VIDEO: Emma Burford Interview – Business Rocks Magazine – Smarter Online Marketing with Vickie Siculiano

IN THIS VIDEO: In this video I interview Emma Burford, published of Business Rocks, digital magazine, at I was the featured cover story in this month’s Issue #8, Photos your Business Must Have That You can Take With Your Smartphone, and I just had to have her on the show. She is so innovative and very creative – a true inspiration! This video is also featured as a podcast #30 on the Smarter Online Marketing Podcast at  . 

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Episode #23 How to Add Video to Your LinkedIn Profile – LinkedIn Optimization

Learn how to make your LinkedIn profile really stand out from the crowd, by adding one of the most engaging pieces of content you can include: video.  And it’s totally free! This little Trick will have your profile stand out with impactful video elements that most LinkedIn connections of yours don’t even know exists.

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Five Ways to Repurpose Your Content + Infographic

View full image Content Repurposing Strategies

I shared this infographic with you because I think it’s a great visual, but I also thought more discussion could be had with the actual repurposing your content section in the whole process.  So I came up with this blog post for you today.

Let’s face it.  It takes a lot of your time creating and producing content for your business that will generate more traffic and leads for you.  You start fresh each time, think of a new thought and get it down as quickly as you can to create another blog post or video to spread it out in social media. I know you do.  Why?  Because it’s how I spent most of last year creating fresh content for Say WOW Marketing, focusing instead on training I felt was much needed to add some WOW power to my precuts and services offered.

Over the course of 2013, I took courses in photography, video marketing, webinar development, LinkedIn training, everything to prime myself for 2014, when I would really come out of “hiding” and have a business that was more geared to be available online, virtually expanding my audience, but also making my coaching available 24/7 online, and having more clients throughout the country. So that’s my business goal, right? To change my business model through professional training, in skills that would be me develop better visual content, both photos and video, and also train me in skills needed to offer new products and services, like the webinars soon to come. So that’s my story.

Why I didn’t come running out of the gate in 2014.    I was so busy training and becoming better at that that I missed out on the one skill that would help me out of the gate.  The one skill that would help put generating fresh new content on autopilot. So, join me in better strategizing for repurposing all the content you create for your business for online marketing, and that includes blogging, social media, e-mail marketing, and your website.  Everything you do it based on content, either yours or someone else’s article, video, whatever.  Get people to come to your business on the web, YOU.  And here are five ways to repurpose your content:

1. Blog Posts
Have a place to regularly deposit all of your thoughts on the web.  A rich content storage “bin” if you will, that you can direct people to.  Your thoughts and ideas generated here can be produced into other types of media or repurposed for other online marketing channels.  I include this in the list because many people just take photos and put them on Facebook, or Twitter, but they don’t really think of saving them for themselves.  And a great place to do that is your blog.  It takes a second to post a photo to WordPress through you smartphone e-mail and put some thoughts in the body of the message, and add a great subject line right in “subject.”  You should be blogging if you’re not already.

2. Video
So today I know I will not have enough time to create a video to share this information with you, but any blog post you create can be recorded on video, and uploaded to your YouTube channel.  YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine next to Google, who owns it.  There are millions of people searching for things every day.  Get your business found by repurposing your blog post content into videos.  I could make a lot of videos with the content I’m sharing right now with you in this blog post.  And I will – sign up for my e-mail and you’ll be the first to know!

3. Social Media
Now I’m not just talking about your basic Facebook and Twitter social media content.  Yes, it’s crucial for you to have your signal be heard on a regular basis, but I’m talking about featuring your videos and photos on other social media platforms like Google+ (not to mention Google Places), Foursquare, Yelp, Flickr.  Think beyond just your regular everyday social media “leaders” and think of places that will HOUSE your content for others to find you.  Oh, and while you’re there, see what other people are producing in your same knowledge base area.  That’s a great place for ideas.

4. Article Marketing
Another way to repurpose the content you create is to upload them to article directories.  There are a ton of them on the web, but I suggest googling the Top 10 and find which one works best for you.  It’s a great way to gain more visibility from the same content you’ve already produced.  You’ll get valuable backlinks and additional search engine visibility when you come up in a search for people looking for the valuable information you’ve already shared on your blog.

5. Podcasting
Podcasting is a great way to make you an authority in what you do.  It is a definite value-added piece to have in the content repurposing puzzle.  Podcasting I definitely already use every day.  I listen to my favorite social media gurus (Amy Porterfield, Lewis Howes, David Siteman Garland, etc.) through their podcasts on my way to work every day.  It’s easy for me to just sync my iPhone in the SUV and just listen while these eye balls are occupied with other more important things like getting to my destination.  So, check out podcasting as a way to repurpose your content.  (By the way, watch for my own podcast coming later in 2014.)

So when you create your content, think of repurposing your content for other things, so you don’t always keep spinning your wheels like I was as I put it in Neutral and revved up other areas I was focusing on, as we all do in business.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post your comments right here.  I’ll get right back to you, because I love hearing from people who actually read my blog posts and who take the time to actually give me some feedback.  I appreciate you, and thanks for reading!


Record with Green Screen in a Home Office or Home Studio

Check out my first green screen video – it did not go as well as I had planned – but there’s alot more planning to do.
I’ll get it right YET! Please post your comments for me, and let me know if you’ve had any experience with this, or how you think I can continue to get better. Again this was a one stop record from the camera, and send it straight to YouTube. So go easy! 🙂