Smartphone Mom Video Rockstar: 2017

Smartphone-Mom-Video-RockstarJust call me the comeback kid.  Smartphone video was a big reason for that.  2016 was quite an eventful year, as I transitioned into my son’s toddler phase.  In 2015, I watched him grow from infant to baby and this year it was all about his first steps, first words and other exciting firsts.   2017 will uncover even more developments, as he will turn two at the end of May.

Before I share how I became a rockstar with smartphone video, I need to explain a few things that happened along the way since 2015.

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109 5 Ways I’m Staying Productive During the Holiday Madness

109 5 Ways I Stay Productive During the Holiday Madness

The holidays are fast approaching and I couldn’t survive without my apps that keep me super productive. Here are my five favorites.

It’s not that easy to just sit down anymore to write a blog post, let alone record a podcast.  So I thought first things first, let’s start with the blog post, and then build a podcast for tomorrow morning.

As a new mom, it’s really difficult to find the time to squeeze in an ounce of free thought, let alone planning for content for Say WOW Marketing.  I have thoughts that run around in my brain like popcorn, waiting to be freed and get marked down somewhere.  Lately, Siri and I have been best friends.

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105 – 5 Tips on Using Smartphone Video in Social Media

5 Tips on Using Smartphone Video in Social Media

Smartphones have changed the way we use social media. Not only by the content that we receive in our news feeds, but the content that we share on our smartphones. Smartphone video and photos are making social media content more engaging than ever before.

If you record a video with your smartphone camera, it records just as easily as snapping a photo. Here are 5 simple tips, and my best-kept secrets to help you with smartphone video for your own social media efforts:

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074 5 Favorite Productivity Apps That I Can’t Live Without!

5 Favorite Productivity Apps I Can't Live Without
Apps are the ultimate in helping you to be more productive with your mobile device. In this episode I share my 5 favorite productivity apps with you.
I love my apps.  I love to be mobile.
My apps make me more productive and make my life easier and more enjoyable. I get more done with my apps in my life.
I love to use my apps not just for work and building my businessand being productive which is what I’m going to show you today.
In this episode, I share my 5 favorite productivity apps with you that I can’t live without.  All are available on iPhone, Android and Windows phones.  Enjoy!

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VIDEO: 5 Favorite New Camera Features with iOS 8 – New Update!


NEW iOS 8 Camera Features


I’m pretty excited about this video post and podcast on the major update to the camera app with the new iOS 8 for iPhone. Now, even if you don’t have an iPhone – maybe you’re an Android user or user of some other device, these updates will mean alot to your photography and especially your visual storytelling and visual marketing.

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