Case Study – Coffeewiz

Coffeewiz is a NJ based company specializing in single serve coffee and gourmet loose leaf teas.

GOAL: Bring the company more into the forefront of the industry and reach more customers – new and repeat.  Also, increase sales of loose leaf teas.

STRATEGIES:  As Social Media Manager, my first plan was to bring the company onto Facebook, where they could interact with present and future customers and take advantage of word of mouth and “likes”, keeping engagement active and respond to customer concerns.  They also needed a B-to-B website, making it SEO and user friendly.  Adding media content to their YouTube channel and social media platforms would also bring more interest.

Videos were used to teach and entertain.  One of the first I filmed was made to teach our Facebook fans how to share their own related photos.  As encouragement, we had a contest of submitted photos and videos of people using Coffeewiz products.

Another instructional video tied together using loose leaf teas and the single serve coffee machine – 2 products sold by the company.

In addition, we put up videos of industry professionals using their sponsored tea products.

Behind the scenes videos of the warehouse and inventories were used to give the fans an “insider” knowledge and further engage them.

To encourage more time on the website, we held another contest which involved finding a hidden graphic on one of the pages.
easter egg hunt twitter

OUTCOME: Interactions on the Facebook page grew as fans realized their questions and statements were being responded to. The new B-to-B website went live, rich with content and catalog. Set up with their online strategies, I trained inhouse staff to continue the work.