guidelines relax a lot when it’s your personal because it becomes your personal opinion. It’s not the opinion of the company.

You shouldn’t fear it. You should definitely embrace that concept and get your employees to be your voice. Absolutely. Reward those employees that do it on a frequent basis.

Vickie:     Right. That’s an excellent point, because rewarding them is going to encourage them to do more. Sometimes people don’t really have that encouragement. They’re not sure kind of what to do if that was right. People aren’t even giving them any feedback about the content that they produce or whatever it is. I highly-

Matthew:    It’s great that you got a team of people that are supposedly on your side. Use your team. Use your troops.



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