Podcasting and SEO – Podcast Description (2 of 3) – SOM 117

SEO and Podcasting - Podcast Description (2 of 3)

You have two descriptions that help people find your relevant content – your podcast description, and your individual episode description. This episode will focus specifically on your strategy for your podcast episode description.



Your podcast description is also another crucial place for SEO, not only for web search, but podcast search engines that will serve your amazing content to your listeners’ ears. Remember, it’s all about being relevant, so use that description to include your keywords.

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064 How to SEO Your Title Tags – 9 Rules | Search Engine Optimization

How to SEO Title Tags | 9 Rules | Search Engine Optimization

The title tag is the one tag that is a huge opportunity to properly introduce your page to both human users (via SERPs) and for building keyword relevance to search engines.

In this episode, I share 9 rules that you must follow to use title tags to improve your search engine rankings on your online content, especially your blog posts.  Follow these rules and come up with a plan that will help you stay consistent and rank higher.

For more on this subject, read my blog post  “9 Rules to Raise Search Engine Rankings” 

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