I’m super excited to really get rolling after a couple months podcasting. It’s been really evolving from just tips and tools to help you with online marketing, but having the privilege of bringing experts on the show to share their views and expertise and to also move beyond just the technical aspects, or tools and tips, to share offline tactics that we all use to run our daily show, particularly on productivity. I am always looking for new ways to improve my processes. I’m always convinced there is just a better way of doing something and I can’t wait to learn how, and then create the content to help others learn it to. And for that I am grateful to have learned the power of video and podcasting, to share my message beyond just text on a screen. Video is a little bit more refined for me, podcasting is super easy to just talk into the mic and get it right up for you to hear. It’s the most immediate way I can share something with very minimal editing, as there is no visual. I am so thankful that I heard this podcast today that really had an impact on me because it focused on two things that are really big in my life right now, podcasting and productivity.

Always learning how to get better, and by that I practice! Today I practice by being thankful for two people who had an impact on me by sharing really valuable information I highly recommend you check out to. Podcast #110 on the Smart Passive Income Podcast, with Pat Flynn and Tim Ferris (The Four Hour Work Week). Super awesome stuff, and I hope to have them on my podcast someday, too. I’ve listened to many podcast interviews but this one just really hit the nail on the head for me. Check it out.

And someday I hope to share their awesome views with you on my podcast! 🙂 In this episode, I am going to try the unconventional and do a podcast about a podcast that really moved me on my car ride this morning, Smart Passive Income Episode #110 with Pat Flynn, who interviews Tim Ferris in Podcasting and Productivity.  I highly recommend you check it out, and thank you for listening to my thoughts today on why this episode moved me so much…because I am on the right track!  And I want to share how I do some of the things Tim and Pat recommend about productivity, particularly on journaling and creating content.  Just do it!  Practice and experiment, and get it right, but get those thoughts out first, every day.  Thanks for listening!