Facebook Livestream – 3 Reasons its a NO for Online Marketing – SOM 115

3 Reasons Not to Use Facebook Livestream for Online Marketing

Facebook Livestream Lowdown for Online Marketing

I give you three reasons why you should NOT be using Facebook Livestream to repurpose for your online marketing.

3 Reasons To Not Use Facebook Livestream for Online Marketing

Here are three reasons why you should NOT be using Facebook Livestream to repurpose for your online marketing.


Transcript excerpt:

Hey everybody. Vickie Siculiano here, from Say WOW Marketing. Do you want to know if you should be using Facebook Livestream in your online marketing strategies? I’m going to show you in this quick video why I’m not going to be using it any longer. It’s 3 reasons and they’re pretty important, so it’ll save you a lot of time and effort. Stay tuned.

Reason number 1 is that your video is going to be flipped horizontally. When you download a Facebook Livestream video to your camera roll, it’s flipped 180 degrees horizontally. The text that appears in the background would be flipped and you’ll have to take it into a video editing software and flip it around unless you really don’t care that anything behind you, or yourself, is flipped horizontally. That’s another step you don’t really want to have to take.

Number 2 is that your video is also going to be shot in the portrait mode as the Facebook Livestream and will record in the Facebook app. Portrait video does not upload well to YouTube. It uploads, but the video will appear very small in the viewer’s screen. When you have one chance to make a first impression, you really don’t want a small video to do that. If you have the opportunity to do an HD one, like I’m doing right now.

Number 3 is that your video will also be poor quality because it’s going over wifi. Facebook is capturing your video over wifi, over your wifi, then their servers. It’s saving it. Then you’re downloading it, so there’s a lot of data interruption in all of that downloading. You really don’t want to have to send your video off somewhere, get it back and then upload it. You want it as crisp as possible. Do it right the first time. Get it in the camera and then share your video wherever you want, to repurpose that content. That’s the way that you want to save it. You want to save it as best as possible for your viewers, like this one is now.

If you have any questions, please give me a shout on Facebook page: and I hope to talk to you soon. Thanks for watching.


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Adopt a Content Strategy And Be Like Yahoo – #1 !

ComScore just released its monthly Top 50 US Web properties list today. And Yahoo is back at Number 1. See Adweek article for more info.

Yahoo-and-Google-Partnership-thumb-610x335-81921What does this mean for marketers? How can this help your business?
On the web, it’s all about driving traffic to your website. You want to be seen in the 1st SERP (search engine results page), and this means building a site that not only gets noticed, but keeps your visitors there and gives them what they need. That’s great if you have an eye-catching website, but what happens when they abandon your website and they’re onto the next “shiny” thing that catches their eye? When they abandon your website and don’t have a reason to stick around, your visitors will have gone home, and not made an attempt to even keep you in their mind. They will have gone onto the next thing, not on your website any longer – unless you create some kind of content to keep them coming back, some kind of value that they cannot find elsewhere.

Comscore Graph - Yahoo beats Google

Social media gives you a great opportunity to communicate on a personal level and get to know each other before doing business together, or having someone share your page so others can do business with you. Your social media should always include links back to your website, where hopefully your blog resides. Your website is your hub for driving traffic to your retail location or business. Your advertising always includes your website property to find out more information.

It’s not just about Google anymore…
We all strive to rank high on Google, but what about Yahoo? Your internet marketing team makes sure to include the Analytics code on our website so that they can gain some meaning from the free in-depth analytics Google provie (with the hope, of course, they we will then buy PPC (pay per click). We can study traffic patterns on our website, and see which pages are ranked highest and are the “stickiest” (which means that people hang around on for the longest time).Why Yahoo?

Yahoo’s score is based on unique visitors. Kind of like each individual that came to your tradeshow booth – not the booth visitors that came back to get another promotional product or giveaway, they are new visitors. This doesn’t mean that Yahoo’s visitors came to Yahoo primarily for search. It means that they came to Yahoo because there was some information that they wanted to gather that was so engaging, it was the first place they came to seek it out – they couldn’t resist because something caught their attention. These visitors didn’t go to Google to seek out the information that caught their eye first. These visitors are information seekers. Yahoo just gets it.

It’s all about content!  Yahoo is generating great content, with very engaging, snappy headlines that make it very inviting to want to click through on what you came to seek out, but you will probably stick around to see what else is going on. There is a search bar at the top of the page. So while they come for information it is kind of a one stop shop to seek out more information. Rather than going to Google, people will likely stick around to search for more content.

It is a lesson in creating great content and engaging headlines that make it irresistible for people to stick around. That’s what it means for your business – you have to have some kind of content that will keep them coming back for more. And Yahoo is a HUGE lesson learned for that – it doesn’t have to be all professionally written content – people want to see YouTube videos, and just every day kinds of things. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune – you just have to see the kind of stuff on Yahoo’s page that keeps the huge amount of traffic they receive entertained. And guess what – your clients and potential customers are part of their audience!

What this means for the your business.
This isn’t just a lesson to get your website on board for being SEO’d, and driving traffic to it, as well as creating great content for your social media campaigns that make it irresistible for people to want to find out more about your products and services. (we’ll talk more about how to create great content in upcoming posts – stay tuned!)It is also a lesson that it is human nature for us to want to sink our teeth into great content – we can’t help it. And Yahoo has just that. Google has a main search page with a bar across it for us to search. And that’s pretty much it, unless there’s an Interactive Google Doodle. But that’s only on occasion.  Yahoo is a content churning machine. And they are #1. So if you create content – even just a simple photo – for your events, at your retail establishment, in your office, for your tradeshow booth, you can be at the top of your game against your competitors who aren’t doing that! It will be the every day people and things that they can connect with that will inspire them to reach out to you, and “like” your posts and retweet you.

Vickie Siculiano - Photographer and Content Producer

Vickie Siculiano – Content Producer and Photographer on the Tradeshow Floor

Here’s a photo of me captured by a photographer at a recent tradeshow event – yes, the photographer who took this was shooting with a Canon, also. I was definitely easy to notice, hunting the floor for every opportunity I could to share when I got back to the office. One thing you can do at a tradeshow is create your own content. Every event is an opportunity for you to take photos behind the scenes, whether it’s your booth staff and you’re capturing it on Instagram, or for other action that people just can’t see unless they were at the show – or unless you were there to photograph it for them. You have LOTS of opportunities to be Yahoo-like in that you are creating content wherever you go – especially if you have a smartphone. Be a content machine and you can be like Yahoo. I was also instagramming from my iPhone and tweeting live from the event, as well.

It’s all about creating content, and photos are one of the easy ways we can create a visual. Use your lens, whether it’s on your smartphone or a camera, to show people the world from your eyes, and show them what they missed, and possibly what could be.
Google has done a really great job, better than anyone else in the industry so far, in driving traffic to a site where people want to find something. But, Yahoo has done a far better job of aggregating content that is juicy enough for people to want to come every day to find their news information because it is a strong visual with very catchy and well-thought out headline hooks.

Think of your website and social media like Yahoo. You have to keep the activity irresistably engaging, with the right content for the right audience. With a little work and brushing up on the skills to make you a great content creator, you can be #1, too. If you don’t know what makes great content, look to the #1 leader in content on the web – Yahoo. Look at the expertly crafted catchy headlines, and share some of the content – that in itself is great content sharing – the actual creation of it comes with time.

I will show you tips and tricks on how to create engaging content that people can’t help but want to sink their teeth into. I’ll show you how to be more engaging to your visitors, whether they’re at a tradeshow, in social media or on your website. I will share tools with you to help you create that content and refine the workflow process of creating content. And all you have to do to get your questions answered is to post your comments right here! Or tweet me anytime. 