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Learn all about apps your business can use on Instagram in Question 3 of my Sue B. Zimmerman Interview.


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Vickie:           I want to ask you about enhancing your photos because when I took your creative live course, it was amazing. It was all about Instagram marketing. I’m a marketer, didn’t know really know too much about Instagram, so that’s why I’m so excited to bring you to my audience and to feature you as an expert. I want to ask you about the tools that you use to enhance your photos, particularly with text and making them more of a story than just a photograph.

Sue B. Zimmerman:     I have a lot of apps that I have download, but I always go to my favorite three or four apps that I use, partly because I’m so proficient at using them now. There are so many. There are free apps. There are apps that you pay for and I’m just pulling up my phone, Vickie, because I’m going to talk about my favorites, but I’m going to also give some people other options. A lot of people always ask me about the Android. I’ve been an iPhone user my whole life, so I’m not as versed on giving information for the Android user, but I do know that there are a ton of great Android apps as well.

I’m looking at my phone because on my phone, here’s a little trick for people as well. I’m super organized in my iPhone. I have everything in folders. I have an Instagram folder with all of my apps so I know how to find them quickly and then right next to that folder is my notes so that I can really play off notes and apps quickly and be very, very efficient with how I’m posting. Again, Instagram, you get the best bang for your buck, buck meaning time, by being really efficient and effective using the app. I spend probably at most fifteen minutes a day posting, but I will be honest.

Now that I’m more “famous” in teaching Instagram or more of an expert I should say, I’m on there much more engaging because I have so many fans and followers that are asking me questions. I get in there so that I can always give valuable content back and just give insight to their questions. Back to the app. My favorite, favorite of all favorites is Word Swag. I had them on Creative Live. Ben Wong is from New York City. He’s the app developer who I actually DM’d on Twitter and asked him if he would be part of my Creative Live show and when he said he had family in San Francisco and that he’d love to be a part of it, I was thrilled.

Now Vickie, at the time that I asked him, he only had the Word Swag app and since then he developed the Videohance app, which he gave a demonstration for which was unbelievable on how to use video. I do use a lot of video also, but his app is so user friendly and the editing tools are amazing. My go to text overlay app is absolutely Word Swag. Now, another one that I do like a lot is called Rhonna and that’s really artsy and creative and you can really add a lot of different elements with that app, so I like that one a lot. A lot of people talk about Overgram as an app. I don’t use Overgram, but a lot of people like it. I’ve tried it maybe once. I don’t use it religiously is what I should say.

Font Maker is another one. Word Swag, for sure, is my number one go to for text and I also have Diptic that I love. You can add text overlay on Diptic as well, too. Those are the two that I would reference, but I just want people to know that there are so many apps and you need to find out which is the best one for you and know that there are free apps. You don’t have to spend money downloading an app, but, quite frankly a dollar ninety-nine, or two ninety-nine to me is an amazing value for having the opportunity to curate really great, compelling visual content.

Vickie:             Absolutely, because it puts the tools in your bag and it makes your smart phone so much more powerful when you have these tools that you don’t have to take the photo off, bring it to your desktop, do your editing, back to your phone to share it. It makes it totally easy.

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