In this video I show you how I use the Rode SmartLav+ microphone to record this video. It is my go-to microphone for recording on my iPhone6s.



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Transcript excerpt:
Hey. Do you want to know the best smartphone microphone for iPhone and Android? In this quick video, I’m going to review the Rode smartLav+ Lavalier. It’s all coming up, stay tuned.

You want to know what the Rode smartLav+ microphone sounds like, you’re listening to it right now. This video is being recorded on an iPhone 6s with the smartLav+ microphone plugged into the headset jack and the Lavalier is right here.

Now, because it’s ahead in the camera video and I’m really close it’s very convenient. That’s all I’m doing with this microphone, it’s the Rode smrtLav+ microphone. It’s about $79.99 I believe now, but it was well worth it because before I was using your Audio-Technica Lavalier which had a wire that was about 20 feet long. It was very cost-effective, but for me I just needed to be on-the-go with an easy microphone that I could just pop in and plug.

I didn’t need any go between where I had to convert the audio file that was being recorded which was what the case was while I was recording with the other Lavalier. This does everything the smartphone knows just what to do, knows to pick up the audio being recorded on the microphone from the headset jack.

I recommend this highly if you’re using smartphone if you want to do podcasting or if you just want to do videos like me. This is what it sounds like with the smartLav+.

This is what it sounds like without the Rode smartLav+, because you can hear a little ambient sound, you can hear a little bit more, maybe a call birds, maybe a truck passing by, but it’s really good when you can cancel out that noise especially if you’re doing a podcast or a video where you want attention to be totally focused on what you’re saying.

If you have any questions, post your comment below this video. Thanks for watching. See you next time.


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