Podcast Titles are a crucial part of your podcast SEO.

Podcast Titles are a crucial part of your podcast SEO.

Podcast Titles are an important piece of the podcasting game. If you want to be found, you have to use crucial keywords in your title in a certain place.  If you already have podcasts that are live, it is never too late to go back and edit for better SEO.  See my examples below.


The text in your podcast title is critical to being found on search engines. This includes iTunes, Stitcher and any other podcast host that allows its users to search for relevant content in their own search queries.

A big mistake that I made was entitling each title the number of the podcast, right, so this one is 116. Instead of the title first, SEO and Podcasting, I would start it with 116 SEO and Podcasting. That kind of knocks me back in SEO and doesn’t allow people to find me as quickly as they could if I had just said SEO and podcasting up front. I encourage you to really put your keywords up front. If you want to be talking about online marketing, then definitely include online marketing at the very front of your title.


This does not mean that you should use the same keyword in every podcast title. Make sure that the content of the podcast episode matched the podcast title. This is important for SEO, but also so that when people come to find your podcast, they know exactly what they are going to be listening to. SO using your keywords covers two bases.


Including the name of a special guest that you interview, use that person’s name (or their brand) as a keyword in your podcast title. This keyword strategy also covers to bases, as when someone searches for that person or brand, they will find your podcast episode. This also means that you are aligning yourself with that brand. So even if you don’t produce that person’s content, their expertise will be appearing right alongside your own brand’s expertise. But perhaps this is a future podcast all onto itself.


For the first 100 or so episodes of my podcast, Smarter Online Marketing, I would entitle my podcast titles with the episode number up front, thinking that it would be easier for people to see things in a logical and chronologic order. The truth of the matter is, your listeners won’t come to appreciate the wealth of content that you create for them anymore than what the actual podcast is about.
Think of it this way, do you look for an episode number on a favorite weekly television show of yours? Do you really care if it’s out of chronological order? Most likely not. So, don’t waste the front part of your episode title on numbers.
Try to load your keywords up front as much as possible so that you can gain the value of podcast SEO.


Although your hosting service will number your individual podcast episodes, I include the podcast episode number in a few different places


Tweeting out an image with my podcast direct download link adds interest to my topic and not every podcast host includes one. Luckily, I’ve been using Canva for sometime now to create my templates, and just plug and play with a slight episode number modification and podcast title when necessary. Then I download it from Canva and voila. (Hmm, future podcast episode? Any interest?) I use them for various social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.


I use the same social media image that includes the podcast title, and include the episode number on the lower right. It adds a sense of authority and validity to a blog post that it also includes a supporting podcast.


By including it at the end of the Blog Post Title, it shows people on a quick scan what kind of content they can expect to see in that blog post. If I included that number in the beginning of the blog post, it would not be as keyword rich as my podcast title, because the keywords are now moved back by the number, the same reason I am no longer doing it on my podcast episodes.

As soon as I started moving the episode numbers to the rear of my podcast titles (I edited them in Libsyn, which hosts my podcasts), I saw an immediate list in podcast downloads overall, and an increase in traffic to my website. Don’t you want more listeners? Keep those numbers for a list for yourself. iTunes and your podcast host will already number them for you.
Do you number your podcast episodes? Do you abbreviate your podcast numbers? How is this successful or not for you? Please share your comments below so others can see what might work for them, as well.

We’ll talk about descriptions later and I’m going to talk about another special piece of content that you might not have thought is very important. That’s coming up in the third part of the series.


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Podcast Titles on iTunes with episode number up front will knock down your SEO.

Podcast Titles on iTunes with episode number up front will knock down your SEO.