079 Beyond #Mobilegeddon – 6 Ways to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Mobiilegeddon - 6 Steps to Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly - Vickie Siculiano - Say WOW Marketing

It’s not too late to make your website mobile-friendly, even if you didn’t do it by Google’s April 21st deadline. Mobilegeddon isn’t the end!

In this episode, I am excited to share with you some of the really important stuff that you need to know about Mobilegeddon, and 6 easy ways to get your website mobile-friendly.  Now what’s Mobilegeddon? Well, back in February, Google announced their  new search algorithm which would reward mobile friendly webpages. This was really something that was going to be a big change and they were going to give publishers of websites enough time to make their websites mobile friendly, hopefully.

On April 21st,  they finally launched that update. It’s potentially going to give a  boost to any webpages that are mobile friendly in Google’s mobile search results. There’re a lot of questions that have been asked about this. I’ve been asked this in my Facebook group that I belong to. I wanted to make sure that I was able to give you as much information that I find out about and some great resources that are going to help you take hold of what you need to do to be found.

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078 9 Steps to Successful Online Rebranding

9 Steps to Successful Online Rebranding Vickie-Siculiano

9 Steps to Successfully Rebranding Your Business Online.

Rebranding is crucial when a business decides to change a significant element of the brand. The change could be as obvious as a new brand name or logo, or it might be a more subtle element such as a slight shift in brand messaging.

Anyway you cut it, rebranding is extremely important. Not only can it be expensive to execute a complete rebrand, but it can also be risky. Particularly if you don’t look out for all the elements involved in a successful online rebranding process.

In this episode, I share the 9 steps to successful online rebranding for your company, including interviewing your key stakeholders, redesign and a successful prelaunch and launch.

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077 How to Create an Awesome Online Media Kit

How to Create An Awesome Online Media Kit

An online media kit is the perfect opportunity to convey all the important information about yourself and your accolades to get the media to get the word out about you. Make it easy with an online media kit.

In this episode, I show you the elements needed for a successful online media kit and some super examples to get you started.

The Internet is 24/7 so that means that your online media kit has to sit somewhere online. It has to have all the meat and potatoes, all the stuff that somebody could be looking for because if they don’t find it, they’re not going to come back to see if you have it tomorrow.

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3 Rookie Mistakes I Made in Online Marketing

There are 3 rookie mistakes I made in online marketing (and why I’m getting back to basics with social media).

Lessons Learned in Online Marketing - 3 Rookie Mistakes

Learn the 3 rookie mistakes I made in online marketing and what you need to avoid, as well.

Rookie Mistake #1 Know Your List

Know Your e-mail list - Online Marketing-Vickie-Siculiano

Don’t just take it for granted that just because you have somebody’s email that everybody that gets your email is going to be able to consume that content in the same way.

When I first started my online marketing it was in the early 90s when e-mail marketing was really the new way to communicate with your customers. It was a time when people were wondering if direct mail was just the be all end all and if it was just the way that it needed to be. It was fading and there was a real way to get into people’s inboxes. I’m big with that. Don’t spam, especially me.

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065 Lessons Learned in Online Marketing | Why I’m Back to Social Media

In this episode, I share 3 rookie mistakes I made in online marketing, and why I’m getting back to basics with social media.  And I share with you one of my most exciting projects yet, creating my own online course.  And I need your help!  What are your most burning questions in social media?  Post your question at

065 Lessons Learned in Online Marketing and Why I'm Getting Back to Online Marketing

In this episode, I share 3 rookie mistakes I made in online marketing, and why I’m getting back to basics with social media.

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