4 Ways to Use Smartphone Video for your Business

4 Ways to Use Smartphone Video for Business

You’re probably already using your smartphone to capture still pictures of your world, but smartphone video is an even more powerful tool to evoke emotion and life from your smartphone.  In fact, it’s using the same smartphone camera, just a different mode – video.  And video will take your marketing and branding to a whole new level.

In Part 1 of this 3 part series, I showed you the 6 business photos your business needs.

Part 2 looked at how to take the perfect marketing selfie that you can use for marketing and promotional purposes.

In this final part of the series, I will share with you 4 very strong reasons that you need to get out of just camera mode on your phone and start cranking out some killer video on your smartphone.

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Smartphone Mom Video Rockstar: 2017

Smartphone-Mom-Video-RockstarJust call me the comeback kid.  Smartphone video was a big reason for that.  2016 was quite an eventful year, as I transitioned into my son’s toddler phase.  In 2015, I watched him grow from infant to baby and this year it was all about his first steps, first words and other exciting firsts.   2017 will uncover even more developments, as he will turn two at the end of May.

Before I share how I became a rockstar with smartphone video, I need to explain a few things that happened along the way since 2015.

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105 – 5 Tips on Using Smartphone Video in Social Media

5 Tips on Using Smartphone Video in Social Media

Smartphones have changed the way we use social media. Not only by the content that we receive in our news feeds, but the content that we share on our smartphones. Smartphone video and photos are making social media content more engaging than ever before.

If you record a video with your smartphone camera, it records just as easily as snapping a photo. Here are 5 simple tips, and my best-kept secrets to help you with smartphone video for your own social media efforts:

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103 Social Media and Smartphone Success: Pope Francis 2015 U.S. Event, My Interview with Joan Conn, WMOF DIgital Diplomat

IMG_1145IMG_1146IMG_1147Social Media and Smartphone Success: Pope Francis 2015 U.S., Interview with Joan Conn, Digital Diplomat


Event photo taken at Pope Francis U.S. Event 2015 by Joan Conn.

It has become really a necessity for your business to have your smartphone wherever you go and to be able to capture your world and share it immediately in social media.

This interview with Joan Conn, a volunteer at the recent Pope Francis 2015 U.S. event for World Meeting of Families, is an expert on how you can do just that, and capture photos and share them immediately in social media, at one of the largest events she’s ever experienced.

And she did it successfully, and she’ll show you how,

(Links for the resources mentioned appear at the end of the interview below.)

Here is a transcript of the actual interview:

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102 1 Second Everyday – My New Favorite App and Why

102 1 second everyday - my new favorite app and why

What would you do if I told you that this post would be devoted to enhancing your life, and improving the way you capture your world with your smartphone? Not just photographs, but actual video clips of every day of your life.

Yes, my purpose is to share with you smarter ways of online marketing, but not everyone is capturing precious moments of their lives, even capturing priceless moments for their businesses. People want to connect with you – the person behind the brand. And I’m going to tell you a little known app (believe me, that will change soon.) that will enhance your life by giving you the tools to do just that.

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