Organization: Is Google Drive or Evernote better?

I use both Google Drive and Evernote to capture and organize my thoughts on the fly.  See how this mom uses them both.

Note: This is just a quick blog post before I run out, not a sexy post with a video and a podcast attached with a slick graphic.  Sometimes you’ve just got to speak from the heart…

Just a quick blog post to capture some thoughts that float around in my head like popcorn before I start my day.  It’s not easy to find the time as a mom of a 16 month old, who woke up tonight with teething pain, and just wouldn’t get back to sleep.  Well, neither could I.

Start of a New Day

So rather than try in vain to go back to sleep tossing and turning, I decided to get up, put on my gym clothes and get ready to head out the door for my 5 am workout.  Each day with a toddler is something new and you never know when your night’s sleep will be interrupted.  But at least I know I can count on the gym to get my body as strong as it can be for a little guy who since he learned to walk, has not stopped getting into everything.  Each day is a new discovery, not only for my son, but for finding something else that just hasn’t been childproofed yet.

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Episode #21 Work Flow Management for Business, with Vickie Siculiano

Workflow management is necessary for every business.  In this episode, I share with you how I use work flow management and optimizing processes for my business, and discuss how it affects every area of your business.  Before you can bring on anyone on board to help you, you have to get the kinks out first.

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VIDEO: The Secret to Producing Great Content while on Vacation


This video is the last video shot on vacation before returning to sunny New Jersey. I will share some of the tools that I use to produce online content while on vacation in Miami. You can use these powerful online tools, including mobile appes too, you just need to find the right tools that work for your business.  I hope this video empowers you to produce your own great content, even if you are on vacation!

This video was shot with an iPhone 5s on a tripod on the beach with an adapter mount.  Check out some of the other tools I use that you can, too!Long live the tools of production and technology!



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