Learn how to use hashtags on Instagram



Learn how to use hashtags.
In this Video, I interview Instagram Expert Sue B. Zimmerman on her expertise in Instagram Marketing. This is Question 2 – how to use Hashtags for your Business on Instagram.


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Vickie: I want to talk to you about something a lot of people seem to be having trouble with., especially small businesses because they really don’t have the time to learn another tactic – Hashtags.  So I want to talk to you about this (making hashtag sign with fingers).  So tell me a little bit about hashtags and how can a business, an entrepreneur, know which hashtags they should be using, tell me about that.

Sue B. Zimmerman: A lot of people do not understand hashtags which is interesting to me because they are live on Twitter. It makes it easy to put together a hashtag strategy and that’s what I call it.  And by the way I do have a download Get Your Hashtag on ebook which I sell off my website for anyone who needs a resource guide, it’s a really great one with over 30 different categories.  The most popular categories with the most popular hashtags.  We did a ton of research to compile that.  But to go back to the hashtag strategy,  the hierarchy starts in a broad place and then you niche it down.  So for example, I’m going to use my store as an example, Sue B Do.  My store is located on #CapeCod, in #mashpee, that’s the town, and it’s situated in #newseabury which is the community at large and then the store is located in #PopponessetMarketplace.  So when I curate visual content for #SueBDo, I always have all 4 plus my store – that’s 5 hashtags, in the secondary comments, not the primary comments which we can talk about in a minute.  And then I also have relevant hashtags for the visual content that you are looking at.  So if you are looking at a nautical piece of jewelry that has an anchor on it, because I sell a lot of anchors, and a lot of starfish,  you would then also hashtag starfish, #anchor, #necklace and then maybe even #OOTD – outfit of the day or some version thereof.  And you get to know what the really popular hashtags are that are being searched daily.  But the ones that are more “niche-y” to your establishment and it doesn’t need to be for a brick and mortar, this is for service based businesses too,  and I’m going to say that because I have one and I recently attracted a huge client doing this.  And we can talk about it in a minute, but the hashtags – I recommend  writing down 30 and putting them in notes on your iphone and you should have different categories for different types of visual content that you’re sharing.  So, for example, Vickie, which you are doing a podcast interview, your hashtags for that interview would look very differently than if you’re doing something where you are working with a client that you are coaching.   I have at least 20 different hashtag categories all cued up, ready to go in Notes so that I can simply just doubletap “copy”  tap and paste in my description on the iphone so I am never typing a hashtag in a misspelled way, which often happens when our fingers are moving too fast on the iphone.

Vickie: That’s smart because I love autocorrect on the iphone.  So what you would do is create a note for a particular niche-

Sue B. Zimmerman: Yes, so I have hashtags whether I’m uploading for SueBZimmerman,  or The InstagramExpert or InstaGalLive that you can see here is another account of mine, and then I have The.Daily.IG, which is where I share inspirational quotes from thought leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs and that is the only content that I share there.  For me, obviously managing a lot of different accounts, I am not going to say it is challenging, because we have it down to a science, me and my team, but it is important to know which hashtags are relevant for which content.  I think that’s the biggest message I am trying to get across here.

Right – and I think it is good to know you do your research up front and you keep all of those in a note on your phone so that when you are ready to go to it, you just copy and paste it simply into the secondary comments on your post on Instagram.  Is that correct?

Yes.  Do you want me to explain why in the secondary comments?

Vickie: Absolutely

Sue B. Zimmerman: So when you post your initial post on Instagram and you write a description, it is ok to use one or two hashtags, especially if you have a custom hashtag.  This hashtag, #InstaGalLive is my hashtag that I created and the reason that I have that sometimes in my initial description, is because when you tap on that hashtag, you see all the other visual content with that hashtag and it is not a hashtag like “girl” or something so broad, like “love”  so it is very specific to me and by putting it in my description, people know that it is relevant to me.  However, if you are trying to get more followers and really attract the ideal follower,  you put hashtags in the secondary comments, again, you can use up to 30,  not always recommended to always use all 30 but you can start that way if you are starting to build your account and after that, I say 8 to 10 is fine.  And then the really cool thing Vickie, is you can swipe the contents and bring them back to life by adding them later.  I have done that on posts where a month ago they were amazingly engaging posts that I did and I want to bring it back to life.  So I will delete the hashtags that are in the secondary comments and I will refresh them with hashtags.  And if anyone needs to understand how to do this, I do have a YouTube channel Sue B Zimmerman and I have a playlist of how-tos and How To Delete a Comment is on there so people can reference that.

Vickie: Nice – so you would delete a comment, I’m sorry, that was so quick and it was so chockfull of information – when you delete a comment, you’re refreshing it in another post?

Sue B. Zimmerman: No, when you delete it, because hashtags move so quickly, when you go to search it,  a lot of people are using the same hashtag and it is going to get moved down the feed

Vickie: Oh, right

Sue B. Zimmerman: Just like it does on Twitter and just like it does on Facebook,  so if you want to be brought up to the top of the feed again, you need to refresh it.  So you would swipe it, delete it, and then add them again.

Vickie: ok, gotcha – excellent tip, such a great tip.  Wow, that was a lot on hashtags!  Up to 30, don’t recommend 30, but you should definitely be on top of it by saving them in your notes.  What a great time saving tool.

Sue B. Zimmerman: yes, absolutely.


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