“Bestselling author and digital strategist, Vickie really helps you set your ‘marketing in motion’ with simple visual marketing techniques that you can get started with today. She helps people turn their smart phone into a marketing tool.” Alicia Dunams .AliciaDunams.com


Testimonial from Brooke Artesi, of Sunshine Prosthetics & Orthotics in Wayne NJ

“Vickie is a great online marketing professional, including website and content development and an amazing social media coach. She has gone above and beyond to help me get my business off the ground. I was overwhelmed with knowing what to do first for my marketing, and Vickie knew just what I needed to do. She set me up with a website that people always compliment me on, and we now have a very actively engaged Facebook business page that gets people talking about my business. She has taken some great photos for us, including our grand opening, special events and our office, and even produced video for us. If you need help with your online marketing and don’t know where to start, Vickie will get you going right away and be your coach right alongside. I highly recommend Say WOW Marketing.”   Brooke Artesi, Owner, Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics


“Say WOW Marketing showed us how we could break through barriers we didn’t even know existed by embracing social media. Her help with re-designing and building our website got us notice and increased our sales, and the food photography she captured and videos she produced and used for marketing were tremendous. Her work got us recognized for a National Restaurant Association Award and soon after we received the coveted Zagats Review, which has increased our business tenfold. I never imagined it would be so powerful. I highly recommend Say WOW Marketing.”  Berekti Mengistu, owner, Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant


“I have enjoyed working with Vickie…Her creativity and marketing skills made our partnership an overwhelming success.  She brings a fresh approach and excitement to her work.”   Dawn Hiltner, Assoc. Dir. of Public Relations, New Jersey Education Association


“ Vickie spoke at our April meeting and lived up to her WOW title with a lively interactive discussion. I can testify that after the meeting a member that had been dragging her feet about joining the social media world of networking has jumped into the new dimension and is genuinely excited to be there! I am sure Vickie inspired others in the room as well. If you need assistance with your business and want to explore social media marketing you are in good hands with Vickie.” Judy Bennett, owner Grove Baskets and Gifts, Inc.


“All you have to do is review Vickie’s blog, or talk to her, and her passion and knowledge for social media, marketing, and strategic selling clearly comes through! She is savvy, succinct, and an incredible asset to any client due to her connections, knowledge, and enjoyment of her work. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”  Matt Mecs, AE/Director of Sales – Northeast region, Local Focus Radio


“Vickie Smith-Siculiano is one of the most passionate individuals about social media, that I’ve come across. She explained, in laymen terms, how I can tap into the social media game. Vickie is an excellent resource for small business owners like myself.  As a Certified Project Manager (PMP), with expertise in e-marketing/digital advertising; Vickie would be a ‘Huge Asset’ to any organization’s bottom line.” Kenny Ray Morgan, President, Kenny Ray Live! Seminars


“Vickie has impressed me as someone who truly understands the power of social media. I have followed her efforts on LinkedIn and Twitter and she demonstrates on a daily basis that she understands how to leverage these platforms for maximum effect. If you are looking for someone to help your company get into the social media, give Vickie a call.” John Moore, VP of Engineering, Swimfish


“Vickie is a force of nature. She is also a social media master maven in regards to utilizing Twitter, blogging and LinkedIn,etc. She is generous with her time and has developed crisp and fresh presentations on how to utilize social media.  Her expertise in social media has benefited my personal and professional coaching business as well. She has given me tips on how to leverage social media to increase traffic to my site and been instrumental in the design of some of my marketing materials [flyer, blog,etc].” Barbara A. Fuller, PMP, Professional and Personal Coach, Focus on you Now


“Vickie is the source of knowledge, energy and inspiration about social media marketing for our team. Through her advocacy and education efforts each of us is empowered take full advantage of the here-to-fore underused social media resources at our fingertips. ” Don Todd, PE, PMP, Consultant, T & T Solutions, Inc.


“Vickie was highly energetic, motivated and wonderful to work with – on top of that, she was very knowledgeable in her field (taught me a few things I still am using to this day!). I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again soon!” Chris Cason, Co-Founder, Tea Sommelier, Tavalon Tea LLC


“Vickie is one of the most talented online marketers I have ever come across. She has the ability to connect with her audience like no one I have ever seen. She ran amazing promotions that were actually fun!” Michelle Poole, Graphic Designer, Wolfgang Puck Worldwide


“Vickie is a social media maven who brought a lot to the table in terms of helping to shape the social media campaigns for some of my clients. To me, Vickie is the ideal consultant: she taught me a lot about aspects of social media marketing that I did not know and brought a depth of knowledge and high degree of enthusiasm that she was eager to share. ” Gene Sower, Samson Media


“I have had the great opportunity to have meet Vickie at a PMI Conference. Vickie was kind enough to provide my business partner and I some advice and counsel on how to best utilized social media for our new business venture. Thanks Vickie for taking BC Coaching Resources to the next level of social media.” Karoline Borup, Managing Partner, Borup Commodaro Coaching Resources LLC


“Vickie has a penchant for everything Social-Networking and Project Management. If you follow her on Twitter, you’ll be treated to a steady stream of great articles on both of the subjects and more-over a bunch of info that touches on the combination of both! She has a wonderful ability to add value to every bit of information she passes along. ”  Henry Will, PMP, Founder and leader, PMLessonsLearned.com


“ Vickie is an innovative thinker with great energy and enthusiasm — a potent combination that would be of significant value to any arts organization that recognizes the enormous changes that are taking place in the way we need to communicate. I predict that Vickie will become an important thought-leader in the field of new and emerging digital channels for marketing the arts — and everything else, for that matter.” Rolf Olsen, Partner, AudienceBuzz.com